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In Topic: Greg who?

14 September 2014 - 03:41 PM

...Hardy wont make 13 mil next year...

In Topic: We are for real

14 September 2014 - 03:37 PM

bullsht.... the only thing that got us thru this game was me, the Courvosier and the 2 packs of Marlboro Ultra light 100's..

In Topic: Sign Stephen hill you assholes

01 September 2014 - 04:50 PM

Give him to the dark lord Ricky proehl.


...mufkers finally heard you...

In Topic: Overreaction Thread.

22 August 2014 - 10:26 PM

I wish I could get worked up enough to argue with a pre-season troll, but I just don't care. Real game that actually matters. Ok. Pre-season. Who cares?



...I like kicingk a drunk in the back... :)  :)

In Topic: Overreaction Thread.

22 August 2014 - 10:13 PM

Further than you in the playoffs, losing in the AFC Championship game is considered a failure for the Patriots.


You were giddy about getting stomped by the 49ers and going one and done.

....bragging about not making it to the SB?

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