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In Topic: Olsen always trying to get an edge

Today, 05:50 PM

On the contrary ... it is fine for liquid nitrogen to contact the skin due to its very low specific heat. You don't want it 'ponding' on any part of your body or that will be trouble. Otherwise, it makes for a 'cool' show.

A cheap version of the cryogenics therapy that Olsen is doing ... is a frigid immersion pool. However, that's the common man 's therapy where cost actually matters.

Just saying ...

Right, but for the average person that's not common knowledge. Best to just avoid it.

In Topic: Ted Ginn leaning towards going home to Cleveland

Today, 04:34 PM

QFT. Let's not forget that the only punt returned for a TD by a Panther since 2005 was last season by none other than Philly Brown. And his stats while returning were just slightly less than Ginns. He actually had a far fewer fair catch percentage than Ginn. He just got put into the doghouse for that disastrous muff turned TD by the Iggles.

Unless they have bigger plans for him as a receiver than PR, I see no reason to not let him have another crack at it.

I'll give Brown credit for toughness and a hell of a heads-up play on that punt return, but that TD does not fall in the category of a typical punt return. Almost any DB/WR/RB or a couple of Carolina's LBs could have picked that ball up and scored with it.

In Topic: Greg hardy to seek reinstatement

Today, 04:28 PM

Is it also going to be Good for him if he ends up in Atlanta? ?

Yes, it would probably be quite good for him.

In Topic: Olsen always trying to get an edge

Today, 02:36 PM

I worked in a lab that did cryogenic preservation and we had 'hot tubs' at -180 C. It's cold, but cold, dry, still air of the vapor phase isn't all that bad for short periods of time (think of an igloo being 60 degrees) as long as you're not in contact with a surface that cold and/or wet and as long as there is air circulation (lid is open). It's actually rather refreshing, and I preferred it to working in the ice water or directly handling the stuff kept in the -80 freezers.

That said, you absolutely do not want bare skin to come into direct contact with the liquid nitrogen.

In Topic: One Year Later, Would You Still Be Interested?

Today, 02:20 PM

Not everyone wanted him.