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In Topic: La'el Collins has begun visits

Today, 09:30 AM

The only financial difference will be signing bonus money. Teams can only pay out $86,957 in total to UDFAs this year. We gave $15,000 of that to Miley, not sure about the others though.


This was why I was wondering what the rules would be about "extending" him imediately.  Lets say they tell him, we'll sign you, and immediately "extend you" for 1 year (so instead of a 3 year deal, it's now a 4 year deal), with a big signing bonus and guaranteed money tied to the 4th year, in essense giving him a bigger payday.  If that is a possibility, then things get even more interesting because if I can think of this as a random joe schmo, I'm sure most GM's have thought about this too.  With that said though, I admittingly don't know all the rules with the CBA so I don't know whether or not that would even be allowed.

In Topic: La'el Collins has begun visits

Today, 08:51 AM

No way Richardson allows us to sign him


We just signed Brandon Wegher to the same contract that he would get and he actually has a history of actual police run ins and domestic abuse.  If we don't sign him, it won't be because of JR, it will be because he chose another team over us.  Let's let this situation play out.

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Today, 07:23 AM

the pt is he has to deal with the same erratic type passes so he is not the answer to high throws like many are making him out to be or he would have been the answer to the same type passes in college which is a slower game than the pros and is a little easier than the pro game.


First, Just gonna say, Cam was a 66% completion percentage QB his year at Auburn, thats a 6% difference than garner using the only measurable think you can compare the 2 with and that is pretty significant.  Everyone saw and worried about KB's penchant for dropping passes coming out of last years draft because unlike Funchess, he had Winston who was a legit prospect so I think everyone saw that as his weakness coming out.  Funchess, I think will prove to be better with his drops and concentration at the next level with a better QB that he'll be able to trust a little more, but I do understand the reason why there is concerns.  I just hope that those concerns are overblown and he is a monster.

In Topic: La'el Collins has begun visits

Today, 02:53 AM

Like I said in another thread, why not just sign him? What's to lose? It's a low risk/high reward situation. If it turns out that he WAS involved in the murder, then you can just easily cut him. Pull the damn trigger. Would be a steal if it turns out he wasn't involved in the murder.


The risk is that if he is somehow involved he goes from being "La'El Collins" to "Carolina Panthers Lineman, La'El Collins".  Not saying it's right, but whatever team would sign him would forever be associated with him.

In Topic: Panthers Draft Count Dooku

Yesterday, 06:28 PM

Not possible, big cat would never let us draft someone with that many character concerns.