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#2863521 Husband creates 'sex starved' spreadsheet for every time he was denied

Posted by bigjohn on Yesterday, 03:52 PM

You mean once or twice a month isn't normal?


#2863511 Justin Blackmon, not Josh Gordon, is now the dumbest player in the NFL

Posted by bigjohn on Yesterday, 03:41 PM

The league doesn't dare crack down on alcohol-relate offenses because they make so much revenue on alcohol advertisements.  It's what generates that incredible television contract.


Addiction comes in many forms.  If it's something that has the potential to harm you, and you can't stop without serious help--that's my definition of addiction.  Alcohol, heroin, porn, gambling, food, exercise, and yes, weed.


Some are more physically addictive and some are more mentally addictive.


I've never done weed or any other drug except for alcohol. I've seen people that could not stop smoking weed, even after losing jobs, wife, kids, etc.  Same thing with gambling and porn, which are obviously not physically addictive.


Bttt, I was wanting us to draft Blackmon back in the day. Yet another reason you are all glad I'm not the GM.

#2858408 the obligatory hot ninja girl thread

Posted by bigjohn on 19 July 2014 - 08:00 PM


She's smokin' hot.



I meant it was worth watching if she had not been hot.



Because she's smokin' hot, it's the best time I've spent on the internet in a long time!

#2856139 the obligatory hot ninja girl thread

Posted by bigjohn on 17 July 2014 - 08:39 PM

That was unbelievable.


Best 7 minutes I've spent watching anything on the internet in a long time, even if she wasn't a hottie.


That just makes it even more epic.

#2848731 A vague question, but what's your favorite moment from Breaking Bad?

Posted by bigjohn on 13 July 2014 - 10:12 AM

Great moments guys.


"I am the one who knocks" was pretty cool.


Anytime Walter was giving it to Schyler.


We just started watching it through for the second time.  What a great, great show.

#2846338 Lucy: Scarlett's New Movie

Posted by bigjohn on 11 July 2014 - 12:13 PM

Who cares.




Yeah I'll see it.

#2846018 Yet Another Mass Murdering SOB

Posted by bigjohn on 11 July 2014 - 07:38 AM

Of course those policies I mention wouldn't prevent all those with evil intent from hurting people.


Of course the bad guys would still find a way (although as I pointed out, we could take some of them out of circulation for a while with harsh penalties for violent offenders).


My questions are  "would these policies save lives" and "is it worth it"?

#2845468 Yet Another Mass Murdering SOB

Posted by bigjohn on 10 July 2014 - 07:18 PM

Sorry Ninja, I'll try to do better!

#2845445 Yet Another Mass Murdering SOB

Posted by bigjohn on 10 July 2014 - 07:07 PM

I will never, ever, understand opposition to:


  1. background checks for gun purchases
  2. withholding the rights to own guns from those with a violent background or warranted mental issues
  3. harsh penalties for convicted violent offenders who are found in possession of guns


Look, I'm not a "gun guy".  I own a rifle and a shotgun, grew up hunting and keep the shotgun around for home protection.  I understand the argument that the criminals will get guns one way or another (at least #2 and #3 can help put a dent in that group). #1 will also help hopefully weed out some of the "crime of passion" deals.


My personal feeling is that no one "needs" an assault type rifle, or a stockpile of guns and ammo, but that's a right that people who follow the law should have.  But I just have never understood opposition to those mentioned above.



#2842333 How do you summer vacay?

Posted by bigjohn on 07 July 2014 - 07:23 PM

Family has a place at Holden Beach so the wife and I visit there a few times during the summer. Went for 7 days earlier this summer, inlaws were there, and I got one really good fishing trip in.


Went back this week for 4 days, got no fishing in (due to weather). In-laws there too.


Got a trip planned at the end of July for 4-5 days and hope to get a couple fishing trips in, but we will be entertaining some other folks too so who knows.


I may sneak down the second week of August for a couple days by MYSELF so I can get some damn good fishing in. Fishing will most likely suck in that hot weather, but at least I'll be able to go.


Really enjoy my time down there and don't really crave doing anything else, especially if it's just me and the wife or a couple fishing buddies.  I have to work while I'm down there (usually a couple hours per night) but since it's all online, no biggie. Then when I get home I catch up with a few days of "full time" work.



#2840840 Andre 3000 Will Play Jimi Hendrix

Posted by bigjohn on 05 July 2014 - 08:17 PM

alright alright alright alright alright alright


Should be pretty bad-ass.

#2840661 Did Nazi that coming

Posted by bigjohn on 05 July 2014 - 02:14 PM

Y'all all look alike to me.

#2839268 Hurricane Arthur

Posted by bigjohn on 03 July 2014 - 12:50 PM

For your viewing pleasure:


The guy that owns Frying Pan Tower is staying there this weekend with his family. Pretty cool stuff.

#2821654 Do parents not teach kids how to dress?

Posted by bigjohn on 16 June 2014 - 07:26 PM

Teaching in a high school tends to change the way you look at things like dress code.


As a student, I didn't care about what anyone wore.  I don't remember it being a big deal.  The way I look at it (and try to explain to them) is that school is their full time job. And there is a dress code for their job. It's more strict than some jobs, less strict than others. Deal with it. Dress like a ho-bag or homeless person or whatever when you're away from school.  (Mind you, people will judge you, leer at you, make fun of you, but whatever floats your boat).


And unfortunately lines have to be drawn.  And for those that say to focus on what's important, if something like dress code is ignored, then we should do away with it altogether. I  freaking hate having policies that aren't enforced. Either enforce them, or take them out of the handbook.


Didn't mean to hijack the thread.

#2816902 California judge declares teacher tenure incompatible with state constitution...

Posted by bigjohn on 11 June 2014 - 06:30 PM

I can't speak to California.  Here in NC it's not tenure (although everyone calls it that).  Teachers with career status (4 or 5 years experience I think now) get due process rights. It just means if they are terminated they have the right to a hearing.  One theory behind it is so teachers aren't fired simply to make room for a school board member's brother who wants to be the football coach, or a county commissioner has a beef with the teacher who taught his son so he has him fired for no reason.


Again, that's in NC.

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