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In Topic: Core players vs non core players list..

Yesterday, 10:14 AM

Not just the best defender.. he is the best and most indispensable player on the team.. So get all agitated but it's a fact.. No body on this team affects more area of play than MKG..

Defense, rebounding, assist, fast breaks and can score alittle bit.. all while still being 21..
He is a 5 tool player.. And you probably don't know what that means so I'm wasting my time here. .


I'm not agitated at all. I'm just sitting back and appreciating your fandom. 


MKG averages a little over one assist per game, so you've got to take that one out of your argument and find something else. I don't doubt that I'll get a notification from you soon, though, telling me that I don't understand the sport because I find your favorite player to be overrated. That's really all it is. I don't hate him. He just gets more love than he deserves. Part of it is the fact so many people on this team suck on defense that really, you can only count on Kemba and MKG to bring it on that side of the ball, whether they get scored on or not. So I suppose that's part of the reason people love him.

In Topic: Lakers @ Hornets GDT 7 PM

Yesterday, 10:09 AM

I was at the game. Had a great time, particularly analyzing the Lakers' lone play they ran for much of the fourth that consisted of Lin bringing it up, waiting for a screen at the top of the key and going right for a jumper, to the baseline for a cross-court pass or a roll to the big man for a missed layup. 


So glad we won. So, so glad we won. Mo's last free throw ended up making the difference. I don't care what the records are, it's a good night anytime the Hornets beat the Lakers.



In Topic: Core players vs non core players list..

Yesterday, 09:57 AM

And LeBron missed two free throws that cost his team the game. I guess he sucks too.


LeBron can actually contribute a whole lot on both ends of the floor. Unlike ya boy, who I think is a promising kid but is vastly overrated.


LeBron's repertoire includes offense beyond rebounding, the occasional drive to the hoop or the more successful-but-not-where-it-should-be jumper. So no, he doesn't suck. But it would be stupid of a LeBron fan to sing his praises the night after he choked, too. I don't get how that's a difficult thing to comprehend.

In Topic: Core players vs non core players list..

Yesterday, 09:53 AM

LeBron missed free throw that did cost his team the game.. I guess he isn't the best player in Cleveland because of that..lol

Let's also be clear.. If it wasn't for MkG guarding Lin at the end of the game we would have lost. . Because Mo couldn't stop him and AL can't play defense. . Lin was completely killing us until MKG put a stop to it..

The only reason you can have such bad defenders as MO Williams and AL on the court at the same time is MKG..

You don't know basketball if you can't see that..


You don't know the English language if you didn't see that I said MKG was the best defender on the team.


And yes, MKG choked last night at the line. Just like he did against Miami, and he had to be bailed out then as well. He cannot be counted on down the stretch to score points when he has the ball. 

Now hold on other fanboys, I'll get to all of you. Gotta get some work done in between answering your love letters.  :lol:

In Topic: Core players vs non core players list..

Yesterday, 09:33 AM

Wtf is wrong with you??

This has been proven over and over again...

Without MKG we lose a lot even to bad teams...

With him we are in every game..

Scottie Pipen (one of the best defenders all time) got toasted for 55 against Jamal Mashburn and 40+ twice to Penny Hardaway..

So bringing up MKG bad defensive night against a league scoring champion when he was 20 years old is asinine. .


Today's probably not the best day to defend a guy who missed two clutch free throws last night that could've cost us the game, had Mo Williams not bailed him out.