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In Topic: Huddle Tailgate Thread- *Panthers vs. Steelers*

Yesterday, 10:32 PM

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Even mother fugging Braveheart rocks Panthers colors.

In Topic: Panthers Pride Bar Crawl -Saturday

Yesterday, 10:31 PM

I didn't ask for him to cancel it. I just spread the word with the connections I have while saying this was a complete slap on the face to us as charlotteans and panther fans. I reached out to the media sources I knew along with some connections I have personally.

The owner of the company that was holding the event is from here and is a Panthers fan. In my opinion, you should be biased to the home team...I don't give a poo how much money the idiots will pay you.

Lots of people backed me on fb and twitter saying they would never give Whisky River or the other participating bars business ever again if they did this.

Once it got big enough I tweeted a local media person by the suggestion of a friend and told her what was going on. Eventually wcnc got.it and blasted it.

He claimed he canceled it because he received threatening emails from Panthers fans ...I Dont care why he canceled it. Dont pull that poo in my city.

Any other NFL city it would have never been appropriate and the businesses would have known better BEFORE to ever consider participating in something like that.

I'm sick and tired of opposing teams fans moving here. I'm sick and tired of dealing with 1in 4 people I know in CLT being a fuging steelers fan. I'm sick and tired of hearing about all their fuging stupid SB rings a bagillion years ago. I'm sick and especially tired of going to home games here and passionately cheering for my team just to be drowned out by a bunch of classsles pieces of trash.

We are finally good enough where I was able to grasp all fans, Fairweather, bandwagon, Die hard, you name it they all backed me. This is the beginning of us changing the culture here with our team. Not anymore with your stupid home game takeovers. Our fans have gotta step up.

Everyone who is negative against me wants to know why I didn't set up a joint bar crawl or why didn't we just crash it with panthers fans?

I didnt ask him to cancel anything. It was his choice and a smart business decision if you ask me.

I understand the need to make money as a local business. I have been to multiple events put on by this company and they have all been great. That doesn't change the fact that I have not taken poo from people for the last 20 years just to take a giant step back and let their fans take over my city. take your bars, take your tailgates, but Dont take over my uptown.

That is my extremely long response to your question. Sorry...needed to get that out.

Fuggin A right!
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In Topic: Panthers Pride Bar Crawl -Saturday

Yesterday, 10:30 PM

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In Topic: Georgia Dome

Yesterday, 09:14 PM

Check that, too tired

In Topic: Goodell needs to be fired

Yesterday, 09:08 PM

I like Gordell because he benched Sean Payton for a year. For that I am forever grateful.

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