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#3049433 Cam's first-down celebrations really bother a lot of people. Why?

Posted by SCPantherFan90 on 27 October 2014 - 04:33 PM

This is also my answer to those criticizing Cam... the PA announcer makes a HUGE deal of first downs in the stadium and everyone in the hyped up sections does the point when we get a 1st down.  Why shouldn't Cam?



This x1000...Literally the entire stadium is encouraged to celebrate first downs through the PA system. They're like miniature touchdowns IMO. I mean, what's more consistently suspenseful than the myriad of "3rd & Long's" (or 4th and inches) throughout the game where you know that somehow the Panthers NEED to convert or the opposing team gets their chance with the ball? First downs rule, and if they are celebrated by the fans in attendance, then I see no reason to look down on a 2-second smile/finger-point by the guy who got the job done.

#2175197 Why Passing on a WR in the first might not be a option

Posted by SCPantherFan90 on 25 March 2013 - 04:09 PM

Can't pass the ball if you can't protect the QB. Give me a plug and play guard or tackle at 14 instead of a project WR like Patterson. We are gonna be mediocre this year anyway. Go WR in 2014.


I'd love to have a great WR prospect come to the panthers, but the fact of the matter is we have bigger, more important holes to fill for now. To be a successful franchise, you need to:

1. Get a QB
2. Give him protection
3. Give him weapons

Even though Steve is old, at least we have an aging elite receiver. That added with Olsen and Lafell makes our receiving corp serviceable while we build a good o-line.

I would think with having a QB who could be the GOAT, people would want to make sure he doesn't get injured ever....

#2154829 Gamble

Posted by SCPantherFan90 on 08 March 2013 - 12:09 PM

Gamble may not have been the most consistent tackler but there were many occasions that I saw him "sell out" to make the play despite size mismatches and that seems to go a little unnoticed around here. One of the best corners we've had. Good luck with the rest of your career, Chris.

#2097502 anderson cooper goes in on newtown conspiracy theorists

Posted by SCPantherFan90 on 15 January 2013 - 03:26 AM

Propaganda at it's finest. One of the comments under the video sums up my opinion perfectly:

"I think it's unfortunate that we live in a society where the majority of Americans realize that the MSM is biased and the "journalists" don't ask important/legitimate questions. So these questions remain unanswered and I guess we have to be ok with this and move on b/c the official story on the news must be true and the gov't always has our best interest at heart. And then we have concerned citizens who do the job of the MSM to the best of their ability via resources provided on the internet, interviews, official documents, etc., and they're the ones society automatically labels as "conspiracy theorists" – a term that is immediately associated with "crazy". We immediately call these people names and discredit them without even listening to what they have to say b/c their questions/accusations contradict our world view and paradigm. To me, THAT is what's truly crazy"

#2006801 At least there is TD

Posted by SCPantherFan90 on 18 November 2012 - 07:32 PM

At the beginning of the season I had high expectations for this team just like everyone else, and the Panthers certainly did not meet those expectations. However, one thing I didn't expect was for Thomas Davis to even be on the field at this point, but the guy is still out there playing his heart out every snap. By now, I'm numb from all of these normally heartbreaking losses, so paying more attention to individual performances versus the score comes naturally for me. And watching TD play reminds me how long it has been since we've seen TD actually play consistently (I remember people predicting him to be the next Derrick Brooks when he was finally stepping into the Will spot, right before he tore his ACL for the first time).

I know there are other TD appreciation threads out there, but I just wanted to remind everyone here that even though this team may not be getting the results we want, we have some special players on this team that make football really fun to watch. And TD is one of them....God only knows what kind of player he could have been if had stayed healthy. Look like he's already rubbed off on Kuechly.

Oh and don't forget, that man can drop the hammer on some players! lol

#1947396 What does God really say on the shape of the world? (From the Biblical Perspe...

Posted by SCPantherFan90 on 15 October 2012 - 02:53 PM

As a person who grew up in a very traditional Lutheran family in SC, I know how strong some people are in their beliefs and I respect that. However, I don't understand how hard it is for some to just "zoom out" from an unbiased perspective and look at how one's own religious identity is pretty much determined geographically. Why was I a Christian when I grew up? Because my parents were Christians and that's what they taught me to believe. Had I grown up in the Middle East, I most likely would've been raised Muslim. I don't know the exact number of religions out there in the world (too lazy to google lol), but I know there's a bunch. Is it that hard to be TRULY honest with yourself, and see how many conflict with each other? What makes yours more true than the others?

IMO, I see life as an experience. A chance to learn and see what this universe has to offer, be it good or bad. And I'm comfortable with saying "I don't know how I got here or what happens when I leave." But I'm sure as hell gonna try to make this place better through my own actions, and hopefully I can learn some stuff in the process.

I will never judge another person's views because I haven't experienced the same reality they have. It just pains me sometimes to see the chance to discover, learn, and improve one's self and the world around them, squandered by willful ignorance. (and I'm not putting you into that category Matthias. I appreciate the way you've discussed this whole matter. Can't remember the last time I witnessed a semi-calm religious debate lol)

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