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In Topic: TV Map for Week 8. You're going to enjoy this one!

Yesterday, 06:02 PM


In Topic: betcha can't do this...

Yesterday, 12:10 PM

Reminds me of Andy McKee:



That guy has 4 or 5 solo albums out and they are all great. 

In Topic: iPhone 6 +

Yesterday, 12:00 PM

Then you may imagine how I feel.



Everybody fugs up... everybody... she seems to do this kind of thing with astounding regularity.



One example... in 2009 whilst I was away at the Quail Hollow Tournament, she decided to do some yard work and set about $1200 worth of rings that she took off on the back bumper of her Explorer... proceeded to forget about them and drove to Durham the next day.  Fortunately the more expensive of the two rings was not completely round and got lodged in the bumper and made it back... the other one did not.


I have many more examples, mostly involving vehicles, but suffice it to say I was livid last night.



Hah, I feel your pain!  My wife has never left hers on top of a car before, but I swear, if she sees a damn puddle (or ocean for that matter) she will drop her damn phone in it.  It has happened so many times I'm convinced she does it on purpose.

In Topic: Zod, did you happen to get any pics of Burfict twisting Cam and Olsen's a...

12 October 2014 - 06:37 PM

Yea, was definitely fuged up.

In Topic: Gameday Menu

12 October 2014 - 12:34 PM

Stopped at Jackson's Big Oak BBQ yesterday and got a pound of pulled pork. Going to make some Brunswick stew and homemade corn bread. Grandma would be proud.

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