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If the ball isnt tipped, the FG is good, right?

17 November 2014 - 05:01 PM

Nortman posted on his twitter he seen Gano nail a 73 yarder in warm ups. If only the ball got past the line of scrimmage, I think it would have been good. Its a shame



The Panthers are a fail of a franchise, You DONT DO THIS TO YOUR FRANCHISE QB

12 November 2014 - 12:56 PM

You don't do the things the Panthers have done over the past 8 months to your franchise QB. Stephen A. is right, the Panthers sold him out. 


Gettleman you are a piece of fuging poo. I cant even begin to understand. How would they not want him to be a Panther long term? How could Gettleman not want Cam as his franchise guy? This is the most frustrated Ive ever been as a fan..

A QB like Cam is unprecedented, there has never been a QB as much as an athletic freak as Cam but now he sucks?


Well everything on offense fuging sucks, is super man supposed to save them? Makes me sick to think they did this to lower Cam's price.


It makes me sick to think Gettleman can go into a room and say well, heres the price WE think he is because he was awful last year.


BUT BUT BUT, he had no mother fuging line, a rookie #1 and Greg Olsen, Gettleman you wanted him to win with THAT? fug YOU!


Cam deserves a big deal and had we not been strapped down by paying shitty running backs and a shitty defensive end, or a defensive end that is not even playing we would, and WILL have the money to give Cam what he deserves.


I almost wish Cam would refuse to play. We wont ever do poo on offense. He cant catch the ball and run it and throw it, he can only do so much.

Justin Blackmon

10 November 2014 - 11:45 PM

Gotta figure out a way to get the man in a Panthers uniform next year. He is a fug up off the field but he will get another shot somewhere.


JAX doesn't need him with Robinson and Lee trade him to us for a 5th we need a guy like him. He will be eligible to play again next season right? Call me crazy but a guy like Blackmon (off field issues aside) is just what we need, or one of the things we need on offense.



Cotchery is our best deep threat option

10 November 2014 - 10:51 PM




To go or not to go to the MNF game @Philly

08 November 2014 - 01:35 PM

I want to go, not far from Philly 2.5 hours. I have never been there and I want a Philly cheese steak so bad. 


But I don't want to go and then see our shitty offensive line not block for 4 quarters and have the Eagles just destroy us.


On paper it doesn't look good but anything can happen in the NFL and perhaps the team with the mini bye will come out looking like a well oiled machine.


That is what we are all hoping for but tickets for this game aren't cheap and the offensive line damps my hopes.


Does the mini bye help us or not? We had some time to get healthy, get 100% and it is November now. Nov and Dec are Ron's money months, does this continue? God I hope so.


A win in Philly could be the start to something big. A long win streak.


Philly's defense sucks pretty bad, #23 but with our offense we could make them look like #1


How much of a bitch is parking in Philly? And how likely am I to get killed wearing a Newton or Dwill jersey. How good are the cheese steaks?


Is this going to be a good game or do we come out looking like we did in our losses. Does our offensive line stop Philly's pass rush or is Cam running for his life? Can our offensive muster ANYTHING up on Monday?

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