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Predict the Final Record! (Week 5 Edition)

30 September 2014 - 01:51 PM

It sure is a roller-coaster here. We go from expecting a season of almost no loses to feeling like we won't win another game.


So I thought of this weekly poll where WE would vote on what the team is looking to finish with, after each regular season game.

The poll result would somewhat resemble the general anticipation based on the product that this team left on the field last game.


A reply is not asked or required, just a simple vote. I'll create a weekly thread/poll each Wednesday when everyone's feels have settled after a Carolina Victory or a pathetic loss.


I think the overall result will be quite surprising.


My post week 1 prediction was 9-6, week 2 13-3, week 3 8-8, and now 7-9