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Would you be mad if gettleman chose Todd Gurley as our first round pick?

19 March 2015 - 10:13 AM

The idea of adding Todd Gurley to our team has grown on me through the past few weeks. He has the power and speed combination of an Adrian Peterson and a Marshawn Lynch, but is currently injured, which may allow him to slip to our pick.


Nobody really debates that he is a top 10/15 talent if uninjured. I argue that he is worth our first round pick this year.


First reason, we are playing the long term game. Stewart will be playing at 28 years old this season. If we cut him post June 1st in 2016 we will save 5.75 million, he costs this team 9.5 million on the cap in 2016.


Second reason, the offense we run, pun intended. We are a run heavy team with a big arm QB. Our Oline doesn't create huge holes like the cowboys but was pretty effective at the end of the season in run blocking. Gurley is also an excellent checkdown option that we will use alot. If we pick Gurley, he would have big impact in the future (2016 and beyond), he would be a threat on every play.


Third Reason, the impact to this team is not there from picks at other positions. A WR in this draft may not have this kind of impact (not sold on jaelen strong or anyone else outside the top 3) Devin Smith (OSU) is an interesting option but may not be worth our 1st rounder and will not last to our 2nd round pick. DE would be a nice pick due to charles johnson contract next year would save us 11 million by cutting him, though not sure if anyone is worth it compared to gurley.


What do you guys think about our options in the First Round?

The NFC South has not given Gettleman a reason to go out into free agency.

10 March 2015 - 08:41 PM

With the fire sale going on in NO, the absolute mess that is the atlanta falcons, and the worst team in the league in the Bucs, why would gettleman be handing out contracts this early?


Most of the action after 4pm today were in the form of trades (with draft picks on the line) and the signing of guys to large guaranteed contracts. The top named guys are the ones that get contracts this early, guys we cannot afford to hand out money to. We do not have Cam, Luke signed yet for next year (roughly 30-35 mil a year for those 2 guys). In total we only have 27 guys signed through 2016, that is only half a roster. So if the average salary for the other 26 guys were 1 mil a piece, then we would have the same amount of cap space as this season. Which does not help us.


The guys we have signed thus far were desperate to say the least. We need only guys that are we do not have to tie our financial future to. Oher and Ted ginn can be cut relatively painlessly, if we draft and groom well the coming year


The NFC South has allowed us to get away with murder. Our team is already vastly superior to the team they just played this past season, and we don't even need to lift a finger in FA.


Gettleman, by not doing anything is doing something. He is giving a vote of confidence to the players on this team that they will beat the competition in front of them i.e. the nfc south. He is playing the long game as all the teams in our division have already forfeited this year.

Nfl.com video: "Colin Kaepernick not an entirely different QB to Cam Newton"

09 January 2015 - 04:05 PM

Another "analyst" spewing diarrhea from his mouth as his is justification as to why Richard Sherman will have 2 interceptions of Cam, one for a pick 6.


I as a fan don't need the panthers to win this game for my support of them but wouldn't it be so much better if we could shut fools like this up tomorrow? What say you?



How do you not go into this game thinking the panthers will win?

05 January 2015 - 08:47 PM

After watching this entire season unfold, as I am sure all of us have, answer the question in the topic header.


This team went into the playoffs at 7-8-1 and had to win all it's final 4 games just for the opportunity, previous 12 games (3-8-1). They have beaten all opponents with excellent play from the defense, offensive line and running game these final 5 games. In the previous 12 games, these same positions were heavily criticized for their lackluster performances. The additions in the draft and the off season by non other than Dave Gettleman finally bore fruit when Ron Rivera, who had been preparing these guys all season in practice behind more veteran players, decided to put them in the starting roles. Yes they are rookies and free agents that haven't played much in this league, this can mean that they could be out of position by not make correct reads and adjustments but this is also their strength as they have much more in the tank (stamina) than the older veterans whom they are replacing.


Let us thank these players for their contributions this season to get us where we are today, in no particular order;

- Kelvin Benjamin

- Kony Ealy

- Trai Turner

- Tre Boston

- Bene Benwikere

- Josh Norman

- Mike Remmers

- Andrew Norwell

- Fozzy Whittaker

- Adarius Glanton

- Philly Brown


It is the play of these men that have allowed our team to have made such as massive turnaround and lead us to the playoffs. Most of these players Dave Gettleman and the rest of the scouting department have been able to sign just this past offseason. That is an incredible offseason to amass this many difference makers aside from the "pro-bowlers" we already have on this team.


I said all that to say this, even though we are playing the defending super bowl champion seattle seahawks in their home stadium, I can not allow myself, who is an avid fan of this team, to think that the seahawks will win this game. The seahawks are a very good, talented and cohesive team. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging those facts, but I must believe that my team will win this game. There is no benefit for me to think the opposite, cause when we win, I lose out on the opportunity to be a believer and instead am an on-the-fringe supporter. If we lose, where is the pay off? Would I say something like "Oh, I was right about my team that they were not good enough to win". How can that be enjoyable? 


People can say that fans like me are "homers", I don't give a poo. I want to believe that there is more to this game then just the raw numbers, and there is, just ask any NFL player. You can't just predict who will win a game just on history alone. Upsets happen all the time, things don't always happen the way you practice them. Those who are more analytical will say "that these games are just the outliers, and overall, our method makes us money".


The phrase "Any given Sunday" is what I believe in. On any given sunday, teams that look polished and well put together can lose due to a variety of different factors including; player health, player match-ups, coaching schemes, play execution, play familiarity, weather and a host of other things you guys can think of. The phrase to me means that if 2 teams were to play 10 times, most teams in this league would not be swept and lose all 10 times, unless clear talent disadvantage is there. You see this in division match-ups where most of the time the division is up for grabs, no one team dominates for like a decade, again Patriots notwithstanding. 


So given this common ground, how many people are still with me?!!! .......


P.S. This came out way longer than I intended, LOL.

Rivera: "Hardy should be in due to postponed trail"

31 October 2014 - 01:45 PM

What say you?