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In Topic: Gameday Menu (Superbowl Edition)

Today, 02:04 PM

hmmm.brisket..what kind of rub do you use Texas Rub, KC or what?? just curious as I always use Texas style with a little heat in it..gotta love cayenne!

I make this stuff called Memphis Dust. I rub it on the night before.

3/4 Cup packed brown sugar
3/4 Cup white sugar
1/2 cup paprika
1/4 cup Kosher Salt
1/4 cup garlic powder
2 tblsp ground black pepper
2 tblsp ground ginger powder
2 tblsp onion powder
2 tsp Rosemary powder
1 tblsp ground dry mustard

In Topic: Huddle Amazon Purchase of the Decade....

Today, 12:57 AM

Don't cry for me Alicejaaandraaaa

In Topic: Gameday Menu (Superbowl Edition)

Today, 12:53 AM

I'm smoking a 9lb brisket. I am putting it on at 6am. It will be ready by game time. Instead of eating the delish brisket, I am going to watch others eat it while I eat a bowl of sour grapes because fug the Seahawks and fug the Pats

In Topic: Here's a breakdown of every county in North and South Carolina's favo...

Today, 12:48 AM

I am actually surprised to see that many Panthers counties

In Topic: Buying PSLs, looking for some help

Yesterday, 04:25 PM

Whoopty fugin doo. If sitting in the same seat year after year is worth thousands of dollars you are an idiot. Every set ive always bought I've got playoff tickets at face as well.

I have a great in-game relationship with about 30 people that sit in front of, behind, and on either side of me. It really makes game day fun. We all know each other by name, they know my wife and kids. I enjoy sitting in the same spot with the same passionate fans knowing that if any opposing fans show up in our section we hold it down and don't let those bastardsl have an inch.

Edit: Plus I get a cool PSL owner sticker for my car every year. So the way I look at it, I pay a few grand every year for a sticker, the tickets are free.