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In Topic: We Have More Cap Space Than You Think

15 April 2014 - 09:25 AM

Hardy sits on a $13.7M contact. In one year he will make $16.4M or be free to sign anywhere.

Why would he agree to a deal without a huge signing bonus? What make financial sense for the panthers are not his problem.

It is your proposal to get his cap figure this year to $1M that pushes money forward and creates problems. Not the fact that a contact is front or back loaded.

Plus the only way to do what you propose and have less dead money if he is cut after three years than the $8M a $20M signing bonus would be to pay him $15.5M guaranteed in year two and three. If we want no dead money after the years it is $19.5M.

We can take that $13M hit this year, so it makes no sense not to do so.

The real problem is that I am not so sure Hardy thinks even $12M per year is enough...


You don't seem to have understood my post; maybe you should reread it. 



I'm aware that he will get a huge signing bonuswhere did I say we wouldn't give him one?


I also didn't expect him to be compensated much less than $10M in his first year; not sure where you got $1M, although I could guess that you're exaggerating to make a point.


And a frontloaded contract WOULD create problems, despite your insistence. It would kill our current cap and restrict us in the low-Cap years when we could push that money towards the future, when the Cap will rise substantially and give us breathing room. 


I'm also unsure why you're so focused on limiting dead money when we cut him. If we sign him long term and cut him, we are in deep $#*% regardless, so let's expect that he's on the roster throughout the length of his contract. 

In Topic: We Have More Cap Space Than You Think

14 April 2014 - 11:45 AM

No, it will not.

Let assume Hardy gets 5 years, $60M with $40M guaranteed.

1. Hardy wants his payday now, that means at least $14M signing bonus and base salary (as he is set to make that regardless). $1M base means a third of $13 counts against the 2014 cap. So lowest possible figure 2014 is $3.7M
2. This low signing bonus would have to be compensated with $10M plus guaranteed money in year two and three and almost that in year for.
3. This makes him uncutable, and we all know what it feels like to have those kinds of contacts for no longer producing or hurt players (which is always a risk)
4. I the end the total cost of $60M is the same, trying to get the first years salary down is just fooling yourself and most likely ending up with no player and a lot of dead money after 3-4 years.


Hardy isn't going to get his contract frontloaded. It makes no financial sense. We'll give him guaranteed money, but with the cap rising to the projected levels, his contract will be backloaded and I'd bet on that. 



Also, I'm not sure if you realized this, but giving him a frontloaded contract won't make it easier for us to dump him later on. In fact, it would penalize us more so. 


By giving him his bulk salary years early, we are going to leave ourselves with little cap carryover, which will deplete our future salary in an equivalent manner to just pushing off his bulk salary until then. If we backload his contract, at least we could cut him and still save a solid bit of unguaranteed money, whereas in the case of a frontloaded contract, that unguaranteed money would already have been spent and still be counting against our cap. 

In Topic: Would Gettleman have drafted Cam?

13 April 2014 - 03:02 PM

I never questioned Hurney's ability to scout and make the right pick, especially in the first round, but it's impossible to not bash the guy for some of the ridiculous contracts that he handed out. 

In Topic: We Have More Cap Space Than You Think

13 April 2014 - 02:59 PM

Cam's cap hits aren't likely to show 18mil hits per year right away..  It's likely he'll hit 8-15 through his 1st 2-3 years...    And if he really wants to help his legacy and be that entertainer/icon he'll go easy on his team so they have the cap space to build around him...


but there's a lot of dead money (or extremely misplaced) that should be able to sign Cam, Kuechly, and Star...  And then high cap hits will start rotating out on other players not earning their keep towards a better youthful nucleus taking up the cap...


the key to everything is Gettleman has to hit on picks and find players to restock the roster every few years so we aren't paying massive contracts at every position..  


I'd love for Cam to give us a Brady-esque discount, but I'm not gonna count on it. Considering all of his endorsements, I could see him taking a $17M average at the lowest and I would be happy with that. 


As you touched on, he likely won't hit our cap harder than $15M until the third year of his contract and by then, the league cap will be high enough to allow us to recover from Marty Hurney's terrible doings.

In Topic: We Have More Cap Space Than You Think

12 April 2014 - 04:56 PM

we're looking at 18 mil at least, minus his 5 he already makes that eats it all up. So If I am missing something would love to see it.


Cam's 2014 salary isn't going to get touched. 




We're gonna give him six additional contract years starting in 2015. He will earn between $17-18M, unless his play surpasses expectations in 2014. 


By that time, however, the cap will be raised another $10M or so, giving us the room we need to sign him. 

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