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Training Camp Schedule

12 May 2014 - 08:59 PM

Anyone have an idea when the training camp practice schedule will be public or what info has been released about it so far?

I couldn't find any specific information about camp and I'm trying to plan a 10+ person trek down there (from Raleigh) to see a practice. Been a fan for a long time but never been to a camp practice, though with the daily updates posted on here and the detailed observations from Mr. Scot and others over the years I felt like I've been to a hundred of them.

Thanks in advance.

Kale + Eggs = Panther logo background thing

29 April 2014 - 12:44 PM

It's the offseason. Got tired of looking at my defaultish iOS background I have of some serene looking mountainscape I'd never been to. Smug-ass mountain, fug you, you're getting changed.


Thought I'd update a background I made for the huddle back in 2009:



Here it is, iPhone 4-inch size. Made it while eating a kale salad and 2 boiled eggs during lunch at work. You can really tell in the glowy-parts of the eye where the kale influenced the design. The boiled eggs didn't help much.




Boosh! Or whatever kids these days say.

Luke & the Death Star

01 September 2013 - 12:10 AM

Gentlemen and Lady,


There is a prophecy, unspoken for some time, that tells of young defensive paragon, who in his second year is aided upon a path of destiny by an immense star in the sky. A tremendous gravity surrounds it, drawing evils in, away from the young paragon. And with his path cleared of evils, he is able to bring balance to a long bedeviled franchise.


This franchise, had for many years wallowed in the depths, cast there by a fierce and terrible blood-red bird just after a victorious campaign in which an aging champion lead the franchise to one last post season berth. The champion fell, and so did the franchise.


Many cast their blame on the accursed symbol of the franchise, a great feline, with fur the color of a moonless night sky. But the wise ones knew, it was a combination of crappy personnel management and coaching.


But, just as the franchise began to despair, the young paragon took up the fallen banner, and led them to glory. With the star in the sky, he found the way to bring balance to the downtrodden franchise, and once again carried them to the holy land, the post season. 




Put this image together for my fantasy team that drafts on Monday. Heard the name "Luke & the Death Star" on here somewhere, credit to the person who came up with it. Everyone's welcome to use the name and image if they'd like. Wrote that weird short story because I've had one too many IPAs.


Anyway, I'll be at the game next Sunday, driving down from Raleigh. This is the first home opener I've been to since 08 when we beat the Bears. Hoping that's good luck somehow. If you see a bunch of guys playing cornhole and ladder ball on Panthers/Wolfpack sets, it's probably me. 


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