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#2938046 New Bungie game: Destiny

Posted by d-dave on 08 September 2014 - 08:51 PM

Yep. I'm so stoked. Checking out the twitch streams all day. I doubt the game dies that quickly. Its not for everyone, but it's fun. Looks to get way more insane the harder you push yourself.

Kurb. I'll be on an xb1 in like January. ..

#2935084 what you should take away from this game

Posted by d-dave on 07 September 2014 - 08:22 PM

I never want to see prevent defense again...until the last drive when we're up by 50...

#2814952 E3 2014

Posted by d-dave on 10 June 2014 - 04:19 AM

The most interesting things that popped up for me are in no particular order:

AC Unity. I loved the French Revolution, and this looks like a real next-gen game. I loved the multi-player as it was presented. If it becomes that, that's so sweet!
2. Halo. I love me some Halo and that looks freaking awesome to have all the Halos in one place.
3. No Man's Sky. Exploring, space combat and alien dinosaurs? I'm in!
4. The Division. Dude, I love the destructible nature of the environments. The idea of the story is pretty awesome as well. There is also the story which looks really strong.
5. Cop games. Interning development from the military style shooters. Should make things interesting.

Good E3 so far. I need to read up more on Sony's 2 hour announcement before I think someone had a better press conference. Though it's funny that Sony is kind of replicating some of the same TV integration that people poopooed MS on last year.

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#2811251 Got some good insight from someone close to the organization today

Posted by d-dave on 06 June 2014 - 08:10 AM

Great post, and it's cool to read stuff like that.  I do agree that we all pay too much attention to OTAs and are stressing too much right now.  But we're all huge fans, what else do we have to do this summer?  Canadian Football????


I do hope that our OTs shake out well, I'd love to see Bell become an average (or better) LT.  That would be super nice!


As Zod spoke about the open competition between WRs, I'm loving that as well.  I think we're not in as bad a shape as everyone thinks.  10-6 is completely reasonable and totally possible, if not better!

#2811246 MMQB Ranks the running Qbs.

Posted by d-dave on 06 June 2014 - 08:06 AM

So I sat down and read the article, and frankly, it's pure off season fluff.  There is nothing you can really get out of it other than "This dude thinks this, now click and get angry!"


I mean, all of his "measurements" are subjective.  The fact of the matter is that the entire world thinks Andrew Luck can do no wrong.  Luck is a really great QB with a real great understanding of the game who happens to be a very good athlete.  We get it world.


I'm not worried.  Cam has done nothing but get better, and he will continue to do so.  We play in a tougher conference than the Colts do so Luck's numbers will always look better, and his offense is more QB stat friendly.  I'm not going to discount that Luck isn't a heck of a player.  No way, dude is a great player already.  But I still love Cam, and I have zero desire to trade QBs with Indy.


So when it comes down to it, who cares.  Cam was a major part of why we won 12 games last year.  In the playoffs, our holes got expsoed by an angry team who came in with a huge chip on their shoulder.  We tried to get better (like everyone else in the NFL), and we'll see what it all looks like in a few months when the season starts.


I feel good about my team =)

#2809939 Kapernick's deal should be the blueprint for all big contracts

Posted by d-dave on 05 June 2014 - 10:46 AM

In regards to the structure, you have to really give it to the 49ers.  Great, cap and team friendly deal.  If Kaep performs, he gets the riches.  If he bombs, he's easy to cut.


I think his agency is going to feel the worst of it.  No one will want to sign with them.  The NFL(for many players) is about getting as much money as you can before you suffer a catasrophic injury.  Getting those Deangelo Williams, Jonathon Stewart contracts is the goal!  Be set for life!  His agents are hinging his money on his durability and ability to perform at a high level.  What happens if he gets nicked up, bad shoulder or something, and his performance goes to poo for a season? 


It's a great contract for the 49ers, but not so good for Kaep.  I don't feel too bad because he get's that $13 million signing bonus, which is more money that I could ever make up front. Even after taxes and all his retainer fees and cuts, he's going to be wealthy beyond the average human being's understanding.

#2809159 Kaepernick gets mega-deal

Posted by d-dave on 04 June 2014 - 04:40 PM

The fact is, if your team feels like you have a franchise player at Qb, he has to be paid. Jay Cutler?

Harbaugh loves his Qb, the team loves Harbaugh. He was going to get paid.

Cam will get paid too, Gettleman has been preparing for that and Luke's contract. Don't stress. Everybody, it's summer. Try to enjoy it :-)

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#2803483 Huddle question:June cuts are days away...what will happen

Posted by d-dave on 29 May 2014 - 01:04 PM

I think, from recalling prior Cap analysts around here, Godfrey was due to be one, but because he took a giant pay cut, that's doubtful.  I'm not sure who else we could cut and save money doing so.  We're still a couple years on Deangelo, Stewart, CJ, Olsen or Kalil being viable cuts for cap relief.


So who knows.  I do bet Gettleman will be watching the cut list like a hawk.  That's my completely useless contribution =)

#2789504 David Newton a little more serious about Hardy's situation.

Posted by d-dave on 16 May 2014 - 07:38 AM

This is still a very serious issue, though because of the internet and social media, we've twisted this thing around so many times that it's easy for us to blow it off because "we are done with it."


Let's think about this:  Two young people's lives will be changed for ever.  Right now, I'm leaning towards Hardy's innocence of criminal activity.  Regardless though, he still has to carry this around for the rest of his life.  She will have to deal with her own reputation from these activities for the rest of her life.


Fact is there was no shortage of stupid that night.  If Hardy gets to play another down of pro football, he needs to thank his lucky stars.  If the girlfriend can get a normal job and have a good, normal life after this, she should thank her lucky stars as well.  

#2788002 Does talent trump trouble?

Posted by d-dave on 15 May 2014 - 09:10 AM

It depends on the trouble versus talent.  Just like the hot vs. crazy scale...


Fact is, Hardy DFU'd.  To what extent, we don't know.  He's going to have a much harsher judge in his employer (Richardson) than the court of law.  Talent wise, he's borderline elite.  He's ready to ascend to become one of the best players in the NFL.  The question the team has to answer:  is he worth it.  


There's a lot we'll never know, but I'm willing to bet the Panthers will find out every dirty detail.  And I bet Greg is going to pony up the video and everything else.  He's got to prove to the team that he didn't do it, that he's clean, and that it will NEVER happen again.  Before the team gives him any more money, he's going to have to show the changes he's making, and prove that he's grown up.


Legally, as someone said else where, this will probably be settled out of court, and the case never go to trial because of the circumstantial nature of the evidence.  The court of public opinion has already put him in Ray Rice territory.  He's going to have to prove to Mr. Richardson and Gettleman that he did not lay hands on her, and that he's never going to put himself a similar position.  He'll play out the year on the franchise tag (if he's not cut soon), and he'll have until then to prove that he's different from the guy who got arrested.

#2785683 PS4 or Xbox1?

Posted by d-dave on 14 May 2014 - 06:57 AM

In case y'all missed it (or likely didn't care), the Xbox One will now sell sans Kinect for $400.  Same as PS4, but will it be a big deal?  Also, more apps are being freed up from XBL subscriptions.  Games with Gold and sales are coming to the Xbox One as well.

#2784160 Shaun King on WFNZ

Posted by d-dave on 13 May 2014 - 12:54 PM

Everytime this topic get's brought up about the team leaving Cam with no support, I come back to what Gettleman said in one of his draft conferences.  The guys in the draft, as rookies, weren't going to be improvements to the team.  What does that tell you?


Gettleman believes in the coaching staff to build guys up.  Gettleman believes in finding the best players in the draft, and filling in with FAs.  He also has a LOT of faith in Chandler and Bell.  The idea that so many fans find hard to understand is that Gettleman's way to build a team is different from ours.  He's the real GM, we're just guys on a message board.


Next, let's wrap something around our brains:  Chandler and Bell, right now, are better than all of the rest of the OTs drafted after 28 according to Gettleman.  Let that sink in =)

#2784074 List of top players not drafted

Posted by d-dave on 13 May 2014 - 12:27 PM

Brandon Thomas is out for 2014--he was drafted.  Hurst will play this year.  I am not sure it is that simple.


I wonder...do GMs and Scouts know things we don't?!?! =)


It could be that 1.  There is more to the injury.  2.  He's not as good as we thought.  3.  Cthullu decred he not be drafted.


Tiny Richardson was in the same boat as far as promising prospect, but not drafted for some mysterous reasons...

#2763442 Panthers meet with Ryan Shazier

Posted by d-dave on 06 May 2014 - 01:37 PM

You got to look at improvement.  Could Shazier improve our Defense?  How about TD-Luke-Shazier?  What a terrible problem to have.  We'd kind of destroy the short passing and run game more so, forcing QBs to throw deeper and hold the ball longer.  


Who knows if he's going to be there anyway.  We have no idea who's going to play the OT positions for us.  We have no idea how any of the June 1st cuts will play out.  I think the best thing the franchise can do is to draft the best player, and THEN figure out how to use them.  Lots will moan "But we has no LTz?!" which is absolutely true today.  Which rookie OT do you trust RIGHT NOW to handle the best DEs in the league?  Matthews?  He's a top 10 pick.  Lewan?  Top 12.  Who else is going to step in and be a starting LT as a rookie?


That's about it.  Thankfully, we'll let someone whose praised for his obsessive approach to talent evaluation do his job.

#2737008 So Titanfall?

Posted by d-dave on 11 April 2014 - 11:15 PM

Holy crap! I bought it tonight after a terrible day, and boy! This is a fun game. I got demolished but I loved it! I actually was able to take down titans on foot and in a titan! I'm really impressed, and I'm enjoying the heck out of it!

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EDIT:  So now that I'm level 12, some more response.  I still am completely in love with the game.  I don't sit down and play for hours at a time, I just don't have time.  But this is a game which I actually feel like I'm having a ton of fun, even if I'm getting killed repeatedly.


My FPS background:  I've never been big into competitive multi-player FPSs.  I did some when I got the first Modern Warfare.  It was fun for a little bit, but I never felt like I could compete with the guys(kids?) who played for hours at a time.  Halo was the same deal, people who are already really good tend to simply wipe the floor with you.  So after a few matches it's back to Skyrim or LOTRO.


What makes TItanfall so different?  I really think it's the drones.  For a bad player like me, they make me feel like I'm doing something.  I'm not just some other player who's going to get the snot beat out of me like in other games.  I always have someone who I can actually hit and kill!  It's very refreshing after my last multiplayer game!  The movement and speed of the game really set it apart for me.  Good luck being a stationary sniper, you have to move!  I was playing the dino planet campaign mission again (I'm really good at hardpoints!), and I really enjoyed the zip lines, sudden drops, and all of the varieties of entrances and exits to places.  I got someone as I was on the zip line, then drop kicking someone from a hole, and I just had the biggest, idiot grin of my face afterwords!


There are also the Titans themselves.  You are always assured of getting at least one during a match, if not more if you kill some other folks.  Being in a titan is pretty awesome!  Stomping, missiles, ect.  There are some problems with being in a titan, but it's still a ton of fun.  I'm finally getting to a point where I can customize them which brings a new level if individual fun.  I really like the Atlas.  Just fast and strong enough!  The homing missiles have been a fun change of pace as well.


Will Titanfall last?  Will it take a large share away from CoD?  Who knows?  In order for it to remain fun, they are going to have to continue to offer more game modes (for free), and more maps (for a reasonable cost!).  Some don't like Titanfall because it has a lot of similarities to COD.  Some won't like it because it's too much of a departure from CoD.  I see myself enjoying it for a while because each game is small amount of time invested for a lot of fun.  I like trying out different play styles with my builds, and I really love it when I can kill a pilot (once or twice a game!).


For those that are enjoying it, I hope you continue to do so!  I'm on the 360 version (which plays fine and looks good enough).  My XBL is dionysusfiend.  If you get me on a team, sorry if I suck =P


And may your titan fall on an enemy dropship.  I managed that, and it was pretty cool!

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