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In Topic: Didn't see a thread on this but?...

Yesterday, 11:29 PM

All i know is he has more catches for the Panthers than S. Hill.


Seem some poster said that would never happen, but I'm too lazy to go find it.

In Topic: Along the Sidelines - Lions Edition

Yesterday, 08:12 PM

No to Donkey Kong. Cam said he didn't at his presser.


Not sure about Fairley

Suh practically sprinted in to the tunnel with his head down, Wouldn't acknowledge his own fans.... bad form

In Topic: Props To the Boo Crew For An Amazing Tailgate

Yesterday, 07:18 PM

My Wife and I really enjoyed it. Boo and Company did a great Job. Already planning a return.

In Topic: Notes and Memos - Lions

Yesterday, 06:39 PM

Dear Suh,


You must be even more angry now...


With love,


yep, he is. I sat right beside the visitor tunnel and after game he was one of the first in and he wasn't acknowledging any of their fans as he ran pouting in to the tunnel.....oh, i was yelling Donkey Kong too.

In Topic: Roll Call for Sunday?

12 September 2014 - 10:03 AM

section 136 row 1 . I'm going heckle the Lions coming out of the tunnel all day.

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