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In Topic: Man-Made leaf could be the first step to space colonization

Today, 03:17 PM

Wouldn't the first step to colonization be I don't know being able to leave our own Earth/moon area?


Woohoo we went to the moon now lets stay in low orbit for the next 30 years.


In Topic: dog sees owner after 2 years being away, dog screams and passes out.

Yesterday, 11:16 AM

I'm unaware of the correlation between passing out and being cool.  If there is one, then I was hands down the most badass guy in my fraternity pledge class.

In Topic: They picked the wrong store to rob...

Yesterday, 10:24 AM

Pro MMA fighters roll glass bottles on their shins to kill all the nerves to they can kick with more force without feeling pain. I can't imagine what it felt like to take that shot to the face or those body shots when he was laying on the ground.

In Topic: They picked the wrong store to rob...

Yesterday, 10:03 AM


In Topic: Did you know?

Yesterday, 08:21 AM

During the Battle of Ramree Island in World War II, as many as 500 Japanese soldiers were eaten by crocodiles when they were chased into a mangrove swamp and refused to surrender.


As with most war stories, however, the true number actually killed by crocodiles varies wildly by account. Still, I'm shocked this story hasn't been made into a movie yet!

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