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Today, 04:20 PM

Haha I love it. Love it. How do anti-discrimination laws infringe on the rights of whites or Christians exactly? In almost every single post you've made in this topic, you've been parroting white supremacist/neo-confederate arguments. What you essentially just said is "anti-discrimination is anti-white". You sound like one of those white supremacists who is attracted to libertarianism. Your spelling and grammer is definitely not superior to anything though, hahaha.


I'm not a white supremicist, but I am not blind either. 


Whites (and Asians) have to score higher on the same tests in order to get a college scholarship.


Minorities are given preference in the business world with 'affirmative action'.


Minorities qualify for more financial aid than white people do. 




I am stating facts, and I do not subscribe to political correctness. Giving minorities more opportunities than white people or Asians based on race is rasicm... doesnt matter which side 'benefits'. 

In Topic: why are neo-confederates and other varieties of white supremacist so attracte...

Yesterday, 11:20 PM

I think that the base argument about why liberals and minorities dont like Libertarians is because we want to cut down on welfare. 


I read earlier in this thread that small government is meant to weaken anti-descrimination laws... It's a nice 'cover' but I think it is a load of rubbish. 


All of these new 'anti-descrimination' laws always seem to be hypocritical as they always infringe on the rights of whites and Christians. 


Descrimiaion just breeds more descrimination.

In Topic: why are neo-confederates and other varieties of white supremacist so attracte...

Yesterday, 06:39 PM

uh oh Jim Stone, watch out; you've got competition!


I take pride in teaching real history.


I have no hard feelings at all trying to debunk the 'crap' that our schools teach as history these days. 


Most of the stuff you 'learned' at school is indocrination. 

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Yesterday, 06:07 PM



BPA in the second half of the round is awesome. You almost always get an elite player that 'fell' for whatever reason, at a bargain price. 



Bill Bellichek has made a career of it. He trades high picks back down into later picks exactly for this reason, and it clearly works.



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Yesterday, 06:04 PM

So we're sitting at work, normal water cooler type talk, and the Cowboys Panthers game comes up. As I'm now in a new place, I stay quiet as nobody knows that I'm a Carolina fan. I just wanted to listen as everyone talked, to see how knowledgeable they were about our franchise even though they're not Carolina fans.

I was honestly pleasantly surprised as to how much they knew about us, but several of them were spot on as far as what we need to take it to the next level. Others obviously knew nothing and all they could mention was our losing record, and that we sucked.

The conversation picked up in intensity as people took sides. I remained quiet still. Long story short, was that Carolina is no longer seen, at least by this group, as a doormat. We are considered a threat and formidable opponent to anyone we play. The consensus was that we would win that game, and take the South again this year. At this point I spoke up, and let them know I was a fan, and kept spewing knowledge and dropping bombs on the haters.

It was likely one that u had to witness, but I came away surprised that we are being regarded so highly now by even casual fans.

Tldr; the perception of our team is changing, and it's exciting to me. We're playing "America's team" <insert fart noise here> on Thanksgiving, and to me that points out that the NFL's perception is also changing. Think about it, we're a pretty young franchise tone featured on Thanksgiving. Think about the many teams that are much older than us, that have never gotten the opportunity.

Maybe I'm just over analyzing, but I like the direction we're going, and it's nice to not to have to constantly be in the defense of my team when having football conversations. It was nice having people have my back for a change, and I can't wait for us to get better in the draft. The future is bright boys, just wait and see.


I liked your story, but as far as young franchises playing on Thanksgiving, I remember the Texans played Detroit about 4 or 5 years ago, they are a much newer franchise than us. They got thrashed too.