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Koran IED

27 February 2015 - 01:55 PM


I looked and didn't see this posted. If it's a repost, I apologize. This needs more attention to it. Excellent example of how DAISH is not a true representation of their supposed faith. This is meant to target noncombatants, most likely. Not very halal.

Player Look-A- Likes Bucs Edition

01 September 2014 - 09:49 PM

Let's get this going. Its always fun.

Notable OL Cuts

25 August 2014 - 12:14 PM

OT Max Starks - Cut by Arizona
OT Winston Justice - Cut by Broncos
OT Wade Smith - Cut by Seahawks (started 48 games for the Texans)
OL Adam Snyder - 10 year vet who had played virtually every position on the line as a pro. Considered a huge surprise cut in SF due to the holdout of Boone.
OL Eben Britton - Young, versatile player who had pro experience at RT and G. Chit by bears.
OT J'Marcus Webb - Below average starter who had experience at LT. Was a member of the famous Chicago OL that almost killed Jay Cutler. His name was thrown out a lot in the off season.
OT Eric Winston - NFLPA president and long term starter at RT. More of a zone blocker but, appears to be a huge favorite here because playing recognize his name.
T Guy Whimper - Swing tackle for the Steelers who went younger on their OL.
G Anthony Steen - Rookie who was a two year starter at Alabama. Was considered a 3rd round pick by some analysts but fell due to injury concerns.
OT Michael Williams - Converted from TE earlier this offseason. Was a great blocking TE. He was the loser on the Lions' logjam at OT.

First Preseason Game and 8/11 Practice

11 August 2014 - 05:21 PM

Fortunately I was able to come see these events, as I am rarely in the Charlotte area. I tried to pay attention as much as possible but, I didn't really go to these events with the intent to analyze. I will post what I have noticed.

Kelvin is the real deal. Zod has posted good pictures and coverage which describe to you how good he is. However, until you see it in person you have no idea what a specimen he is. His touchdown against the Bills happened right in front of mine and my nephews' seats. It was really impressive to see. He also was routinely pulling the ball down one handed in warm ups too. Today at practice was the only time I have seen him not try and it was on a position drill where the ball was thrown really low. He stuck his hand out and hit the ball.

Tavarres King is impressive. He beat Godfrey today in position drills and seems to have a knack for getting open. He is nowhere near as polished as Avant on Cotcherry though. Those two have tremendous footwork and run crisp routes. King is on par with Bersin who impresses every time I have seen him. During the game he was able to get separation a few times but didn't get many looks. Today in practice he looked sharp.

As for Cotcherry today, I posted in the practice thread after he went out today, he just landed hard on the ball. He was fine and came back in.

Norman is hot/cold. His play during one on one drills was terrible. Avant and Kelvin beat him. I think he was also the one that got burned by Marcus Lucas on a double move but, I can't remember. He did intercept Cam later on though, showing good ball skills.

Today, Cam had some near misses on overthrows to Underwood and Kelvin. The overthrow to Underwood wasn't a true overthrow. Had 11 extended his arms he would have made the catch but, failed to do so.

Our first team defense won the two minute drill at the goal line. This was when Cam overthrew Benjamin on fourth down. Before the snap Davis was hyping up the defense by screaming "win this down."

Our offensive tackles are as hot/cold as Norman. Bell looked good vs Buffalo but, gave up a couple of would be sacks to 76 today. I hope what I saw during the game was better than what I saw today. Although, neither time they could generate a push in the run game. Stewart looked surprisingly strong. He is obviously we'll rested.

If I remember anything else, I will post. Again, I am sorry for not being too analytical with it but, I needed to get my football fix as I will miss most of this season and won't be back in Charlotte until this time next year.

One last time I want to thank Zod for his coverage of tc this year.

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Final mock.

28 March 2014 - 07:36 PM

We need help on the outside. Cooks has speed and hands. He can play anywhere on the offense. If he is there at 28, he is BPA. Other options include OBJ, Moses, Matthews, and Roby as an outside shot.

Billy Turner projects as an elite RT for a power running scheme. He has the strength that Byron Bell lacks. Other options could include Mewhort or Allen.

Here we go for a corner. This guy doesn't haven't prototypical length our speed but, is very solid. He has good ball skills and could see a lot of playing time on nickel and dime packages early.

I really think we double down at receiver and tackle. I wouldn't be shocked if we took Hurst. He is another good tackle prospect. He also projects at RT. But, the two tackles would provide depth and competition.

Very interesting prospect. Remember when we used to put Peppers in on goal line sets? He did this in college. He projects as a TE or developmental pass rusher.

 Yes, another small school prospect but, if you watch the Chanticleers play you would notice Matt Hazel. Good hands (despite them being small) and a decent body for the position. He needs more strength and route refinement.

Small ball hawking safety.

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