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#2958177 Peter King busted

Posted by Darth Biscuit on Today, 02:47 PM

That may be true.  But the fact is, most of us here read the testimony from the reports and Peter King's original statement still stands.  What witnesses said Hardy did was pretty scary and people should be outraged if it is true.  I just think people here have blinders on and can't fathom the possibility that Greg did what was brought in front of the judge.


You're doing an awful lot of assuming here.  You don't know what any of our motives are.  


My point all along is that the process needs to play out. If the Panthers or the NFL were going to do anything about Hardy, they should've done it before week one, not after all these talking heads in the media got worked up in the aftermath of the Rice video.


I won't necessarily be "outraged" if the accusations against Hardy are true, but I will say (and have said all along) that he should be punished and that the NFL/Panthers should suspend him IF those accusations are true.  We don't know right now whether they are or not.



The only reason this is an issue now and not 3 weeks ago is because media flunkies like King want to tout their superior intellect by claiming/implying he knows more than the rest of us lowly uninformed tweet testimony readers. There were testimony tweets that said Hardy denied doing it but the denial doesn't matter...only the accusations.


This should receive a lot of pie.

#2957912 Cash Money Huddle League 2014

Posted by Darth Biscuit on Today, 12:53 PM

Thank you Mr. Cranky Pants. 


It's ok, 0-2 has to be frustrating. 




It is especially frustrating since I lost this game this week by 0.7.  Yes, 0.7 points.  DAMMIT ALL.

#2957260 Peter King busted

Posted by Darth Biscuit on Today, 09:10 AM

I understand it completely. I have read NC law and do understand the process. Others, like you, choose not to understand that the bench trial is not nothing. If no appeal is filed (again, it is not automatic), the conviction stands. It is an absolute, pure fact that Hardy was convicted. I do understand that with his appeal, there is a jury trial now so the conviction and any sentence (which was handed down) are suspended. Still does not negate the FACT that he was convicted. Now, I do also understand that the conviction has absolutely no relevance to the jury trial.



Please quote me where I said that the bench trial "was nothing".  I never said that.  However, it is part of the process, which is what I and "others like me" have been saying the entire time.  It's a way for the trial system to kick trials out the door or to kick them down the road to the jury system.

#2957155 Peter King busted

Posted by Darth Biscuit on Today, 08:27 AM

Peter King didn't say he read a transcript. He said "read the court testimony." There was testimony and apparently there were reporters there. I have read portions of the testimony in their reporting.


This story, for example: http://www.charlotte...ml#.VBg5EFfrzbw



I agree that that's what he said, but that's relying on a 3rd party, unofficial source for a court proceeding... not to mention, which Florio of all people pointed out yesterday, that initial bench trial in NC is of so little consequence that they don't bother to keep an official transcript.


As Bill Voth pointed out last night on Twitter, it's not just King, a lot of the national media is taking this thing and running with it without actually looking into what is happening.  NC law is just a little different in this regard but that doesn't seem to matter to the talking heads, they just want to run around screaming "CONVICTED"  and consequences be damned.

#2956337 Peter King busted

Posted by Darth Biscuit on Yesterday, 09:11 PM

He probably read over JJ and Bill Voth's tweets and referred to them as a "testimony"

That Eagles fan kept at me about the transcript and he finally admitted he was getting it from Bill Voth...

#2956271 Peter King busted

Posted by Darth Biscuit on Yesterday, 08:44 PM

About 9:35 my TL blew the fug up.

Thanks Jase.

#2956000 Peter King busted

Posted by Darth Biscuit on Yesterday, 07:03 PM

Kurb started it on Twitter, where the rest of you fugers at?

#2955099 Rivera coming up on NFL Network to discuss Hardy.

Posted by Darth Biscuit on Yesterday, 12:21 PM

We are just fugging this up worse. I believe that Hardy deserves to have jury trial before being punished, but just make a decision and stick to your guns.

This poo today just makes it harder on ourselves and honestly makes us look worse


This is my problem and where I think they screwed up and are still screwing up...


If they feel it's best for the org for Hardy to sit, then sit him (which they should have already made that decision weeks ago) but if they think he deserves to have the legal process finalized, then let him play and hand out punishments IF he's convicted.


The media is going to say what the media is going to say.  fug em.

#2954532 Props To the Boo Crew For An Amazing Tailgate

Posted by Darth Biscuit on Yesterday, 08:57 AM

he's still up in the air, but hopefully


I will convince him.

#2954500 Prepare yourselves

Posted by Darth Biscuit on Yesterday, 08:43 AM

nfl network just reported that hardy will be back on the field before the trial per ron rivera




and yes we are the best team in the nfl


Then wtf was the point in deactivating him yesterday?

#2952988 #2 Defense Points Allowed Per Game

Posted by Darth Biscuit on 14 September 2014 - 07:19 PM

I am drunk.

It's a good drunk tonight!

#2952975 Stay Classy Minnesota

Posted by Darth Biscuit on 14 September 2014 - 07:17 PM

Probably the switch she's holding...

#2952965 #2 Defense Points Allowed Per Game

Posted by Darth Biscuit on 14 September 2014 - 07:13 PM

Dex can't add. It's OK Dex, I forgive you, but Luke may not.

#2952887 Cam presser. Apologises for Donkey Kong gate

Posted by Darth Biscuit on 14 September 2014 - 06:53 PM

I'm not clicking the link somebody post a transcript.

#2951802 We're 2-0 you feckless avalanches of wilting children

Posted by Darth Biscuit on 14 September 2014 - 03:18 PM

All you fugers saying DA needed to start/play can suck it.

wtf you yahoos?

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