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In Topic: Wall of Ugly

Today, 12:51 AM

Missing big Trai.

In Topic: Wall of Ugly

Today, 12:50 AM

Is middle row right side Daryl Williams? Cuz he might be my new favorite player if it is.

That's a bad lookin man right there.

Yup that's him. Dude instantly is the meanest lookin dude on this roster. Can't wait to watch him maul people in pre-season.

In Topic: Wall of Ugly

Today, 12:46 AM

Is that Frank Alexander top row in the middle or do we also have his twin on the offensive line?

In Topic: UDFA

Yesterday, 06:08 PM

Justin Coleman to Minnesota




In Topic: UDFA

Yesterday, 06:05 PM

Jim Alexander ‏@Jim_Alexander  4m

One local undrafted free agent signed: WR Dres Anderson (North/Utah) to Carolina.