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In Topic: "I hope we don't make the playoffs"

22 December 2013 - 08:39 PM

WOW! that is.....WOW! I mean really? That has got to be a whole new level of retarded lol

In Topic: Post Your Reaction When Rivera Punted With 2 Mins Left...Be Honest

22 December 2013 - 07:47 PM

I screamed out a string of obscenities.....then looked very stupid after we won the game.......And im ok w/that :)

In Topic: Cam VS Geno

20 December 2013 - 12:37 AM

What the hell is that .gif in your sig?



By far and away the weirdest poo I have seen on this site


this should explain it. I would have deleted it since it derails threads. But im superstitious 

In Topic: You guys notice how chippy the Saints were with our receivers last game?

19 December 2013 - 02:30 AM

The refs will not give us any breaks...but they won't turn such a blind eye from the saints either.

I dunno about that. Refs have picked up a flag they have thrown on us in every game since the Patriots game. 

In Topic: What Saints Fans are Saying - Part Deux

19 December 2013 - 02:17 AM

Both Saints, and Panther fans have got to admit this game makes them a little nervous. Panthers had their worst performance of the the season in the dome 2 weeks ago! almost every great team suffers a blow out loss every season, and i guess we were due one. That was a big game for us, and we fell short when we needed a win for the sake of winning the division. But there really is no excuse! N.O. beat us pretty damn bad. And sometimes a defeat like that, as odd as it sounds can be a good thing. Because it should have humbled our team, and make them feel like they need to re-introduce themselves as the great team we have come to know and love. 2 weeks ago it looked like N.O. was gonna run away w/the division, and with the #2 seeding. And thanks to the Rams, we get another crack at taking over the division. Its so weird how the exact same scenario from 2 weeks ago is in play again. But we cannot allow the same outcome! And i find it hard to talk trash about a team that beat us so badly. you get beat 31-13 you really cant talk trash w/o looking a little silly. So Saints fans have that to hang over our heads for a few more days (and rightfully so)I still have that bitter taste in my mouth from that loss. Panther fans can be optimistic tho. And yes its been a long time since we have had a winning team...So we are a tad excited, and we should be! This is one of the best Panther teams i have seen put on the field! And the Saints, no matter where they play are capable of scoring in bunches. But i do expect a better performance from our boys. And this should be a closer game than last time. KEEP POUNDING!



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