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In Topic: Questions No Panther Fan Can Answer

Yesterday, 02:52 PM

1. What rival NFC South team would you rather win the Superbowl:

Bucs- Not that many fans out there and even if they would win they would have losing seasons for the next 20 years


2. Which retired Panther QB would you rather have come in to replace Cam/DA for the 2015 season-  Jake or kerry, both weren't that bad at their prime and they could win a game once in a while if needed.


3. Would you rather let history stay the same and have Kasay kick the ball out of bounds and set the PATs up at the 40 or change history and have him kick a touchback and the Pats still drive down the field for the winning FG? Id rather they drive the whole field that way i know for a fact there was nothing we could of done.


4. Would you rather erase X-Clown from your memory or erase your first time you made sweet love? N/A


5. Would you rather Clausen still be our starting QB or Matt Moore or David Carr? Matt Moore by far, he won games and if we did lose for the majority of them we were in them. He is with the dolphins now and whenever he plays he still can light a small spark.


6. Would you rather the Panthers win a Superbowl knowing you would die from a heart attack caused by all the excitement or live a healthy life of going .500 or under for the rest of your life? Going .500 but we would have to go to the super bowl every year and lose haha.


7. In 2014, Would you rather have replaced Smitty/Ginn/Lafell with Josh Gordon or replaced D.Will/Stew/Tolbert with Ray Rice? Replace the RB's with ray rice.


8. Would you rather suffer through the 1-15 season again (where we were in a lot of games but cudnt finish) or the 2-14 season again (where is was obvious we weren't going to win a lot of those games before the 1st qtr was over)? the 1-15 as atleast it is enjoyable for a while to watch.


9. Would you rather have the Superbowl 38 ended the way it did or have the chance to get the ball back after the Vinatieri FG and have Jake throw an INT as we are driving down the field? Neither id rather the time run out as they kicked the ball to win instead of returning a kick. The way it ended sucked and i didnt like it at all


10. Would you rather Thomas Davis had called it quits after his 3rd ACL tear and never came back or Jake never had come back from Tommy Jone* surgery? Hard one but id rather thomas davis call it quits. Jake being back helped alot and we went to playoffs in 08 largely because of the offense play. 


11. Would you rather John Fox/Pickles stays an extra year of sucking and we get to draft Luck OR Peppers stays and retires a Panther Great but we never draft Cam? Either way we dont get cam so im choosing the first haha. If we could draft cam id deff take that option but its basically luck vs peppers and im sorry but luck helps more then julius. 


12. O-coordinator to replace Shula in 2015: Jeff Davidson or Dan Henning? Dan henning, he was a big part of out offense in 2005


13. You have to bet everything your own on one of these things happening:

C. Fua tackling Cam in the open field- cam makes mistakes some times and more often then that the OL would let people in so it is the safe bet.

In Topic: Say we win the coin toss Saturday....

08 January 2015 - 12:35 AM

i feel like we will go for receiving it if we can. Against the cardinals and falcons may be wrong but i think we choose to receive it. If we score first and then shut them out on d we are in position to score again and at least deflate the crowd. 

In Topic: Not sure what is in the All-Pro Insider section but I am going in, who is wit...

04 January 2015 - 12:19 AM

bro it's $5


I was super weak when i read this idk why lol.

In Topic: Goldie locks has to be benched immediately

04 January 2015 - 12:13 AM

I honestly was really mad that he was still in the game especially after the last bobble he had. I understand that the coaches are thinking the weather is different and that unless he fumbles again we keep him in as we practiced having him in his skill sets. But i think in the upcoming week it really should be looked at for him to be benched from return duties till next season. I liked fozzy back there he has good vision and speed but i guess they dont want to tire him out. I just really dont want him back there im sorry he may be cool guy but even at the start of the game the two things i was worried about was him making a mistake and KB dropping lots of balls. Deangelo ran pretty good i would like to put fozzy back there and if he is too tired sub dlo in to Rb for a few plays. I think a -2 or -3 yeard run by dlo is better then giving the team turnover.

In Topic: Let's talk Kelvin Benjamin

03 January 2015 - 11:51 PM

Yea i think his drops are becoming a problem, Doesnt mean its unfix-able just means that for the remainder of the playoffs hes gonna be like this except catch one or two of those drops. In the beginning he was really great though as cam fit it in tight spaces. But after looking at those plays more they were more of body catches then straight hands. Wasnt just him though cam was off and the other receivers were dropping here and there too because of the weather and maybe playoff jitters. I liked when philly brown caught one clutch pass and cam ran to him immediately. Both of them hugged and it was as if cam was saying "thank you for someone finally catching the ball" and philly saying "dont worry i have your back".  I can see KB being like moose with clutch catches but we need to add someone who is the more traditional WR. KB had 10 i see him being a 5-6 drop guy a season which isnt bad.