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Will Alexander's suspension be lifted?

09 September 2014 - 10:02 PM

Does anyone know whether or not the NFLPA's potential new deal with the NFL on drug policy and HGH testing will end the 4 game suspension of Frank Alexander?


I knew that players like Josh Gordon and Wes Welker's suspensions would be lifted but I wasn't sure about Alexander's.


Here's some more information in the article that Chris Mortensen posted:




He mentions that almost 20 players would be reinstated.



No love for the online?

07 September 2014 - 07:23 PM

Perhaps the biggest question mark this off season and I thought they played outstanding. Only time Anderson was pressured was either on busted plays or for the few minutes there at the end when the bucs were fired up.

They gave Anderson plenty of time and opened enough running lanes to keep the defense honest.

Hats off to the revamped offensive line.

Barber: Anderson Attended Production meeting

06 September 2014 - 09:44 PM



Per PFT, Rhonde Barber says that Anderson and Cam attended the production meeting.  The importance of this is that it is unusual for backup QBs to be involved in these meetings, unless they're playing of course.


Just wanted to pass this on and get everyone's take.  Like Jeremy said, I think the mind games are overblown and they really are playing this by ear.


I'd love to see Cam play tomorrow but then again I'd also love for him to be 100% healthy when he does end up playing.  Either way the offense is going to have issues tomorrow which means the defense is going to have to be spectacular.

Gettlemen going after "Max Value"...

09 May 2014 - 10:21 AM

I was reading an article today by Jonathan Jones and I really liked this quote from Gettlemen:




“I say it over and over again: we don’t draft for need, we draft for value. If you draft for need instead of value you’re going to get burned.”


This is the first time I've heard him say it like this which I think is really interesting because I feel like he's really saying that if you need a wide receiver than a good one could have more value than say a defensive tackle or defensive end.  


I feel like the same thing happened with KK last year because it may be a little hard to believe that he was literally at the top of their draft board but when you factor in the need+their rating (which I'm sure was near the top) then that equals the maximum value.


So I really feel like we got some insight into what is in Gettlemen's head in the draft, he loves to get those max value guys and the beginning and then get just solid value guys later.  For example, last year we saw value based picks late like Klein and Barner because that late in the draft you just want to get some guys that can contribute.  Today I think we'll see some more holes filled in the 2nd and 3rd round...probably CB and OL, then from the 4th-7th we'll see just solid value picks no matter what position they play, which I love.


The only thing I still can't quite figure out is how Kugbilla factors into all this, maybe the 4th round is for "swing for the fences" guys.

Fantasy Article on Marvin McNutt

09 February 2014 - 09:22 AM

Found this today while doing some dynasty football research...



Here's a piece from an article (trying to find a good link) from Rotoviz that compares their final season of college football:

They are similar weight, speed, and height (McNutt is actually taller).  They both caught 12 touchdowns in 13 games in their last year of college.  They both caught more than 40% of the yards their college team threw.  Nicks’ touchdowns accounted for a larger percent of Carolina’s output, but McNutt’s share of Iowa’s touchdown total was still impressive at over 40%.


It basically compares McNutt to Hakim Nicks which is interesting considering a lot of people around here (including myself) want to see Nicks in the future.  He explains that the same comparisons were made about Stevie Johnson with Reggie Wayne and Wayne was a 1st rounder while Johnson was a 7th.  Obviously Wayne is a better receive but Johnson is pretty underrated and has had some good seasons.


It's also interesting because of what Gettlemen said earlier this offseason about having guys on the roster that just needed to get a chance to play.  The similarities are striking, I'm not sold by any means but at least this gives us a decent comparison of what McNutt brings to the table.



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