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#3126168 Sony Playstation hacked again...

Posted by Stumpy on 09 December 2014 - 02:51 AM

Everybody keeps getting outraged about all these huge data breaches (Target, Home Depot, The Fappenning, Sony) but, no one seems to care where the root of the problem lies.



#3125351 Meme/Caption this...

Posted by Stumpy on 08 December 2014 - 03:01 PM

Here you go...

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#3117335 NYC grand jury returns no indictment against cop who used fatal choke-hold on...

Posted by Stumpy on 03 December 2014 - 06:02 PM

 I don't know whether this particular cop is guilty or not. From what I have read, it doesn't look good. But, this would not be the first time a cop got away with, literal, murder. Good cops everywhere need to start standing up against these types of crimes...







Many in this country, the youth especially, are beginning to view the police force in America as a hostile, occupying force. If cops and DAs keep standing behind their blue wall of silence, and this way of thinking continues unabashed, these officers jobs will only become more dangerous. Distrust is growing. Hate is breeding. If it is not diffused soon, it could become a big problem in major cities.


Chicago is basically a warzone already. Due, in large part, to a long history brutality and distrust. When the police cannot be trusted, criminals rise to power. (http://en.wikipedia....s_and_brutality)


Imagine that type of violence spreading to NYC, LA, HOU, OKC, etc.


These criminals with badges need to be brought to justice like the rest of us. And until the good people in law enforcement are willing to stand up and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law, distrust will continue to breed.

#2879487 Art Pope Stepping Down

Posted by Stumpy on 06 August 2014 - 09:36 PM

So he buys the position of budget director. Presides over a debacle of a battle over raising teacher pay to well below average... (35th?) That ultimately still cut education spending? Then steps down to take a position as head of UNC System? Am I getting this right?

Oy vey!

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#2865515 Why did you become a Panther fan?

Posted by Stumpy on 26 July 2014 - 11:17 AM

In early 2003 both my parents finally decided to give up the bottle. They started acting like real parents for once. We were a real family for once.

We started watching Panthers games together every week, even though my dad is a die hard Lions fan. I remember him mocking the team for benching their qb halfway through the 1st game of the season.

As the wins piled up that season, we enjoyed some of the best family holidays I can remember. Those Sunday's watching the Ragin' Cajun and a young spark plug wideout will a team to victory, became the highlight of our weeks.

In January, my dad moved out. A month later, we lost the most thrilling football game I have ever seen to a bunch of cheating pansies with Boston accents. The next year my brother left for Iraq.

But for one brief year, it was magical.

As we've gotten older and spread ourselves across the state, we still get together to go to at least one game every season. My dad still pulls for the Lions, but the Carolina Panthers will always have a special in each of us.

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#2863451 House wants to send troops to Central America to secure border.

Posted by Stumpy on 24 July 2014 - 02:53 PM

People do realize that these are (by and far) refugees from a war that we started, right?

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#2862915 Vladimir Putin

Posted by Stumpy on 24 July 2014 - 10:07 AM

lol I love how people think America is a modern allegory for Rome

There are no comparisons as long as we don't have boats of vandals and goths constantly bombarding the west coast and the eastern seaboard

I love how people who have, seemingly, no knowledge of history assume that Rome was either:

The only empire,

Or the only one that ever fell.

Nevermind the Spanish, British, Russian, Mongol, Qing and multiple Islamic empires.

The circumstances of their falls were not identical, but there are definite similarities. When an empire becomes more complex than its technology can handle end more corrupt than its people can handle, it will fall.

#2860105 Society on Mars.

Posted by Stumpy on 21 July 2014 - 04:14 PM

They basically going to have to build bio-domes on Mars that are capable of producing their own weather if they ever want to be self sustaining. I have no idea how they'd actually construct something like that.

There is a lot of really cool research/theories on how to terraform Mars.


My personal favorite is using lasers to redirect meteors that contain the resources necessary to crash into the surface. The impacts could even be used to vaporize the subterranean water, heating the atmosphere and adding more oxygen.

You'd still have to find a way to keep it all in, but there has been new research on artificially increasing the magnetic field to pull that off.

I admittedly have zero technical knowledge as to how any of this would work, but the idea of turning a barren planet into Earth 2.0 fascinates me immensely. Especially the dualism of trying to create a new Eden as we struggle with destroying the one we inherited.

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#2840641 I was there when...

Posted by Stumpy on 05 July 2014 - 01:33 PM

Most Memorable Moment:


It was the year of Tommy Jones. The opponent is trivial, (as I cannot remember who it was right now) but it was a game of many firsts. The first ever start by a QB who was collecting  social security checks. Said legendary geriatric gunslinger getting promptly pummeled into mush and retiring in the first quarter. Giving way to a dashing man in white gloves. A man so terrible he had fans searching through their programs and chanting "We Want Moore/More!" clamoring for a previously unknown, undrafted, 4th string, John Fox QB.


But it was during the reign of the gloved one (one love Jacko) when something magical happened. Dropping back on 3rd and long, and after doing one of his trademarked pirouettes, he found himself nearly engulfed by hulking men in opposing jerseys. Running for his life, he tried to find anyone within his 7 yard throwing radius to pass the ball to. Finding only a young Jordan Gross in range of his trusty left arm, he knew it was up to him to keep the drive alive. He faked left, narrowly escaping the juiced up pass rusher, juked right slipping by the lumbering nose tackle, the only thing standing between him and the first down marker now was a menacing middle linebacker 5 yards away with a nose for pain.


With the linebacker closing in, and the weight of another failed drive falling on his shoulders, the gloved one dug down deep and mustered something only a child of pure heart could imagine. As the defender was in mid dive, transforming his body from animal to projectile, the boy leaped with all his might, flipping through the air with the grace of a dolphin gliding through the ocean. As his feet hit the turf, now, ahead of his would be annihilator, the light went off, "It worked!" he thought to himself as he dashed the last 5 yards needed for the first down. "For once in my life, all those years of ballet have finally payed off." as he slid down past the imaginary yellow line. "They like me, they really like me!" as the home crowd cheered and his teemates congratulated him.


Three plays later the drive was over. An hour later he was booed off the field by these same fans, replaced by a young renegade by the name of Matt Moore. (aka TheRealDeal) But, on one shining day at Bank of America Stadium, on one play, even if for one fleeting moment, David Carr was brilliant!


Worst Game


Tony Romo's first ever start.


Sunday night game. Tailgated for hours laughing at DAL fans for having to start an undrafted rookie because they were scared of our pass rush.


Walk in to the stadium to find out our free tickets were 5th row, 35 yardline, away side. Got to taunt Vanderjact? maybe, for missing a few FGs, he got pissed. Almost got kicked out, after Smitty scored a TD, for bumping into the douchey Cowgirls fan beside us while we were celebrating. They actually did start to escort my friend out until the rest of the section pelted the security guards with drinks and nachos. And then Romo pulled some poo out his ass and won it in the 4th I think... I try to forget that fuging game.


Best Game


2013 Monsoon Game... fap fap fap


Half the stadium Supercam ripping their rain ponchos in unison when we scored the game winner. That is a game I will tell my grandchildren about.

#2834829 Unanimous - NLRB appointments were unconstitutional

Posted by Stumpy on 28 June 2014 - 10:48 PM

How have all previous Administrations gotten appointments through? Oh yeah, legally.

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Not according to this Supreme Court decision...


Turns out, every president does this. Only, way more often.

Antonin Scalia's own son was a recess appointment of GWB.

#2806071 Server Rant: Why Gratuity Keeps Going Up

Posted by Stumpy on 01 June 2014 - 05:33 PM

I've spent the last decade of my life, more or less, waiting tables. Feeding people shitty food, corporate slogans and fake smiles for ten fuging years. What the fug am I doing?


Do I love what I do? Absolutely not. I feel dishonest, I feel guilty, I feel jaded. I feel disconnected from the very public that I serve. On the outside looking in. It is an alienating world where you are encouraged to have “personality,” but not to let it show too much; to “interact” and be “friendly,” but never to impose or make someone uncomfortable in anyway. Some weird cross between ***** and butler where my job is to be who you want, when you want, give you what you want, but to never be in the way. A life of putting on masks and fitting who you are into these soundbites that are suitable for public consumption. All for the expected earning potential of upper poverty.


It has its perks, I see my friends who work retail or fast-food working twice as long to make less money than I do. There can be some very great camaraderie among the employees themselves, but even that is often corrupted by the corporate will. Fighting for shifts, fighting for sections, fighting for tables and even fighting over the tips that we are given by our own guests. Server's have to give a percentage of their sales to their bartenders, hosts and hostesses, bussers, silverware rollers. Sometimes, even the kitchen and management staff get tipped out. It is a gross form of wealth redistribution where huge, multinational corporations take money out of the pockets of some of its most destitute employees and give it, mostly, to non-tipped employees so that they can pay those people 29% of the federal minimum wage.


The amounts that are taken from servers everyday vary by restaurant, and even by shift worked. At my restaurant, we have to give anywhere from 12-17% of our tips (2.5% of our sales) to the hosts, bussers and bartenders every single shift. On busy shifts, when we have extra bussers, a silverware roller and a food runner, that tip share goes up to 20-25%. A business that has $70,000+ in sales per week takes money from it's employees (who earn less than ¼ of that number in a year) so that it can pay other employees less than the law allows. Most people who have never worked in a restaurant do not understand this. Can you imagine working an office job, and every day before you punch out to leave for the day, your boss tells you to give him 15% of the money you earned that day so that the company will only have to pay the janitor $2.13 an hour. It is disgusting and it is shameful.


These companies espouse this practice as altruistic and decry that sharing earnings will create an atmosphere of teamwork that will make everyone happier and more money. If this were true, then why not have the assistant managers give 15% of their paychecks, why not the KM's, the GM's, the regional managers, area directors, all the way up to the CEO give 15% of their earnings to help out their lowest paid employees and create a more happy, profitable environment? Because that's not what this is about. This about huge companies, with restaurants on every corner finding a tax loophole that allows them pay employees less than they otherwise would be allowed.


These are the same companies that spend millions of dollars every year lobbying congress to keep the minimum wage artificially low. The ones who openly shower politicians with all the cash and gifts allowed by law to strip workers of their bargaining rights. The exact same corporations who, less than a decade ago, successfully lobbied congress to lower the federal minimum wage for their tipped (both directly and indirectly) employees by 32%. And they are passing down the cost of paying their employees to the dining public. Not directly, in the form of higher menu prices, but indirectly, almost beggingly. With messages at the bottom of your bill reminding you what percentage of the cost of their product that you should give to pay their employees.


There is a reason those percentages keep going up. This practice is becoming more widespread. It started informally, as a way to help out people that worked harder, and, usually, made less money. As a way to tell the guy who cleaned your tables all night, “Thanks, you did a great job!” or thank a bartender for getting your drinks out extra quick. It has been turned into a tool to keep labor costs artificially low. The number keeps rising for gratuity because the numbers keep rising for tip outs. And if you have a bad night, you get stiffed by a big party, or just a bunch of people who don't know that gratuity has risen once again? Oh well. You still gotta pay up, son.


Once chains saw the opportunity presented by this tactic, they seized on it. What used to be 5-10% of a servers' tips going to 1 or 2 bussers has ballooned to 20-25% of their tips going to the pay the wages of as many as 10 employees in a single shift. I am only speaking from experience, but I have enough friends and family in the restaurant industry to know that this is not uncommon. The positions of host and busser have been virtually eliminated in the restaurant industry, replaced with the utility title of SA or server's assistant. A cop-out title change that only serves to circumvent existing wage laws. At some full service chain restaurants over 2/3's of the staff gets paid $2.13 per hour.


This is not some Robin Hood wealth redistribution. It is not localized welfare aimed at promoting teamwork. It is taking from the employees who they already pay less than allowable in almost any other profession, and using it to pad the profit margins without raising prices.

#2770728 Stevie Johnson and Brandon Pettigrew

Posted by Stumpy on 08 May 2014 - 11:50 PM

I hear they might sign some guy name Ed Dickson.. Not sure, still up in the air....

Joe? Is that you? I always knew you read the huddle for your leads.

#2765420 North Carolina primary today

Posted by Stumpy on 07 May 2014 - 04:31 PM

No...pretty sure Jim Black went to jail because he was in public office and accepted bribes and dished out bribes to boot. You know...like the Charlotte mayor is going to have to do.

You are right. Occasionally, politicians who are too dumb to follow the proper bribery guidelines set forth by our congress, and further entrenched by our supreme court, do go to jail.

But this does not constitute bribery to you?

Tillis was at the legislature for 5 minutes and became Speaker. And he did it by auctioning off his votes to highest special interest bidders to line his coffers and then used that money to donate to other House members campaigns for votes to be Speaker. Leapfrogging some guys who were probably more deserving.

#2765351 NY City Councilman Arrested: Makess Racist Comments at Presser

Posted by Stumpy on 07 May 2014 - 03:49 PM

And there's the institutional/privilege herp derp..


In 2010 black non-Hispanic males were incarcerated at the rate of 4,347 inmates per 100,000 U.S. residents of the same race and gender. White males were incarcerated at the rate of 678 inmates per 100,000 U.S. residents. Hispanic males were incarcerated at the rate of 1,755 inmates per 100,000 U.S. residents.

In 2013, by age 18, 30% of black males, 26% of Hispanic males, and 22% of white males have been arrested. By age 23, 49% of black males, 44% of Hispanic males, and 38% of white males have been arrested.

Arrested at an 15:11 ratio...
Incarcerated at, roughly, a 13:2 ratio?

Herp derp


#2765302 NY City Councilman Arrested: Makess Racist Comments at Presser

Posted by Stumpy on 07 May 2014 - 03:26 PM

I'm all with you for holding people accountable for what they say... but what'd he say that was racist?

I guess pointing out institutional, racial bias in our judicial system is considered racism now.

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