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In Topic: Opponent backed up to their own end zone... then huge run.

Today, 10:34 AM

Anyone who has video: I challenge you to look at those plays and tell me that there wasn't blatant holding. The holding should have been called because that's what kept the hole wide open.

Agreed to a degree, but it seems that it's not going to change. Gotta figure something out.

In Topic: Opponent backed up to their own end zone... then huge run.

Today, 10:27 AM

Absolutely. This D is built on not giving up the big plays, and I think it's advantageous to let the front 4 try to make the big play and let the backers fill accordingly. Carolina won the field position battle all year last year by not giving up these types of plays.

In Topic: Along the Sidelines - Steelers Edition

Today, 10:13 AM

DeCoud has always been a poor tackler, and I'm sure the expectation was/is that he would need to do very little in the run game behind that front seven. Definitely not the case last night.

In Topic: Ginn

Yesterday, 11:49 PM

Would have been nice to keep Ginn.

In Topic: Is it time to start worrying about Charles Johnson?

Yesterday, 11:47 PM

That was 2010/2011 it's 2014.

What have you done for me lately? I hate when people bring up the past, the past is the past let it stay in the past! We talking about the current Charles Johnson and right now he is not getting it done point blank.

Excuses want get you far in life. Man up and accept accountability.

My point is that the guy has produced for 4 straight seasons, with and without support along the D-Line. If every player who had 3 bad games (which is all he's had thus far) were immediately cut, a whole lot of great players would be out of jobs. Remember Peppers vanishing for all of 2007? No one is saying the guy gets a pass, but he has definitely earned a 'something must be wrong' at this point.

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