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In Topic: In twenty years whats the worst loss to date?

Today, 10:38 AM

Arizona playoff/the great Jake meltdown. Had to fly to LA the following monday. Every time they saw my Panthers credit card they would ask me wtf happened and I would sob like a fat baby, all over again.

In Topic: NFL Teams Conspired to Push Painkillers

Today, 09:01 AM


North Dallas Forty

Hahaha pie for you!

In Topic: Obama likes cops

Yesterday, 02:06 PM

When the police state begins to role over a "certain" segment of the american population, they may at least think about putting down their pom poms.

In Topic: Charissa Thompson does splits on the DP show

Yesterday, 01:46 PM


In Topic: Gang members shoot it out in Waco, Don't Lemon *NOT* on the scene for so...

19 May 2015 - 07:33 PM

No shock that the loudest bigots are also mental midgets.