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In Topic: Mike Remmers offseason activity...

Today, 03:13 AM

How is it that the sole Panthers insignia in the pic is not being worn by the guy who plays for them? :lol:

In Topic: Mike Remmers offseason activity...

Today, 03:04 AM

nice beard

Kalil left a comment.

Does it show my age that the first thought I have when I see beards like this isn't Duck Dynasty?


In Topic: Luke Kuechly Exposé (Parody)

Today, 02:50 AM


In Topic: Gordon fails another drug test

Today, 02:47 AM

How much playing time would a seventh rounder get? He would be just as useless as gordon. So yeah if he get him 2 years from now for a seventh that would be great.

So, have a guy who's yet to show that he can stay out of trouble for three months sit around and wait for a year?

Don't think so :unsure:

And if you wanna decry guys who go late in the draft, remind me: At what point in the draft were Andrew Norwell and Philly Brown taken? For that matter, how did we acquire Bene Benwikere?

Any GM who traded so much as a ham sandwich for a guy facing a year's suspension would be (rightly) laughed out of the league. And besides, we've already spent a season with a guy sitting on the roster doing nothing. I'm not up or season two.

The reality with Gordon is people who see the talent he has keep waiting for him to pull his head out of his ass so that talent can actually be of use to someone, and he keeps disappointing.

We're way past 'fool me twice, shame on me' at this point. Anyone still banking on him has been fooled about six times by now.

In Topic: Three of the League's best Special Teams coaches...

Yesterday, 11:56 PM

Adding insult to ineptitude...


Chancellor on airborne tactic: Two weeks after the Seahawks beat Carolina in the divisional round, Seattle strong safety Kam Chancellor explained how he twice was able to vault Panthers’ blockers during a field goal sequence at the end of the first half.

Chancellor said the Seahawks picked up on a pre-snap routine by holder Brad Nortman, allowing Chancellor to time up his leap over the line in an attempt to block Graham Gano’s kicks.

“The week before the special teams coach told me once the holder’s head comes around, just take off. We did it two times in practice back-to-back, and it was perfect,” Chancellor said. “We got to the game, called the number and it worked. Unfortunately, I missed the first one. The second one I would’ve gotten if he didn’t shank it on purpose.”

Gano made his first attempt from 35 yards, but the Panthers were whistled for a false start. After Chancellor was called for running into the kicker on the second try, Gano made the third attempt as Chancellor did not attempt another jump.





Shocking, right?

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