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Season Ticket Renewal Price Increase

19 January 2014 - 01:50 AM

6 year Bobcats season ticket holder here.  Over those 6 years my ticket prices have increased a total of 15 dollars per ticket (happened about 3 years ago).  Yesterday I check my email from Jordan who let me know that my ticket prices may have gone up due to the new NC state tax on live events.  I also figured that they would go up some due to the Hornets name change (which im 1000000x in support of btw). 


When I check my account, my tickets more than doubled in price (2.25%).  I went to the game tonight to buy my Hornets gear and support my team but decided to stop by and talk to my season ticket holder representative and I was basically told to pound sand and pay up.  She recommended I sell some of my tickets next year to bandwagon Heat and Lakers fans to make up the cost.


Now im not trying to turn this into a pity party...im probably going to keep my tickets.  But im wondering if any of you guys out there have experienced anything similar?  Like I said, I had a feeling this would happen gradually, but I ended up missing out on a number of "price lock guarantee deals" and "buy one season get one season half off deals" because I was never told this drastic of an increase would occur.


Feels like the Bobcats are screwing over their loyal fans who have been here for a long time and sweeping it under the rug with the Hornets name change and NC Tax increase.


Has this happened to anyone else? 

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