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So does hiring of Fred Graves have a ripple effect on draft day?

31 January 2011 - 11:42 AM

I would suspect anyone with half a brain realizes that now that Smitty's college coach has been brought in, Smitty isnt going anywhere.

So now that smitty is presumably in place on the roster for the next few seasons (atleast this one, as most had suspected), why would we take AJ Green at #1?

IMO there would be no roster space for him, and he would only take time away from development of a decently promising set of young WR's in Gettis and LaFell. I think we have bigger needs to address.

So, do you think this hire could have positioned the panthers to concentrate on a QB or D-lineman by making sure smitty is happy and being included in the gameplan finally?

Rivera "met w/ some of the players", but not Smitty?

12 January 2011 - 03:48 PM

Smitty is a captain of this team and probably the most frustrated guy in the locker room for a number of reasons. If Rivera was going to round up some guys for a sounding board why wouldnt smitty be in on the action?

The answer could be as simple as smitty was out of town and couldnt make it. Or, it could be a little more sinister and give us a glimpse into the direction this relationship may be heading; i.e. not caring too much about what smitty thinks, take it or leave it.

I would think a new coach would want to get all the big hitters in his corner if he is going to talk with players before a presser.

maybe could be looking into it a little too much?

If Rivera is hte guy, how do you feel about the #1 pick?

10 January 2011 - 02:34 PM

does this make drafting a DT or DE a little easier to deal with since he has a good track record for making a defense exceptional?

or do we try and fix the most obvious weakness on the team and get the offense back on track?

i wonder if any part of his negotiations would involve him getting to draft his guy with the 1st pick (even if we get to trade down a few spots).


The most underated asset in the NFL today

11 October 2010 - 10:17 AM

Veteran Leadership. How are rookies and 2nd year guys going to learn from other rookies and journeymen?

This team needs those kinds of guys, in the locker room if nothing else.

This team is very young and not sure if they have the kind of leadership in the locker room to pull out of this type of funk, even if they had the talent and coaching to go along with it.

i know this isnt groundbreaking, but its something that a lot of NFL teams seem to be losing with all the salary purges going on.

Goodson - Key to the D-will scenario?

24 September 2010 - 01:40 PM

With Goodson coming along nicely this season, and Stew not getting many reps, is it possible that the FO is strongly considering thier options about re-signing DeAngelo?

They are obviously rather committed to Sutton as well, since it was rumored he was trying to be aquired by other teams for draft picks and the FO didnt even consider it.

I wonder if they are getting comfortable with the idea of a Stew, Goodson and Sutton committee. By keeping Stew's reps down, they are making sure he is getting 100%, so he may be able to carry the load if need be.

just a thought, i would hate to see D-will leave this team, he is one of my favorite guys and is the best RB our team has ever had. but, i can see a scenario where he is traded.

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