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In Topic: What would you do if John Fox and the Bears made the playoffs with Jimmy Clau...

Today, 05:17 AM

I'd wake up from the weird dream I was having.

(actually I'd wish them well)

In Topic: The last man on earth

Today, 12:20 AM

Havent watched yet. It struck me as the kind of one joke comedy that could run out of steam very quickly.

In Topic: Midnight....tonight

Today, 12:16 AM

Oh poo Mr Scot

I honestly wouldn't care :lol:

But I've seen Hawk pull this particular joke do many times that I cant help thinking that maybe, one of these times, they should actually do it just to see what happens :wacko:

In Topic: Best Star Trek Episode?

Today, 12:10 AM

One other note: Among my favorite Star Trek characters is infamous space charlatan Harry Mudd.

I've seen rumors they might use him at some point in the rebooted movie universe. I'd love to see that.

In Topic: Best Star Trek Episode?

Today, 12:06 AM

"TOS: Let that be your last battlefield" is one of the most powerful TV episodes I ever watched. A similar story can be seen in the Night Gallery feature "Class of 1999".

(you can probably tell I love morality plays)

Never watched any of the sequel series beyond TNG, although I did watch the Tribble episode of DS9.

I would agree some of the later TNG season finales were pretty badass. Loved the one where Data joined his bother. And yeah, when Riker unflinchingly looked his old captain in the eye and coldly said "Mr Worf...FIRE" that was a massive 'holy s--t' moment.

Admittedly, those were made more fun by the fact that at the time they originally aired, I was dating a hardcore Trekker and she would totally geek out at those moments :lol: