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Clean energy home ends 12-month trial with surplus

14 July 2014 - 01:17 PM



Built by researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the two-storey, 252-square-metre home is located in Washington, DC. On the outside it looks like a regular house, but on the inside it’s a laboratory for clean and sustainable energy research, with geothermal systems and double insulation to create a ‘thermal envelope’ to minimise the need for internal heating and cooling.

The experiment started midway through last year, when the research team moved a virtual family of four in.

“A computer simulator syndicated the energy consumption with that of a typical American family of four, the inhabitants going about everyday activities such as taking showers, watching TV and charging laptops,” says Nick Lavars at Gizmag. “There was more at play than a life-sized game of The Sims, however, with the researchers able to gain realistic insights into the energy efficiency and how viable planting such a home into a real-life American neighbourhood could be.”

An unexpected stint of bad weather really put the house to the test – for 38 of the 365 days in the year, its solar panels were largely covered in snow and ice, which meant they couldn’t harvest nearly as much energy as they could without obstruction. But despite that, the house still managed to generate some 13,577 kWh of energy. This amount exceeded the virtual family’s energy usage by 491 kWh, which could either power their electric car, or be fed back into the grid.



What the hell is wrong with women?!

09 June 2014 - 06:06 AM

So many women missing out 





The Anti-Vaxxers Simply Won’t Quit

08 May 2014 - 11:48 AM

Even as cases of whooping cough, polio, measles and mumps soar, vaccine deniers continue to leave children and babies unprotected. Stubbornness may be part of human nature—but the price is just too high\

It’s never easy to say oops. You know it if you’ve ever said something nasty during an argument and found it hard to apologize later. You know it if you’ve ever caused a fender bender on the road and been unable to say “my bad.” And you know it if you’ve ever failed to inoculate your baby against a range of disabling and deadly diseases that can be easily and harmlessly prevented with vaccines, in effect failing to perform the most basic job of parenthood, which is to keep your children safe.

Nope, the parents effectively said, still not persuade.What’s that? You think that under those circumstances an oopswouldn’t be hard to get out? Not so, according to a disturbing study presented Monday at the annual meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies in Vancouver. Researchers looked at vaccination rates both before and during an outbreak of whooping cough in Washington state in 2011 and 2012, and found that even as the disease was spreading and unvaccinated children were suffering, the percentage of parents who brought their 3- to 8-month olds in for their scheduled inoculations didn’t budge.



Prayer before games

07 May 2014 - 09:21 AM



Great article. I really appreciate Rivers ability to see things from others perspectives. 


Long before head coach Doc Rivers found himself defending his Los Angeles Clippers players who were the unwelcome participants in team owner Donald Sterling’s racist comments all week, he was concerned about another sensitive subject: religion.

It was late 1999, the start of Rivers’ first season as coach of the Orlando Magic, and he saw a situation in the locker room that he felt needed to be addressed.

As his players took part in the pregame prayer that was part of their routine, Rivers noticed something he didn’t like.

“I looked up in one of the prayers, and Tariq (Abdul-Wahad) had his arms folded, and you could see that he was really uncomfortable with it,” Rivers said. “So the next game, we were standing up in a circle, and I said, ‘Hey guys, we’re no longer praying.’”

Rivers calls himself a “very religious” man, having grown up in the Second Baptist Church in Maywood, Ill., and praying on his knees every night in his home to this day. But he prefers to practice privately and is quick to note that he has attended church only for funerals the past 15 years.

So, that day, he decided his teams would keep their religious practices private as well.

“We’re no longer praying,” Rivers recalled saying to his team. “I want to take a minute. Everybody close their eyes. We all can have different religions, we have different Gods, we can just take a minute to compose. If you guys want to pray individually, you can do it. If you want to meditate, do whatever you want.

Then, after that game,Tariq Abdul-Wahad walks in to me, gives me a hug with his eyes tearing, and said: ‘Thank you. That is so important to me. No one has ever respected my (Muslim) religion.’ He said, ‘I’m going to give you everything I’ve got.’” 




and a quick note about the Panthers



According to The New York Times, those delivering the pregame prayer have ranged from Protestants to Roman Catholics to rabbis to Native American spiritual leaders. The report indicated that the Thunder and the NFL’s Carolina Panthers are the only ones among the 141 North American men’s professional teams to do so (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS).



Monica Lewinsky is starting to talk

06 May 2014 - 12:39 PM



Lewinsky has stayed virtually silent about the affair the past decade. She writes in Vanity Fair that "the buzz in some circles has been that the Clintons must have paid me off; why else would I have refrained from speaking out? I can assure you that nothing could be further from the truth."

But she adds that it's time to stop "tiptoeing around my past -- and other people's futures. I am determined to have a different ending to my story. I've decided, finally, to stick my head above the parapet so that I can take back my narrative and give a purpose to my past. (What this will cost me, I will soon find out.)"

Lewinsky was constantly in the media during and shortly after the controversy.

She sold a line of handbags in 1999 and the next year she appeared in commercials for diet company Jenny Craig. In 2002, she appeared in an HBO special on the affair, and the next year she hosted a reality dating program.

Lewinsky changed course in 2005, moving to Britain to obtain a masters degree in social psychology at the London School of Economics. She's stayed out of the spotlight since.

In the Vanity Fair article, Lewinsky responds to reports made public in February that Hillary Clinton, in correspondence with close friend Diane Blair during the 1990s, had characterized Lewinsky as a "narcissistic loony toon."

Lewinsky writes that her first thought was: "If that's the worst thing she said, I should be so lucky."

She continued, "Mrs. Clinton, I read, had supposedly confided to Blair that, in part, she blamed herself for her husband's affair (by being emotionally neglectful) and seemed to forgive him. Although she regarded Bill as having engaged in 'gross inappropriate behavior,' the affair was, nonetheless, 'consensual (was not a power relationship).'"

Blair's personal writings gave insight into the former first lady's viewson the Lewinsky scandal, as well as a host of other issues. The papers were donated by Blair's family to the University of Arkansas.

Asked about those conversations between Hillary Clinton and Blair, Lewinsky writes: "Yes, I get it. Hillary Clinton wanted it on record that she was lashing out at her husband's mistress. She may have faulted her husband for being inappropriate, but I find her impulse to blame the Woman-not only me, but herself-troubling."

And she rejects the "narcissistic loony toon" label, saying that she refused to cooperate with interrogators offering the then-24 year old immunity from the threat of jail time in return for wearing a wire to monitor staged conversations with two of Clinton's confidantes."




Timing is impeccable. hmmm....



edit: i swear i understood it that she was going to be writing a book. need to look at other links

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