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In Topic: Top 10 2014/2015 WR prospects

Yesterday, 06:41 AM

You still haven't listed one reason why Watkins was a better "prospect" (outside of saying he didn't outperform Landry, like that actually means anything), so I'm going to say it again....


Cool story, bro.


I highly doubt there was a team in the draft that had OBJ rated higher than Watkins or Evans, they were considered league wide as the top two guys. OBJ was obviously a top 15 player, but Watkins and Evans were rated in the top 10 on most boards. No one could have possibly predicted that Randy Moss poo he pulled.

In Topic: So it's 4/20

Yesterday, 06:05 AM

At this point in time, I am thankful to be a resident of the great state of Colorado. 

In Topic: Top 10 2014/2015 WR prospects

Yesterday, 02:59 AM

As far as coming out of college pure prospects go, and how I have graded each one, I would say the following:


1. Kevin White

2. Sammy Watkins

3. Mike Evans

4. OBJ

5. Amari Cooper

6. Devante Parker

7. Kelvin Benjamin

8. Nelson Agholor

9. Brandin Cooks

In Topic: Throwing down the gauntlet, at #25 I want one of these three guys

17 April 2015 - 06:18 PM

If we are looking at realistic options, for me it has to break down like:


1. R.Gregory (I personally don't think he would fall out of the top 10, but others say he could drop far)

2. A.Peat (Another stretch, but he could fall) 

3. T.Gurley

4. N.Agholor

5. J.Strong

In Topic: Civil lawsuit against J. Winston

17 April 2015 - 03:55 PM

I just got the rape charges filed against me dropped (which were completely false), so I guess I am still a little bitter about it, but she kind of comes off as a lying *****.