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PIN Number

First cousin of the VIN number.

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for the last couple years of his career, the idea of chris gamble was better than the actual presence of chris gamble.

he made no real difference at all on the field and when he was on it you couldn't tell from the results anymore than when he wasn't.

Incorrect - Gamble was a top corner in 2011 and 2012. Didn't hurt that Captain was easier pickings, but that doesn't diminish Gamble's play. Fourth-best completion percentage (45% on 60 targets) and third-best QBR (53.3) in 2011, and I'm too lazy to dig up 2012 numbers.

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Yesterday, 08:53 AM

I like Norman but I remember what happened last time he was on Marshall. I think Norman matches up on Jeffery better. Cason seems a bit more physical and might do better with Marshall - of course I'm sure he will get penalized a few times. The only way we beat them is if our pass rush shows up. I hope Frank comes out with something to prove.

Coach dumbassery to the tune of 'we wanted to make them systematically beat us' is what happened last time.

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Yesterday, 08:52 AM

Forte has traditionally owned Carolina. Hope they buck that trend, but the past 2 weeks were not encouraging.

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