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In Topic: Carolina Panthers rookie camp

Yesterday, 11:06 PM

Call me weird, but I wouldn't go for just autographs or such for myself.

I wanna watch practice, dammit :(

(yes, I'm fully aware of my need for therapy; thank you very much)

In Topic: Post draft thoughts. Media & Strategy ~

Yesterday, 08:02 PM

Had mine for 17 years...just replaced the original burners...get a triangular smoke box to set down between the flavorizor bars and its no muss not fuss....


What's a flavorizor bar?

In Topic: Shaq breakdown

Yesterday, 08:01 PM

one thing about the shaq pick, i don't see it as a need pick. i absolutely see him as a luxury pick.


i can see some teams that don't have as many pieces as we do (esp. in the LB corps) not being interested in him because he's not a meat and potatoes guy that fills a need. he's a guy that you pick because his unique skillset fits or accents what you do and you draft him early because what he brings makes an already dominant defense even more lethal.


he was more valuable to us than many other teams because we (well, the coaching staff) know how we want to use him and how dangerous the defense could be with him.


the perceived benefit to us was worth the cost. could we have waited until the 2nd to get him? maybe, but he probably wouldn't be there and seeing as how the last OT(or player overall) we were interested in the first was taken just one pick earlier, the time was right to take him because from the team's PoV he was our BPA. It doesn't matter what the all knowing pundits thought was the BPA at that point. it didn't matter if he was other team's BPA at that point. he was ours because of a specific scheme/personnel fit.


there are many players who would be valuable to every team in some regard. then there are players who are more valuable to some teams than others because of scheme. like a 34 rushing LB. no matter how good he is at what he does, his value would be different to a team that runs a 34 than us. a 34 team would use a much earlier pick than we would because the fit is better. with each team there are going to be some players that fit specifically more than they would on other teams so the value placed on them will be different. That's the way it was with shaq.


Is there such a thing as a need pick on a team that goes BPA, though?


Or a luxury pick, honestly?

In Topic: Post draft thoughts. Media & Strategy ~

Yesterday, 07:58 PM

Free pizza for huddlerz or stfu


From Raleigh?



In Topic: Round 5, Pick 33, 169th Overall The Carolina Panthers Select LB David Mayo,...

Yesterday, 07:31 PM

Yeah, I was a bit snarky but I also supplied some facts about Texas State. My bad if I was as arrogant in my reply as numerous posts on here. If you don't know about something, maybe you just need to find out before dissing it.


Eeeehhh, mom's get leeway :)