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#3034812 When a student fails, do you blame the teacher?

Posted by d-dave on 21 October 2014 - 10:19 AM

As a teacher:


"You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."


That being said, when my students struggle, parents will blame either me or the student.  Within the school, it's on the teacher's onus to make kids successful...


If the mistakes are mental mistakes, then that's on the player.  If the coaches aren't telling players what to do correctly, then it's obviously on them.


From the outside, how do you assess who is at fault between player and coach?  You would like to think that to coach taught the player to do X in a Y situation, but the player does Q.  I'd say based on the Rivera coaching term, it's on the players.  We've had more success in the past running a similar game plan.  They aren't executing them properly, which should fall to the players.


On the flip side, there has been a lot of speculation that the team didn't work very hard this off season.  That's the coaches and players there.  If the rested on their laurels, then it's time to go head hunting.

#3034316 Clinton Portis on WFNZ yesterday....

Posted by d-dave on 21 October 2014 - 07:03 AM

Why is everyone in a rush to watch Cam leave?  Cam is going to get PAID here.  The business side of things is that we have to get the cap squared away.  In the next two years (Which Cam is UNDER CONTRACT FOR!!!), we're going to free up a bunch of cash for him, Luke and whoever else.


We're having a bad year.  This is the NFL, it happens for most teams.  How often to Franchise QBs leave teams?  What are the circumstances?  Do those circumstances match?  Also, why would the Panthers let Cam walk?  That's why there is a franchise tag, which he would be stuck with regardless.


Cam will be a Panther, unless he completely implodes.  I don't see that happening, even with the weak supporting cast this year.

#3032346 Therapy

Posted by d-dave on 20 October 2014 - 04:15 AM

I've numbed myself to great disappointment concerning sports teams. Some days I forget that but yesterday, I played with my son and got a ton of work done around the house. I kept chuckling about how bad the Panthers were yesterday. It sucks as a long term fan, but I try not to let what they do rule my life...

#3004095 New Bungie game: Destiny

Posted by d-dave on 07 October 2014 - 10:15 AM

Sweet =)  Maybe one day when I can retire I'll look into the classic games of the early 21st century =)  


I'll check it out at some point =)

#3004082 New Bungie game: Destiny

Posted by d-dave on 07 October 2014 - 10:09 AM

So far I think the game is pretty boring. Can't wait til Borderlands 3 comes out.


You're not alone in that sentiment.  I'm still 18 because i have no time to play, but I still enjoy it even through the story is pathetic and the missions are repetitive.


I love going through areas and finding new ways to attack groups of enemies.  I'm learning the various weapons like the scout rifle (which I never used).  One of these days I'll hit up the Crucible...and one day Strikes! LOL


For folks that power game for hours on end, then it's going to get extremely boring and repetitive unless your friends are really funny.  This game should be played with friends.  I look forward to doing heroic missions with fireteams for no reason other than to push as hard as we can.


Also, for me, the melee attacks really make the game for me =)  I love punching enemies in the face =)  And mowing down the hive with an auto rifle or pulse rifle is very rewarding.  As is a good missile shot...


Yeah, it's not a game for everyone, but for "sheep" like me, it's a blast =)


Oh, and I look forward to Borderlands as well =)  I enjoyed 2, didn't play the first.  I love the humor, and that it doesn't take itself seriously (cough cough Bungie!).

#2997069 iPhone 6

Posted by d-dave on 04 October 2014 - 10:22 PM

So, can you use any of these phones to like, make a phone call?

Sorry! That feature was dropped in favor of more emojis and a better selfie camera.

#2990595 several items from USA Today...Benji OROY so far

Posted by d-dave on 30 September 2014 - 12:41 PM

If we get things turned back around, and winning, then don't be surprised if Kuechly and KB are in the running at the end of the season.


I'm so thrilled that KB is playing so well at this point.  He's going to get better as the season progresses...scary right?

#2990098 New Bungie game: Destiny

Posted by d-dave on 30 September 2014 - 07:50 AM

So this popped up on the bungie forums yesterday:




Depending on how true this is, it kind of makes me sick.  I really love the controls, the art, and the possibilities of the shared world idea.  If there was a MUCH BETTER STORY lined up, and it got gutted in the process...I just hate it. 


Now with all anonymous AMAs, there's a certain grain of salt that one has to accept.  But it reads really true.  Personally, I'm now really on the fence if I want to buy the expansions.  On one hand, there is still the potential the clean up the narrative, and I do enjoy punching aliens in the face repeatedly.  I'd love to see Bungie and Destiny have their 10 year run.  On the flip side, buying the expansions sends money to Activision and tells them that it's OK to ship this broken of a story with this many issues (Loot, PVP, repetition, etc..).


It kind of pulled the bandage of my silly enjoyment off to remind me of the very real faults of the game.  What about y'all?

#2938046 New Bungie game: Destiny

Posted by d-dave on 08 September 2014 - 08:51 PM

Yep. I'm so stoked. Checking out the twitch streams all day. I doubt the game dies that quickly. Its not for everyone, but it's fun. Looks to get way more insane the harder you push yourself.

Kurb. I'll be on an xb1 in like January. ..

#2935084 what you should take away from this game

Posted by d-dave on 07 September 2014 - 08:22 PM

I never want to see prevent defense again...until the last drive when we're up by 50...

#2814952 E3 2014

Posted by d-dave on 10 June 2014 - 04:19 AM

The most interesting things that popped up for me are in no particular order:

AC Unity. I loved the French Revolution, and this looks like a real next-gen game. I loved the multi-player as it was presented. If it becomes that, that's so sweet!
2. Halo. I love me some Halo and that looks freaking awesome to have all the Halos in one place.
3. No Man's Sky. Exploring, space combat and alien dinosaurs? I'm in!
4. The Division. Dude, I love the destructible nature of the environments. The idea of the story is pretty awesome as well. There is also the story which looks really strong.
5. Cop games. Interning development from the military style shooters. Should make things interesting.

Good E3 so far. I need to read up more on Sony's 2 hour announcement before I think someone had a better press conference. Though it's funny that Sony is kind of replicating some of the same TV integration that people poopooed MS on last year.

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#2811251 Got some good insight from someone close to the organization today

Posted by d-dave on 06 June 2014 - 08:10 AM

Great post, and it's cool to read stuff like that.  I do agree that we all pay too much attention to OTAs and are stressing too much right now.  But we're all huge fans, what else do we have to do this summer?  Canadian Football????


I do hope that our OTs shake out well, I'd love to see Bell become an average (or better) LT.  That would be super nice!


As Zod spoke about the open competition between WRs, I'm loving that as well.  I think we're not in as bad a shape as everyone thinks.  10-6 is completely reasonable and totally possible, if not better!

#2811246 MMQB Ranks the running Qbs.

Posted by d-dave on 06 June 2014 - 08:06 AM

So I sat down and read the article, and frankly, it's pure off season fluff.  There is nothing you can really get out of it other than "This dude thinks this, now click and get angry!"


I mean, all of his "measurements" are subjective.  The fact of the matter is that the entire world thinks Andrew Luck can do no wrong.  Luck is a really great QB with a real great understanding of the game who happens to be a very good athlete.  We get it world.


I'm not worried.  Cam has done nothing but get better, and he will continue to do so.  We play in a tougher conference than the Colts do so Luck's numbers will always look better, and his offense is more QB stat friendly.  I'm not going to discount that Luck isn't a heck of a player.  No way, dude is a great player already.  But I still love Cam, and I have zero desire to trade QBs with Indy.


So when it comes down to it, who cares.  Cam was a major part of why we won 12 games last year.  In the playoffs, our holes got expsoed by an angry team who came in with a huge chip on their shoulder.  We tried to get better (like everyone else in the NFL), and we'll see what it all looks like in a few months when the season starts.


I feel good about my team =)

#2809939 Kapernick's deal should be the blueprint for all big contracts

Posted by d-dave on 05 June 2014 - 10:46 AM

In regards to the structure, you have to really give it to the 49ers.  Great, cap and team friendly deal.  If Kaep performs, he gets the riches.  If he bombs, he's easy to cut.


I think his agency is going to feel the worst of it.  No one will want to sign with them.  The NFL(for many players) is about getting as much money as you can before you suffer a catasrophic injury.  Getting those Deangelo Williams, Jonathon Stewart contracts is the goal!  Be set for life!  His agents are hinging his money on his durability and ability to perform at a high level.  What happens if he gets nicked up, bad shoulder or something, and his performance goes to poo for a season? 


It's a great contract for the 49ers, but not so good for Kaep.  I don't feel too bad because he get's that $13 million signing bonus, which is more money that I could ever make up front. Even after taxes and all his retainer fees and cuts, he's going to be wealthy beyond the average human being's understanding.

#2809159 Kaepernick gets mega-deal

Posted by d-dave on 04 June 2014 - 04:40 PM

The fact is, if your team feels like you have a franchise player at Qb, he has to be paid. Jay Cutler?

Harbaugh loves his Qb, the team loves Harbaugh. He was going to get paid.

Cam will get paid too, Gettleman has been preparing for that and Luke's contract. Don't stress. Everybody, it's summer. Try to enjoy it :-)

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