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Daniel Tosh Takes on ESPN (and wins)

13 November 2014 - 08:54 AM




Daniel Tosh took ESPN to task on Tuesday for blatantly ripping off his hilarious “Wed Redemption” segments on Comedy Central clip show “Tosh 2.0.”

“You f–king hacks are cheapening my brand,” Tosh said after airing ESPN's version, creatively called “The Awesome Video Segment.”




Daniel Tosh then "steals"   SPORTS SCIENCE (.0) and proceeds to rip ESPN analysts a new one.




Peter King picks ...

10 November 2014 - 03:07 PM

who really cares?  I only put this part of the article in here to make it somewhat Panther related.   But I love the weekly Kissing Suzy Kolber re-takes on MMQB articles.  The hatred is like a good cup of coffee.




Here is the part on the game tonight, at very end of article;  bolded by mmqb, remarks by ksk


 Who I Like Tonight

Philadelphia 23, Carolina 16. Funny how all the focus in this game is whether Mark Sanchez can play competently enough for the Eagles to win. I wonder if Cam Newton (last three games: 48.1 percent completions, one touchdown pass) can.

Goddamn, that’s cold-hearted, Peter. I was less appalled when you were poo-talking the troops. At least then you didn’t tell them they’re worse than Sanchez.

Here is the part that had me smiling;


10. I think these are my non-football thoughts of the week:

e. Do these Navy SEALS take a vow of silence about what they do on their missions? If so, what kind of people trained to do some of the most important work our country can do break that vow and go yapping for money, as these apparent bin Laden triggermen are doing?


Seriously, they killed an international terrorist and (don’t tell Pete Carroll) plotter of 9/11 who the US had been aggressively seeking for nearly a decade. They put their lives on the line to do so, for a country that doesn’t have the best record of taking care of its veterans. And you, a completely societally useless beer gut in a suit, who makes millions concealing the NFL’s lies about domestic violence, wants to cast aspersions on them because they’re making some money off of it? Eat poo and die, Peter King. fug you and your disdain of anyone who isn’t ownership or authority.




Is Cam Newton the next Jay Cutler?

04 November 2014 - 03:27 PM



Insider so only quoting partially;



I'm not taking the comparison lightly when I say that when I watch tape of Newton, I see a lot of similarities. In fact, Newton is now pushing him for the title of most frustrating quarterback in the NFL.

Take this past week's contest against the New Orleans Saints. Late in the second quarter, the Panthers had the ball with a third-and-9 on their own 8-yard line. Neither team had scored at that point, and the game looked to be playing out just like a banged-up Carolina squad would want it to -- keep the score close and hope for a game-changing New Orleans mistake. Instead, Newton made the mistake that turned the tide in favor of the Saints.


This was a key moment in a midseason battle for the division lead, and yet Newton was making the kind of mistake you expect to see from a rookie. It's errors like this and a penchant for forcing passes into coverage that has kept Newton's career Total QBR (55.1) at a mediocre level that is almost equal to the middling Total QBR Cutler posted in his first four seasons as a starter (56.4).

Am I crazy, or could we be talking about Newton the same way we do Cutler in a few years?


Joe Person breaks a story, KB should play

18 October 2014 - 10:27 PM



#Panthers WR Kelvin Benjamin (concussion) made the trip to Wisconsin, per team official. All signs point to him playing Sun. vs. #Packers.



Had to sit down and double check but it looks like Joe Person broke this update.  


even given credit on PFT for breaking it.


Pretty exciting.


Plus looks like KB wil play.



Longest Active Home Win Streaks

20 September 2014 - 03:21 PM

I did not realize how close we are to the top

Makes Sunday night even more meaningful !


9/20/14, 4:00 PM
Longest Active Home Win Streaks
• Bengals - 10
• Patriots - 9
• Saints - 8
• Panthers - 8
• Eagles - 5


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