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#3104389 Ferguson Decision

Posted by Happy Panther on Yesterday, 07:15 AM

If I was ever a cop dealing with an unarmed man unless they're harming someone else I am NOT shooting to kill. I'm going for the leg, arm, maybe even the waist and immediately phoning EMS so I don't have a dead man on my conscience.

You would to go against a lot of training. They teach you to aim for mass and that a bullet in the arm or leg might not take someone down. The point of shooting is to neutralize a threat.

#3103476 12-year-old in Cleveland with a BB gun shot by cop

Posted by Happy Panther on 24 November 2014 - 06:48 PM

But institutional social infrastructure psych 301 says hooey.

I skipped that class mostly. Was an 8:30.

#3103468 12-year-old in Cleveland with a BB gun shot by cop

Posted by Happy Panther on 24 November 2014 - 06:39 PM

I'm a black male in my late 20s. I grew up in the Strawberry Mansion (Summerville) area of Philadelphia. One of the shittiest areas in Philly. I have no idea who my dad is, though I'm certain he's dead or in jail, and my mother died of a Heroin overdose when I was 13. My 2 brothers are both in jail. The only family I have is my baby sister, who I brought with me to Charlotte when we were 21 and 18.

I'll sum it up for you.

Nobody works. Slutty moms sleep with 20 men a week, they're constantly pregnant and dumping out 3-6 kids by the time they're 25. The guys are always "bad boys" and "thugs" who will either be dead by the time they are 30 or serving life in jail for their crimes. The kids don't know who the father is and even if they did, the fathers wouldn't give a fug even if they weren't in jail or dead. The kids grow up learning that daily life involves stealing, drug dealing, armed robbery, and murder. If you think about going "legit" and working a job like everyone else in order to get money, you're considered a lame ass phaggot and a sell out. The other guys in the hood will also perceive as you as a weak pussy who's too scared to "be about that life" and you'll get robbed and beaten on a weekly basis. For some it's even more dangerous because the hood has a "us vs. them" mentality, depending on which public housing building or side of the street you're on you could be at war with people from another building or the other side of the street. Hell you could be at war with your neighbor because they claim one color, and your friends claim another. If you don't join either group, both will put a target on your ass and you'll end up getting shot by some 10 year old kid being initiated into one of the groups.

The moms don't give a fug about anything except fuging more violent felons, spitting out more babies, and collecting welfare, food stamps, section 8, medicaid, TANF, and getting more dick. They don't go to PTA meetings, make sure their kids do their homework, or any of the stuff you would expect a mom to do. Many times the kids would be better off alone because the moms are the ones that encourage the men to go out on the corner to deal drugs and for the girls to go out on the corner to sell their bodies or to find their own thugs/bad boys to impregnate them so they can bring in more welfare funds into the home.

And the cycle repeats itself.

There are many people trying to work with kids in the hood to set them on the right track and give them the skills needed to become peaceful and productive citizens but the same people trying to help them will be the first to tell you that 99% of these kids have 0 hope for a better life. They're already a statistic, they already have a coffin waiting for them, and they already have a prisoner ID number waiting for them. Their life is already chosen and the only thing they can do is hope that a handful make it out and that the rest can be kept alive and out of prison for as long as possible.

Growing up I was constantly ridiculed, beat up, robbed and threatened. Even by my own brothers. Simply because I went to school and worked. I didn't wanna be dead or in jail like everyone around me. I work 50/hr week and barely bring home $700. My sis is a nurse and married with 2 kids. It's not much. But you know what? I love it. I live as I please and get to watch my little nieces grow up in a stable enviroment. Had I followed the poo I grew up around I'd be dead by now.

I get a real laugh at all the blacks, white apologists and trolls who scream injustice around these incidents. I grew up in the hood and I promise you that cops ain't poo. I seen cops almost every day growing up. And I never seen one shoot, stab, mug, rob, threaten a black man. Or rape a black woman. But I did see other black men do that poo. Every fuging day.

People worried about poo that ain't even the problem. You wanna know the most tragic part about this boy dying? There were 2 times in his short life that his mom gave a poo about him. First, when he was born and she got her welfare money. Second, when he was shot by a cop and she can file a civil suit.

The problem isn't guns welfare inequality or cops. It's the culture. It ain't gonna change either.

Nice post.

#3103165 US begun supplying Ukraine with weapon technology

Posted by Happy Panther on 24 November 2014 - 01:55 PM

Is that what thwarted the full scale invasion that was imminent last week?

#3102836 Any PSL owners billed for playoff tickets yet?

Posted by Happy Panther on 24 November 2014 - 08:52 AM

I've never understood why people opt for PSL's.  I can go to any game I want and sit somewhere different everytime. 

Several reasons. One is having seats that you like. There are many areas of the stadium in which I prefer not to sit. Second is potentially sitting with a group. There are lots of people who bought large groups of PSLs so they can tailgate and then sit together. Another is having guaranteed seats for big games though they may be far and few between.


People were paying $250 per ticket for the Cowboys. Similar for our playoff game.


Basically we pay a premium for convenience. If you don't need or value that premium then you don't need PSLs

#3102106 I don't need this playoff berth

Posted by Happy Panther on 23 November 2014 - 06:41 PM

I always want the Panthers to win.

But, I've reached a crossroads where, I know Rivera and this poo show that's been put together is not the future. However, with our no balls organization, I feel like, if we win, Rivera is going to stay on. And that's disappointing.

A smart organization takes the playoffs and fires Rivera anyway. 

#3102027 Any PSL owners billed for playoff tickets yet?

Posted by Happy Panther on 23 November 2014 - 06:04 PM

If you worked for me, I'd drug test you right now.

That's why I am the boss. No drug tests.

#3102010 Does anyone know of any good ****** bars in or around the Charlotte area

Posted by Happy Panther on 23 November 2014 - 05:58 PM

I assumed the ****** was titty but I guess that is too many stars.


I have been to one hooka bar and it was pretty fun. Food was good and they had belly dancers.


That was enough.

#3102003 We're not going to the playoffs

Posted by Happy Panther on 23 November 2014 - 05:51 PM

We are a New Orleans loss away from controlling our own destiny in the playoff race.


#teamrivera #NFCSChamps #Shulacocknibbler



#3101492 New Achievement Unlocked: Bartender

Posted by Happy Panther on 23 November 2014 - 01:50 PM

very classy thread

#3100816 Check out this movie - Coherence

Posted by Happy Panther on 22 November 2014 - 01:27 PM

Watched it...pretty cool.

#3100133 Republican blogger: The GOP wins set up party for spectacular, catastrophic f...

Posted by Happy Panther on 21 November 2014 - 06:24 PM

Yeah, but can that candidate get out of a national Republican primary?

Probably not because the far right are the ones that participate the most in primary votes so candidates have to run to the extreme right, then answer questions about flip flopping once they get to general election.

The GOP is in trouble long term unless something drastically changes within their party and constituents.

Fair point. But the far right will never vote democrat.


I don't think Jeb needs to reiterate his far right ideals to get the far right vote.


Edit: I see you are talking primary. It's a problem.

#3100118 A quick tutorial for those that are baffled by posting on their phone.

Posted by Happy Panther on 21 November 2014 - 06:13 PM

Cant remember the  original meaning of this thread.  I hate people in the grocery store writing checks 

what's a check?

#3100105 Republican blogger: The GOP wins set up party for spectacular, catastrophic f...

Posted by Happy Panther on 21 November 2014 - 05:56 PM

Just put forward a moderate with some sneaky libertarian leanings and that candidate will destroy Hillary.


Sidebar - avoid abortion issues, the bible, telling me that smoking isn't addictive etc...

#3099485 Emperor Obama?

Posted by Happy Panther on 21 November 2014 - 07:35 AM

Well this thread got pooped on.

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