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#1926082 Official Game Thread.

Posted by The Natural on 30 September 2012 - 02:17 PM

It's obvious how much pressure is intentionally placed on the shoulders of Cam to carry a team like the Panthers. When these announcers talking points all sound the same for QBs like Cam, Sanchez, and Vick, expecting them to always carrying their team week in and out to victory; while they sound so much different for QBs like Bradford, Stafford, and Luck, demanding the players on the team step up and help their QBs to victory, one cannot help but notice the obvious baises towards certain players in this sport.

Not even the coach gets blamed in the media when the Panthers lose. It's all Cam's fault. And you wonder why I root so hard for the kid.

You're by far the most annoying poster on this board.