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#3355360 Winston putting in work already!

Posted by Rags on Today, 06:56 PM

Gettlemanjack the draft is over and so is any quality behind any of your posts

#3355251 Winston putting in work already!

Posted by Rags on Today, 05:28 PM

this is as funny as cam stealing laptop jokes

#3354667 2015 WR Core vs 2014 WR analysis

Posted by Rags on Today, 12:09 PM

I'm trying to remain tempered but god i'm ecstatic



Healthy Cam
Healthy JStew

Solid O-line
Improved WR core
Shaq as a coverage LB
Potential talent at UDFA again

Plus a year better with the team having a playoff victory under their belt

#3353938 Cam needs to step up this year

Posted by Rags on Yesterday, 11:50 PM

Some food for thought:



Compare Cam to other QBs picked by bad teams. He has a worse win % than fuging Sam Bradford and Vince Young, and they didn't have the offensive arsenal that you all love to claim everyone else has and Cam Needs. Still better than Gabbert though, who has a donut.


The Panthers have won through defense, not through Cam. The only times I can really say that we've won through Cam is the New England game in 2013.


So youre gonna casually ignore the two years cam was here our defense was bottom 16?

#3353920 Cam needs to step up this year

Posted by Rags on Yesterday, 11:16 PM

it's 2011 again oh my god

#3353918 Cam needs to step up this year

Posted by Rags on Yesterday, 11:16 PM

Cam u want that big money?? throw accurate passes and get that damn towel off your head and be a leader!!!!!!!!


holy goddamn poo that's it that's the thread shut it down we'll never ave a   post better than this on the entire goddamn huddle 

#3353902 Cam needs to step up this year

Posted by Rags on Yesterday, 11:10 PM

Dalton, Kaep, and Cutler all suck balls though. And their teams are going nowhere fast. The QB bubble will pop when Seattle tells Wilson to fug off next year, in my opinion.


Dalton, Kaep and Cutler are all average QBs, they're enough to win you games and get you in the playoffs (Or Cutler was. He's past that point now.) but you could also upgrade those guys.



Without Cam we're a 3-4 win team. He was our offense for 3 years and now we're finally building around hi as of last year, where he played hurt a LOT. He's above average, and has all the tools to be great. Is he elite? No. Does he have flaws and make plays that make you cringe? Of course. Can he get better? Hell yeah.But to say he's average and  we shouldn't pay him franchise QB money is



#3353889 Cam needs to step up this year

Posted by Rags on Yesterday, 11:01 PM

Prepare your anus. The Huddle allows NO negative talk about Cam, discussion of Cam, doubt of Cam, or criticism of Cam.


Sometimes I wish for Panthersunited posts instead of your posts.

#3353856 Cam needs to step up this year

Posted by Rags on Yesterday, 10:46 PM

Putting your cock in the Hornets nest I see.

Either way I agree. The huddle sees a HOF QB. Everyone else sees an average QB. But everyone else is wrong you see.




Or, you know, they see a franchise QB that has flaws but he constantly puts this team on his back (See The Bengals game.) with a lack of talent around him.



He's easily better than Dalton, Kapernick and Cutler. And you see the kind of money they made, lol if you think someone who means this much to this franchise is going anywhere.

#3353391 Gettleman on the Funchess Pick

Posted by Rags on Yesterday, 05:25 PM

Funchess compares to Jeffery, a lot.


Funchess has an inch on him (6'4 to 6'3) and 16 pounds (232 to 216) but they are very similar athletic players. Same broad jump, andf Funchess' vert is two inches higher.


Both are big  bodied WRs that aren't burners, but can be deep threats, they outsize DBs and know how to fight their way open and use their size and long arms to snag balls others can't. They both make WOW catches and have amazing body. Both can also pick up YAC and  even take screens and slants and pick up chunk yards.


The fact that he's football smart is wonderful. I can imagine Proehl is just as eager to get a chance to mold this kid as he was with Benji last year. He already runs solid routes and uses his hands to fight off DBs really well. Can't wait to see what this kid can do.


That being said--don't be surprised if we watch the FA to see if we can nab a playmaker/gadget type WR, especially during TC cuts.

#3351832 UDFA

Posted by Rags on 02 May 2015 - 06:52 PM

Nope, just forgot. But good thing I have plenty of giant sloths to hold me over! :lol:


So you're still convinced Funchess can't run even though both Getts and Ron went on and on about his speed.



#3351814 UDFA

Posted by Rags on 02 May 2015 - 06:44 PM

So, gettleman said we need speed at WR.

We signed Ginn, Boykin, and drafted Funchess.


And Damiere Byrd


But, I mean, then you'd lack a reason to complain if you acknowledged that.

#3349314 Panthers Not Done At Wide Receiver

Posted by Rags on 02 May 2015 - 07:21 AM

hahaha well this is just the PERFECT opportunity to mention how amazing i think it would be if we got Stefon Digggs

#3349180 Slow 40s and the Panthers

Posted by Rags on 02 May 2015 - 05:11 AM

game speed > combine speed

#3349119 Rags' Day 3 "This is totally how it'll happen" mock

Posted by Rags on 02 May 2015 - 01:57 AM

Go home Monsta you're drunk