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So we meet again...

09 January 2015 - 05:27 PM

Whats up huddle, Thought I would just drop by a line, it's been a while. 


I have always liked the Panthers, and this board has always been filled with some awesome fans that can have logical debates and always welcomed me. Needless to say, I was pulling for the rematch in one facet or another. 


I absolutely LOVE this matchup, I think it will lead to some fantastic football. 

You guys have probably dissected this game every which way, so I won't get too deep into it, I just love how these are probably the last two teams out there (maybe arizona if they had a capable QB) that still have this type of defense among the "sling it all around" type offenses that are predominant in todays game. 


I was talking to a Dallas fan earlier in the week, and they said how "boring" the Seahawks brand of football is, and I completely disagree. I absolutely think the style of which our teams play football, defense especially is the most pure form of the game we all know and love. I watched the last 4 games that the Panthers have played, and the way you guys impose your will on other teams is fantastic to watch. 


You guys are confident, which you should be, your team is playing some great ball... I am totally getting my popcorn ready, as I think this game will hit the under 39.5 mark and be a 6 point game at the most... I think whoever wins this game will be the representative of the NFC in the Super Bowl.


Good luck gents... (Just not too much ;) )