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In Topic: Portrait of Brandon Williams

Yesterday, 11:39 PM

Question Jeremy, I see both Dickson and Williams making the squad this year (Bye Heartsock) but who do you think will be the #2 TE between the two?

In Topic: Panthers Training Camp Wrapup - July 31

Yesterday, 05:48 PM

I'm loving what I'm hearing about our O-line, especially Chandler and Turner.  I don't only think our run game will be improved, but our pass protection will be improved as well (maybe we can even complete some of those long ass pass plays Shula loves to call)



Also our secondary is...very interesting to me. With our pass rush I think we got some guys in place who can succeed and take advantage of poor passes.


I think our CB depth chart will look something like this


Melvin White
Antoine Cason
Bene Benwikere
Charles Godfrey
James Dockery
Carrington Byndom 

In Topic: Cam and high throws.

Yesterday, 05:28 PM

You really think Newton doesn't take this 'personally' enough?  :blink:


Obviously Not


why else would Cam stay after practice and work his ass off in conditioning drills


He just doesn't care, wants to eb an entertainer, etc, etc

In Topic: Brandin Cooks stealing the show!

Yesterday, 07:51 AM

(Pssst, don't tell Alice that pretty much All the rookie Wide Receivers have been impressing in camp


he needs to feel special.)

In Topic: Brandin Cooks stealing the show!

Yesterday, 04:36 AM

So all your posts are the result of emotional butthurt and not based on anything factual, kinda knew that already!


you mean like eveyone of your posts here

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