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In Topic: Name ways the Falcons are better than us

07 June 2009 - 12:30 PM

Name ways the Falcons are better than the Panthers...

There only needs to be one reason. The Falcons are a team. Everybody gets along, there is a great sense of chemistry, and there is a near perfect combination of veteran leadership and youthful exuberance across the entire team at every position. THAT is why the Falcons are better than the Panthers. That is also why the Falcons fell apart in '05, '06, and '07. In 2005, the locker room began to split - the guys who liked and got along with Vick and the guys who didn't. In 2006, the split got broader and the line that was drawn in 2005 was more definitive. In 2007, after the Vick incident, there was still a split because half the team wanted Vick to come back and the other half wanted to move on. Plus Petrino was a complete tool of a coach.

In 2008, we drafted Matt Ryan. Falcons fans love him so much because he represents more than just a QB who had a great rookie season...he represents the Atlanta fanbase moving on from Michael Vick. I just wish Falcons fans would stop trying to defend Ryan by acting like he's some ungodly QB who is perfect and will never fail. He's got a LOT of stuff to improve upon, namely his deep accuracy, which was reason for most of his INTs both last season and in college. On the other side, though, I wish Falcons haters would stop acting like Matt isn't a miracle for the team. We are a team that is used to failing. Most of us didn't want to draft Matt (including myself) because we thought he'd be a bust, just like every other QB whose shoulders we've put the franchise on. When he didn't, it WAS a miracle. To us, at least.

The Falcons are better than the Panthers simply because we're a team now. In the Vick era, it was the Vick show. Now...there is no one man show. /discussion

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