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Offense or Defense based NFL

13 September 2014 - 06:23 PM

After a few years of heavy leaning by the NFL to promote more offensive gameplay, are you guys happy with it? Do you enjoy the game more now, than what it evolved from. More offensive friendly enforcement, most notably the 5 yard illegal contact penalty.


As a kid I found offense exciting and defense boring, as I aged and started to notice the game going the other direction... I'm not happy with it. I probably love the NFL even more with my interest being exclusive NFL, I no longer watch the NHL or my local CFL team. Did anyone else find themselves evolving to prefer certain elements of football?


I would prefer again to bring in more Defensive friendly changes... What does your ideal NFL look like?



The problem with filling holes after cuts discussion

23 August 2014 - 06:40 AM

There is some chatter every season to pickup talent that a majority seems to think will outperform what we currently hold on our roster. The popular skills gap that a large enough voice from the fanbase want replacement players for these positions.






And to a smaller degree




OT Depth


The main thing people seem to forget is there are always many teams looking for upgrades at the same positions. I cringe when I hear "No worries, we will fix up these holes by watching the waiver wire after final cuts. First there is a system to be learned so that player even if naturally more gifted then who he is replacing will take and unknown amount of time to become a better quality starter. Another obvious problem is not all recently cut free agents will decide the Panthers is the team for them to continue their career with.


I guess you could get into a "The answer is already on your roster" point of view, but sometimes talent can be found by offering draft picks if you really feel one positions is gonna completely derail our season. The only player I view as trade worthy to ensure we aquire the services of would be Roo's. Keeping in mind my previous point that it will take him time to show more than Bell or Chandler. Is he that much better then both our projects that we will have to deal with more cap issues, and sacrifice a draft pick for?


How about WR's or any of the other positions that we have concerns at? Is there anyone worth trading for rather then developing our own talent? I agree with the huge concern of a starting SS caliber player, but im in the miniority that I would rather slug it out with a Harper and .... Godfrey filling the gap atleast for one more season at the SS position.



Any players worth trading draft picks for the replace our current starters/depth?

Anyone so detrimental to the team as a starter that will derail our season?

Anyone else agree better odds to play serviceable players and fill the holes in the draft and free agency with a offseason to prepare?