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#3106822 Ferguson Decision

Posted by Darth Biscuit on Today, 04:55 PM

The job of the DA in this particular instance is to put forward structure for the GJ, along with witnesses that corroborate it, to bring charges against Wilson - at least if the DA wants charges brought.

The DA didn't provide structure nor potential charges, and the reason for that is obvious.

I don't know if Wilson should have been found guilty of anything but the DA basically guaranteed none of us will ever know with how he handled the GJ.

I'll be the first to admit idk much about the GJ process... I need to read up on that.

The DA said he gave them all the info so they could make the decision "on their own" about whether or not charges should be brought. Is that the DAs job. Idk, doesn't really seem like it. Seems to me that his job would be to try and convince the GJ to bring charges, I mean you wouldn't try a case "trying to be impartial" or whatever... As a prosecutor you would be tasked at trying to convict the defendant regardless of your personal beliefs in the case.

Maybe this should be a call for the justice system to create a separate group for prosecutions of police, judges and other members of the law enforcement/judicial system. It is a valid point that DAs are essentially caught in a conflict of interest when they're asked to prosecute the very cops and other officers that they otherwise usually depend on to do their jobs.

#3106735 12-year-old in Cleveland with a BB gun shot by cop

Posted by Darth Biscuit on Today, 01:27 PM

No way they told him that three times unless they were yelling out the window before they stopped...

#3106520 12-year-old in Cleveland with a BB gun shot by cop

Posted by Darth Biscuit on Today, 08:13 AM

After watching the video, which is grainy and low res, I agree with Nanuq. Looked to me like the police could have used better judgement in approaching the situation. I don't know all the details obviously but that was my impression from watching the video.

#3105606 RG3 Benched

Posted by Darth Biscuit on Yesterday, 11:17 AM

gruden doesn't run a gimmicky offense.


i think the injury played a role but i also think he just isn't very good.


Quite possible... but my point was he seemed to do pretty good that first season before the knee thing... they made the palyoffs didn't they?


Could be that his mobility is limited now which takes away a lot of what made him a good QB.

#3105603 Ferguson Decision

Posted by Darth Biscuit on Yesterday, 11:15 AM

Agree with both of you... one thing is for certain, Wilson's and Johnson's stories do not match up.


In Johnson's, Wilson seems like the asshole cop we all hate, all attitude, started the confrontation, pulled Brown into the car, shot him, got out followed him when he ran and gunned him down in cold blood.


In Wilson's, Brown was the aggressor, was belligerent and reached for the gun prompting Wilson to fear for his life... he then got out to give chase and Brown "bull rushed" him causing him to fire his weapon to defend himself.



I have not seen the testimony of the other witnesses that the DA mentioned... is that available anywhere?



I can see how it may appear to Johnson that Wilson was "pulling Brown into the car" from his perspective if they were tussling/grappling... idk.  But Captroop is right... even if Wilson is the aggressor, why would he pull this guy who is clearly bigger than him into his car and on top of himself giving himself a distinct disadvantage in a fight?

#3105517 Ferguson Decision

Posted by Darth Biscuit on Yesterday, 09:25 AM

Plausible and opinion are a fine dance partner. But also in the context is the evidence and data that was submitted that is an entirely different thing.
Wilson was prepped. No doubt. But until you read everything else in it's entirety it sounds like you have your mind made up.



...and this is the point that I have been stuck on for about two days now.  Not the case itself so much, but the reaction to it.


Both the supporters of Brown and the supporters of Wilson, on this board and everywhere else, seem to have predetermined conclusions as to what happened that day.  Facts be damned... people are either supporting the officer no matter what, or saying that the the shooting was completely unjustified no matter what.


As pstall and I have said on this site for YEARS, and Cantrell will yell and scream about constantly, the truth is often not that delineated.  It's never black and white (not a pun).


Reading Johnson's testimony (I'm about halfway through it) it is entirely plausible to me that Wilson initiated the confrontation, not because he was simply doing his job (he was) but because he was a dick to them from the first time he spoke to Johnson and Brown.  It is also entirely plausible, that a kid who had just robbed a store (which Johnson admits to) was either afraid he was going to be arrested or just angry at the world in general and decided that he wasn't going to be arrested that day.

#3105473 12-year-old in Cleveland with a BB gun shot by cop

Posted by Darth Biscuit on Yesterday, 08:17 AM

Name one incident where a cop shot someone for going for a drivers license....didn't think so, your a ill informed douche.







P.S. Your an idiot. :)






Dude, you need to get out of here with this stuff... stop being an asshole.  Discuss like an adult or gtfo.

#3105243 Ferguson Decision

Posted by Darth Biscuit on 25 November 2014 - 09:48 PM

Anderson Cooper just interviewed two Ferguson area pastors about the protested riots and fires last night.

There's definitely some weird stuff going on out there with the both the timing of the announcement last night and the response, or lack thereof, by the authorities.

The pastors basically said that they made the announcement and then didn't have any police or National Guard presence anywhere to try and avoid the rioting and fires...

#3104795 Huddle Workout Warriors

Posted by Darth Biscuit on 25 November 2014 - 02:11 PM

Had my annual physical last week. All my numbers are well within the normal range and my fatty liver is gone.

Found out I have LOW blood pressure and a severe vitamin D deficiency. My vitamin D was 15, apparently 60 is normal. Doc prescribed 5000mg vitamin D pills and told me to add more salt to my diet.

That might explain why I was always worn out when I should have had more energy.



Get some sun you ginger beast.

#3104676 Ferguson Decision

Posted by Darth Biscuit on 25 November 2014 - 12:19 PM

In the risk of being laughed at I will say it is not fair to say that.
I did a lot of research on this topic as it broke and stayed current on it.  I knew enough to know there was not a high likelihood of guilt

I cannot speak to your level of research, I'll have to take your word on that... but when you say stuff like...

Its hilarious that this guy is being made in to a martyr when he was just another dumb thug who got what he deserved, just like Trayvon Martin.

It makes it very hard to take you seriously.

#3104669 Ferguson Decision

Posted by Darth Biscuit on 25 November 2014 - 12:12 PM

My mind is made up because I respect the process and consider this justice.
I made my mind up before hand when there were witness statements that supported the event and then the forensics which backed it all up.
Since day one this has been a media sensationalism story, just like Trayvon Martin.  That is why I am outraged.  The same media that came in lights blazing to Ferguson turns them off in Chicago, for example.  Or ignores the actual facts of what is going on in these urban cultures.  Where something like 2/3 of black kids grow up without a father, almost half end up in prison, and so many more incredible stats that I won't bother repeating them.  But, those are not my biggest concern.  It is white guilt and blaming whitey that bother me.


So you sat on the grand jury then and heard all the witness statements and forensic evidence then... huh?  Nice... 


Maybe you can expound more on that for us then.




As for the rest of your comments... all those things, and other issues such as racial injustice, police corruption and police violence are certainly issues... and possibly worthy of their own threads (as we have discussed them before in this forum)... but none of which pertained DIRECTLY to this case as to whether or not Wilson should or shouldn't be charged.


My point stands.  You had your mind made up already and didn't really care what the facts said, and although you are 180 degrees opposite of people like Cantrell, you both stand together in ignorance when it comes to finding the truth.

#3104646 Ferguson Decision

Posted by Darth Biscuit on 25 November 2014 - 11:53 AM

I need to add:
I don't mind protesting.  It is great and it was successful in many cities last night.  But the lawless rioting set back the entire event and cause.  No one will remember the protests because of it.
I have dark tints on one of my vehicles that would not enable them to know my ethnicity.
In college I spent more time with black dudes then whites rolling around a very urban area.  Cops never bothered us and we didn't exactly look like Boy Scouts.  They were a mix of football, track, and basketball players.  The only time I saw the cop give a guy a bad time was when the guy just ignored the cop while a party was getting busted.
This idea of driving while black.  Hiliarious
I understand that.  But, my frustration is that you used that speculation to make a leap to a few outcomes.
I haven't seen you focus on the "what-if's" in the other direction.  What if Wilson was told he was going to be killed by Brown?  What Brown ran from the officer to get half a football field away while being chased then turned on Wilson whom he had already been beating on to finish the job?
Some of the lower form of thinkers will say Wilson deserved it since he picked the wrong fight.

DWB is not hilarious and it does happen... you may not have seen it personally, doesn't make it any less true.
As for the what ifs, I was simply making a point about one of Cantrell's posts...  based on the information I've seen, I don't have a problem with the decision to not charge Wilson, and again, I didn't have an opinion about it one way or the other, I simply wanted the truth to come out, no matter what that truth revealed.
Frankly you haven't sounded all that rational in this thread, so preaching to me about what ifs probably won't get very far.  In fact, it sounds to me like you already had your mind made up, just like Cantrell did...


Its hilarious that this guy is being made in to a martyr when he was just another dumb thug who got what he deserved, just like Trayvon Martin.

#3104619 Ferguson Decision

Posted by Darth Biscuit on 25 November 2014 - 11:40 AM


I don't think we need to go that far.  Of course, I have not been stopped by police in 14 years.  I have not had to speak to an officer about anything because I do not do stupid things.



So you haven't been stopped for "driving while black" then I take it...

#3104556 Ferguson Decision

Posted by Darth Biscuit on 25 November 2014 - 11:06 AM

A CNN analyst actually brought up a very good point about the grand jury. When coming to the process, they dropped the ball in asking several key questions to Wilson.


Explain.  Link?

#3104461 Ferguson Decision

Posted by Darth Biscuit on 25 November 2014 - 09:06 AM

Wilson’s case was heard in state court, not federal, so the numbers aren’t directly comparable. Unlike in federal court, most states, including Missouri, allow prosecutors to bring charges via a preliminary hearing in front of a judge instead of through a grand jury indictment. That means many routine cases never go before a grand jury. Still, legal experts agree that, at any level, it is extremely rare for prosecutors to fail to win an indictment.


“If the prosecutor wants an indictment and doesn’t get one, something has gone horribly wrong,” said Andrew D. Leipold, a University of Illinois law professor who has written critically about grand juries. “It just doesn’t happen.”


Cases involving police shootings, however, appear to be an exception. As my colleague Reuben Fischer-Baum has written, we don’t have good data on officer-involved killings. But newspaper accounts suggest, grand juries frequently decline to indict law-enforcement officials. A recent Houston Chronicle investigation found that “police have been nearly immune from criminal charges in shootings” in Houston and other large cities in recent years. In Harris County, Texas, for example, grand juries haven’t indicted a Houston police officer since 2004; in Dallas, grand juries reviewed 81 shootings between 2008 and 2012 and returned just one indictment. Separate research by Bowling Green State University criminologist Philip Stinson has found that officers are rarely charged in on-duty killings, although it didn’t look at grand jury indictments specifically.


This post is literally the only thing you've said worth discussing.  


The effort or lack thereof, of the prosecutor in this case is really the only thing to question.  I would hope, but don't know for certain, because I wasn't there, that the grand jury did in fact go thru every aspect of the evidence, even if it was presented with a slant by the prosecutor and come to their own conclusions.  I agree that the prosecutor could have presented the evidence in a way to bias the jury, but hopefully the process and the judge involved oversees these kinds of things and helps the jury with the process so that they make a correct decision.


As madhatter said, the standard for an indictment is obviously lower than that of a jury trial (reasonable doubt) because all the GJ has to determine is whether or not the actions of the defendant rise to the level of an actionable offense, not to the actual guilt or innocence of that individual.  This reason is why I made my comments about the detailed nature of the press conference and the hope that they would release ALL of the evidence so that legal analysts, the Brown family and their attorney, the feds, the media and everyone can review it to make sure there was no corruption or bias.


I don't personally have a dog in this fight other than the fact that I want the truth to come out.  I'm not an LEO, don't really know any LEO's personally (friends or family) and in my 41 years have met good cops and asshole cops, cops seem to be pretty much just like the rest of society... some good, some bad.


You're railing against Wilson as if your mind was made up from day one (surprise) while the reasonable people in the thread (and granted, there are plenty of unreasonable people "glad" Wilson wasn't indicted) are simply saying "what is the truth?".



When you make comments like...


you people are pathetic


that being said lol at anyone who ever thought this pig would be indicted, much less convicted



i thought i smelled bacon



It is evident that you don't really care about what actually happened in this instance, but you just wanted the officer to go down no matter what the facts were.





I personally find it sad, distasteful and generally awful that this situation led to the death of that young man.  Decisions and actions were taken both by Brown and Wilson that led to this situation.  


For the record based on what I heard last night, I find it reasonable that Wilson felt threatened, assuming the physical evidence and testimony the DA presented is true.  The distance at which Brown was shot is an issue, and I hope to see more of the evidence and testimony in that regard come out, but if Brown did in fact "bull rush" Wilson after Wilson exited his vehicle, that, under our current police policies, is grounds for use of deadly force by an officer of the law.  I've already stated that those policies need reviewed.


We do have a serious problem with this country in regards to race and law enforcement.  It needs to be addressed and hopefully this situation will lead to reforms in that area.



Now to a question for you...


Let's say that this GJ had indicted Wilson on 1st degree murder charges, Wilson went to trial, and all of this same evidence was presented to an impartial jury and he was found not guilty.  Would you have accepted that any more than you accept this?



Brown was not a kid but he had just committed a crime. Also, just because you don't have a gun or knife in your hand doesn't mean you are incapable of causing grave bodily harm. The cop didn't know his name so obviously he couldn't check to see what his criminal history or mental status was. If someone attacks me and walks away leaving me injured, you can damn sure bet that if they turn around to come back, I wouldn't think it was to help me. It's easy to crucify Wilson for his actions that happened in a matter of seconds when a lot of people on this MB would probably have been unable to do anything. Wilson may not have acted 100% according to protocol but Brown was by no means innocent in all of this. If he hadn't stolen property and assaulted the store owner, then Wilson never confronts him.


This goes directly to the "unarmed" comments and I'm glad you mentioned it.  If Brown did in fact go for the officers gun as is being alleged, that would make him a direct threat.  The physical evidence as presented makes that seem very likely.  I find it reasonable to assume that Wilson feared that if he was attacked and knocked down/out that Brown would have taken his gun and possibly shot Wilson.



would you have been like "welp time to take this cop's gun and shoot him with it in broad daylight in the middle of this residential area, oh wait i wasn't able to get it now it's time to run away! now that i'm running away maybe i should stop, turn around, and charge the officer whose gun i had just tried to take! this will certainly end well!"


or is that just a black thing?


Are you saying here that you don't believe the testimony of witnesses, because that's exactly what the DA said several witnesses testified to.



I'm the same person that posted the thread about the officer here in New Hanover County throwing the dog in on the suspect... literally the only time you have ever given me pie...  I try my best to be totally unbiased on these types of situations and simply look at the facts.  If it was determined that Wilson was racist, had shot Brown because he was black, used force that was unreasonable for the threat (and honestly I want to see more info on this point) then I'd be the first in line saying charge him with everything you can and throw him under the jail.  I still can't believe that cop here in NHC got off from throwing that dog in on that guy... totally unreasonable and excessive given that situation. That situation was MUCH more clear cut than this one AND they had video of it.  I sorely wish there was a video of this shooting, but based on the actual evidence, and not just hearsay and stuff in the media, I can't say that this was absolutely the wrong call.

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