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Today, 04:43 PM

I'd puke if we traded up in the first for Ogbuehi. He allowed 7 sacks last season. That is horrible for a 1st round offensive lineman. And add to that his ACL injury i wouldnt touch him in the 1st and i would definitely not move up to grab him.


Ogbuehi is the best pass protector in the draft, the reason he gave up those sacks likehe did was because he wasn't able to work out fully in the weight room, thus the lack of strength that showed up when he gave up those sacks. He's got great feet and moves quickly and can keep up with speed rushers, and once he hits the weight room and adds strength,  he'll handle power rushers too. He's a top 10 pick when healthy. 


That being said I hope we don't trade up for him. 

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Today, 02:17 PM

Nobody is going to give up their draft picks to move up 1 space.


The Cleveland Browns did n 2012 or Trent Richardson


Unfortunately, the Browns, the only team stupid enough to do that, pick before us.

In Topic: Jacksonville Fans... Poor Bastards

Today, 04:32 AM

Jags offense is probably on te ups. Allen Robinson and Marquise Lee are gonna be solid, and Greg Olson is a solid offensive coordinator and got the best out of fugin Josh Freeman


Jury is still out on Bortles but I mean


He's gonna have a rough Week 1

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Today, 03:43 AM

2012 SB Giants:

Hakeem Nicks


2014 SB Broncos: 

Demaryius Thomas


2013 SB 49ers:

AJ Jenkins


2009 SB Cardinals:

Larry Fitzgerald 


2007 Colts:

Anthony Gonzales

Marvin Harrison

Reggie Wayne



Oh wait I thought....


Look bro I'm with you but how ya gonna list AJ Jenkins 


He was a 4th round prospect and he was taken in the 1st because ???

In Topic: We can throw away the idea that we are drafting an offensive lineman in the f...

Today, 03:41 AM

Hate that term with a passion, its so vague. What determines "BPA"? and who determines "BPA"? so if Brett Hundley is "BPA" do we draft him? How do GMs and coaches determine BPA? Say a DE and WR is avaliable. WR has 1500 rec yds and 10 TDs in college and the DE had 15 sacks in college, say we take the WR, why? What do you point to and say, "hes bpa!" Is it rec yds? TDs? What detrrmines BPA? It remains a mystery to me to this day

The term BPA is a lot like scientology.. Vague, unclear, inexplainable and based solely on opinion.


BPA is a term that means we will take the best player available on our big board, which will consist of most of the players in the draft, listed in order of how much we prioritize getting them on our team as a result of scouting, how much we like the player and how much they'd fit the team/fill a team need.



Wow that was pretty easy.