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Things that have to be accomplished during off season.

14 January 2009 - 01:50 AM

1.) Hire a new D-Coordinator. This Defense is not well coached. There always out of position and they lack the toughness and schemes that make the Steelers, Ravens, and Eagles defenses so great. Those guys are hardly ever out of position and our as tough as they come. There blitz packages make ours look like Pop Warner. I don't know who is available but we need a new D-Coordinator asap.

2.) Sign Gross say goodbye to Peppers. Keep that O-line(strongest link besides RB) intact. Peppers is a great athletic player but I don't think he is worth a big contract. I know I will catch hell for this but he doesn't dominate like he should be. If you notice in the big games he is no where to be found. Thats no secret, its because of lack of heart. Don't get me wrong he is great but we can free up some cap room to get more players to fill his void. We also can try to pick up another defensive tackle that can fix one of the weakest points of that defense.

3.) Cut Lucas, Marshall and Hackett. There time is up...we need to pick up a solid #1 or #2 corner in free agency. I'm preying we can get Aso from the Raiders but I DOUBT IT. I believe we can pick up a good receiver in the second round of the draft and let him compete with Moose for that second spot.

4.) Either let Jake go or bring in somebody that can take his place at QB. I'm really leaning towards releasing him but I'm not sure if there any good Quaterback's on the free agent market.

If these things are accomplished we will have a chance to be 12-4 again next year and the playoffs will be a different outcome, I guarantee it.

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