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In Topic: Has the Affordable Health Care Act helped or hurt anyone you know?

21 April 2014 - 02:42 PM

I'm paying $18/mo with $500 deductible. Have not had insurance in 2 years, since my dad's dropped me.

I was also lucky that my dad had great insurance through work that covered me until 25 before that was standard. If not, it would have been a decade without insurance.

Of course, I also work for a national corporation (that offered 0 insurance before) that now refuses to give any employee in my job class more than 29 hours a week for fear of having to pay a few extra bucks for insurance.

In Topic: Federal Tax Court Now Denying Attorney-Client Privilege

21 April 2014 - 02:24 PM

SMH this fuging country...

In Topic: Is American an Oligarchy?

16 April 2014 - 09:55 AM

There are things you can control and things you can't control.

Wasting my time on things I can't control is useless.

28th Amendment

In Topic: I bought a brick at BB&T Ballpark

06 February 2014 - 04:38 PM

How much per o? Oh wait wrong type of brick...

In Topic: Moving to North Carolina Area

24 January 2014 - 03:44 PM

Sounds like smack in the middle of RTP in the Mooresville area? Great area in the middle of the Triangle, but hellish traffic. 

Morrisville = between Raleigh and Durham

Mooresville = between Charlotte and Statesville

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