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In Topic: We can throw away the idea that we are drafting an offensive lineman in the f...

Today, 05:46 PM

Will this be right after Greg Hardy signs a one year, team friendly contract?

In Topic: NFL Free Agency Update Thread

Today, 05:10 PM

And heeeeere weeeee...go

Hardy scuffle escalated when teammate called him a woman beater

In Topic: Caught in the Draft - 1995, 5pm today

Today, 03:48 PM

Quick reminder

In Topic: General Draft Prospect Talk

Today, 02:03 PM

Mariota trade rumor of the day reportedly spreading around NFL personnel meetings:


Philly trades Sam Bradford to Cleveland for pick #19


Philly trades picks #19, #20, Fletcher Cox and Mychal Kendricks to Tennessee for pick #2


Philly riots


I definitely buy that last sentence.

In Topic: Nicks to Titans.

Today, 02:02 PM

One year deal only...


Mike Garafolo @MikeGarafolo  ·  7m 7 minutes ago

Titans confirmed the Hakeem Nicks signing and say it's a one-year contract.