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In Topic: Bill Clinton trolled forever

Yesterday, 03:26 PM

annnd this.






That work?


Here he is using the dress.





In Topic: HillaryClinton@yahoo.com

Yesterday, 03:18 PM

Wow. They are really grasping at anything to derail Hillary now.


"Hey, here's a thing! Now listen to 10,000 hypothetical scenarios as to why this thing might be bad! What a slut!"

In Topic: Ben Carson and his supreme knowledge of why being gay is a choice. (Sarcasm)

Yesterday, 12:04 PM

I see what he's doing, and it's brilliant. He's found a way to win the votes of two previously completely disparate voting cohorts. Two groups that have never before been unified by one candidate. This guy is thinking several chess moves ahead:


  • Step 1: Anti-gay rhetooric to bend the ear of the white hillbilly/NRA voters
  • Step 2: He associates prisons with gayness
  • Step 3: He terrifies the dumb white hicks to believing that prison will turn you gay
  • Step 4: Leads campaign to close prisons
  • Step 5; Simultaneously wins the approval of white Christian southerers and urban blacks
  • Step 6: President


That's some Frank Underwood level strategizing there!

In Topic: Bill Clinton trolled forever

03 March 2015 - 01:11 PM

It just belies this artist's arrogance (an arrogant artist? what a concept!) I mean injecting a personal insult into a commissioned work of art? Who does this guy think he is, Michelangelo vs. Biagio de Cesena? This wasn't trolling, it's just his sad attempt to make the portrait of a president all about himself.

In Topic: Post a pic, any pic.

03 March 2015 - 10:07 AM


Did he peel out when he left?