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In Topic: Mocking the Panthers 8.0

Yesterday, 04:56 PM

Here is what my thoughts are. Really sick of the mock drafts right now. NFL blows for putting the draft 2 weeks back into May. They should have kept in late April where is belongs. But oh wait Goodell and the owners knows what's best for the fans don't they. Smh!! Overall I wish the draft will get here quickly. I'm sick and bord of all these mocks.

In Topic: Cam gets 5th year

Yesterday, 04:34 PM

5th year option is in place and now people can relax for now. Let's just hope Hardy be comes reasonable enough take a decent contract will stay with this team long term. If not then trade him for a good pick in this year draft and move on and focus on Cam. Plain and simple.

In Topic: Kareem Martin has a visit with the panthers

Yesterday, 04:26 PM

guys prepare thy anus for the Hardy trade on draft day.  its happening


He he does trade Hardy. It better for a nice price. Like a top 5 pick or at least a top 15. Hardy is a very good pass rusher and a solid run stopper. One of the top DEs right now in the NFL.  Anything less then a top 15 pick for Hardy is a waste of time. But I very much doubt we trade Hardy in the draft. We will get a long term deal done with him sometime this summer or right be the dead line. Me hopes.

In Topic: Kareem Martin has a visit with the panthers

Yesterday, 04:16 PM

No, I think it points more towards cutting CJ next year since his price tag will be large and he is aging.


Price tag I see could be a cutting reason, but doubt that. He would redo his contract and take some bonus money to get the cap down some. But him aging ain't got nothing to do with it. The guy is only 27 and in his prime right now. His age is not even a factor in this. I could see it been a factor if he was 31 or 32 yr. old. But you just don't release a top DE for been 27. Dumb reason. Age has nothing do with it, but cap might. But I doubt that is the reason why we are just looking at Martin. It is just a visit. That's all.

In Topic: Panthers Meeting with Adams for 2nd Time

23 April 2014 - 11:59 AM

I was talking about moving back from 28 into the early second round with one of the QB-needy teams at the top of the second round. 


Yea I know. That's why I say if they want to draft one of those QBs bad enough. They pay the price. Like we did the year we drafted Stewart and Otah in the first round. If costed us a second round and our next year first just move back into the last first round that year just to get Otah. So if those QBs are still around and one of those teams want them bad enough. They pay the price or risk going into the second and hope those top QBs are there still.

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