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#980836 If Rivera is hte guy, how do you feel about the #1 pick?

Posted by PantherProfessor on 10 January 2011 - 02:34 PM

does this make drafting a DT or DE a little easier to deal with since he has a good track record for making a defense exceptional?

or do we try and fix the most obvious weakness on the team and get the offense back on track?

i wonder if any part of his negotiations would involve him getting to draft his guy with the 1st pick (even if we get to trade down a few spots).


#980641 Per Jay Glazer: Rivera to become Panthers HC

Posted by PantherProfessor on 10 January 2011 - 01:31 PM

does this mean Bojangles will start serving quesadillas?

#778289 John Fox's greatest decisions

Posted by PantherProfessor on 27 September 2010 - 04:22 PM

pioneering the 3rd and 10 draw play

#771104 Panthers RB Goodson runs out of rookie fog

Posted by PantherProfessor on 24 September 2010 - 01:31 PM

all offseason when people were talking about how armanti was going to be the "playmaker" and "smitty jr" on this team, i kept reminding everyone about Goodson. Now that the game has slowed down for him he could be a very valuable part of the game plan against heavy blitzing teams by utilizing screens and other plays to ease QB pressure.

I also think we should have him in the game WITH D-will or Stew in the backfield, maybe put goodson in the slot. he is prob the 3rd best receiver on the team (smitty, rosario). watching the Saints game last week made me realize how some coaches actually spend time game planning around the talent they have. The saints had tons of different screen plays designed to take advantage of the 49ers pressure and keep them off balance, while taking advantage of the Rb's ability to make plays in space and catch the ball.

we have an elite group of RB's, but just handing the ball off to them up the middle isnt going to always work. we need to be clever and find ways to get all the weapons on the field at once. I would much rather see Goodson in the slot, with Lafell and smitty out wide, than Jarret and Lafell w/ smitty.

maybe our new coach can realize this next year.

#691779 Initial Impressions

Posted by PantherProfessor on 13 August 2010 - 09:16 AM

10 observations from the game

1. Greg Hardy has a big chip on his shoulder and is out to prove something, if he can stay healthy, we have something special.

2. Fiametta looked solid and did everything a FB in this system is asked to do, looked quick to the hole and made solid blocks. also caught a few nice balls and picked up good YAC.

3. LaFell is a good blocker for a rookie, his hands still worry me though. hopefully just the nerves.

4. No way Cantwell beats Clausen out for the #2 spot. Fox is making Clausen earn the spot, good move to encourage competition, but Clausen definately displays the "it" factor missing from Pike and Cantwell.

5. Armanti needs to setup some private tutoring sessions w/ Smitty to learn the art of the smoke pass and study some more film on returns. also needs to work on conditioning, but we'll wait to pass judgement. he is a project.

6. I am still not sold on the decision to move Beason, we may have some other talent at WLB that could justify putting him back in the middle. need more reps to justify though

7. Sutton can get it done, runs hard and has good hands. i would like to see him get some reps on kickoff returns to utilize him more once everyone is healthy.

8. Captain's height can be exploited at the #2 CB position, the safety's will have to be aware of matchups on him, hopefully the extra speed on the field can compensate somewhat.

9. Special teams coverage still seems lacking, but its still early. not much chance to show what we can do in the return game due to deep kickoff's by ravens and rain on punts.

10. This team absolutely NEEDS STEVE SMITH healthy 100% for week 1. he changes the entire dynamic of this offense. not sure that a true #2 will emerge this season, atleast for a while.

its just the preseason, so no need to pass judgement yet, but there are definately things to learn from the game. :cheers2:

#684790 Peppers impressing in bears camp

Posted by PantherProfessor on 09 August 2010 - 04:02 PM

uh, any DE can have a great camp against the bears O-line.

#679160 Pie

Posted by PantherProfessor on 05 August 2010 - 10:54 AM

maybe this deserves a sticky....pie?

#677692 Michael Johnson doesn't back down from the "other" Steve Smith

Posted by PantherProfessor on 04 August 2010 - 11:02 AM

wow, there are big boy words in there for a backup, backup safety. geez, i wouldnt put it past smitty to take out the guys in front of him just to burn him for a TD.

also, as i mentioned before, this "other" Steve Smith talk by the media and punks like this is absolutely hilarious. Steve "superman" Smith has been to 4 pro bowls, won the triple crown for receivers, and has consistently put up excellent #'s despite being on a fun first team and having mediocore QB play for his entire career.

Doesnt the other steve smith have the highest paid QB in the leaque throwing the ball to him? and has had 1 decent season?

i can think of plenty of 1 season wonders in the league (derek anderson anyone?). you must do it consistently to gain respect, this guy is riding smitty's coat tails due to his name.

If another DE came into the league named jared Allen, and had 12 sacks his first season, and the real jared only had 8, you think this would get the same type of play from the media?

get real moron

#630385 LONG Medical analysis of the Steve Smith injury

Posted by PantherProfessor on 22 June 2010 - 02:15 PM

the panthers are just slowly replacing smitty's skeleton w/ adamantium, this is just a cover-up.....

#559211 Why would we not trade next years 1st?

Posted by PantherProfessor on 23 April 2010 - 12:49 PM

I think all the pieces are set for us to trade 2011 1st round to add a higher 2nd this year and maybe a 4th.

-We move up ahead of the group that will make a WR run (late 30's) and still land a top prospect (Tate or Benn)

-We save money on a potential large contract next year that allows us money to re-sign some guys already on the roster (Kalil, D-will, Davis, etc..)

-Next years draft could be terrible b/c of lockout (JR knows this)

-We get better this year and maybe help Fox save his sorry ass (lots of roster spots to fill, no activity in FA, need extra picks to fill out team)

I was against the move last year, but this year it makes a lot of sense. It fits the mold for the moves made so far this offseason (getting younger, cheaper....). As everyone has stated, this draft is DEEP, and after yesterday, the talent left lingering at the top of this round is excellent.

I say we add a few picks in rounds 2-4, even at the expense of next year. This year is one big gamble already (unproven QB, unproven D-line, no depth really anywhere, lameduck coach) so why not put all the chips in and see what we can make of it?

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