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In Topic: So 49ers CEO Apologizes and Takes Blame for Thursday Loss?

Today, 10:56 AM

How is this taking blame? this is not.

"you lost your job? sorry dude" does not admit guilt.


Yeah, there's nothing in there that says "my fault".  That's just what the OP wanted to read into it.


Personally, I don't give a flying rip about being sorry mid-season.  There's nothing that can be done to fix it right now.


Fix it in the offseason.

In Topic: RG3 Benched

Today, 10:53 AM

It is a bit unfair to Griffin.

Basically Griffin ran a pretty good coach out of town, and now a pretty average coach is about to run Griffin out of town.

But i don't think it was right for Gruden to constantly crush Griffin to the press. Yes Griffin said something dumb publicly, but as the coach you don't lower yourself to the standards of a player.

Defend him publically and scold him in the office or locker room.

I still think that if he gets his head together and can be healthy for more than 5 minutes (a big if) he can be a good QB in this league


I'd say it's quite possible Gruden is the one who gets run out of town.  At which poibt you line up the next victim (oops, I meant coach).

In Topic: Rolling Stone Lists Top 15 Owners In Sports

Today, 10:47 AM

Rollingstone. Much legit. So wow


Oh yeah.  Rolling Stone is where everyone turns for in-depth sports coverage :unsure:

In Topic: When Rex Ryan gets fired from the Jets he will be the most sought after D coo...

Today, 10:44 AM

Needs to be our next HC


Rex Ryan is not a good head coach.


His coaching record in New York follows the typical Ryan pattern of early flash followed by sustained mediocrity (same as Rob with the Saints). 


The Ryans are great at making 'sudden impact' but lousy at adjusting once opponents catch on to their schemes.

In Topic: When Rex Ryan gets fired from the Jets he will be the most sought after D coo...

Yesterday, 06:27 PM



would love something like this to happen. holy poo


Not possible.


Kubiak can't get out of his contract for a lateral move.

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