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#2868120 Pats claim RB Tyler Gaffney off waivers

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 04:50 PM

It's alright guys, they needed him more than we did. I'm thinking they just needed to sign another guy to play the "multi-dimensional threat who won't become a serialkiller" position.

#2868103 Pats claim RB Tyler Gaffney off waivers

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 04:44 PM

It is amazing how much praise the Pats FO gets considering they haven't won a SB in 10 years and none since Tom Brady became really great

Or since they got caught cheating through filming other teams' plays before they play them... but they're the Pats! They're so classy! They do things The Patriot Way, let us all stand around in awe of their integrity while ignoring all of the shitty things they do that flies in the face of that facade.

fuging worthless pieces of poo.

If those monsters from Pacific Rim ever became real, i'd make peace with them and feed them Cook Out burgers (chock full of chili, slaw, mustard, onions, and bacon) proportionate to their size, then direct them to Patriot Place and tell them it's where all the cool monsters take their greasy burger dumps.

#2868055 Pats claim RB Tyler Gaffney off waivers

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 04:29 PM

i dont know if i believe this at all. @Patriots hasnt posted it yet either. maybe @Panthers wouldnt. but @Patriots most likely would. this smells really really bad

What further proof do you need than knowing it is an cheap, unclassy move and the Pats are invovled?  That's all the evidence you need.

#2868044 Pats claim RB Tyler Gaffney off waivers

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 04:25 PM

Gettleman really fuged up...he REALLY fuged up.

Yeah Gaffney has great potential.  We already have 5 to 6 RBs active, so why was there a pressing need to waive him to sign Whitaker, who won't make the roster anyway?  Just let him hold a spot until camp ends and IR him.  This was fuging stupid.

#2868014 Pats claim RB Tyler Gaffney off waivers

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 04:18 PM

Gettlemagic, amirite????


right????  Right????



#2867959 Your afternoon inspiration....

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 04:04 PM


Williams needs the work, because his pass-catching skills weren't there last year. But he's improving. They love him as a blocker, too


I said it after the season, he's going to be our Julius Thomas...

#2867710 Your afternoon inspiration....

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 01:20 PM

I am convinced BWill has muscles all other human beings were not created with.

#2866655 Hardy talks......

Posted by Proudiddy on 27 July 2014 - 02:46 PM

For all of the white knights coming forward saying the onus is completely on a man in these situations, i find their takes to be reflective of a lack of life experience.

A man's responsibility is to NEVER lay his hands on a woman. That being said, if they're dealing with an unstable, antagonistic, violent woman, how do they approach that once they're already locked into a situation? The easy solution is to walk away or call the cops. But, Hardy called the cops, with there being no proof that he hit this woman he had previously tried to distance himself from, and he still comes out of it a "woman beater."

Ray Rice has no excuse and is a piece of crap. He was in a public place and had the opportunity to walk away. I don't buy that as being a mistake.

But, when alone, in a private setting, there is no way to escape some sort of problem, either through imposed physical altercation or accusations. Some women use the principle of men never being able to hit a woman to their advantage by physically assaulting a man, knowing he can't do anything back. If it's me, I still walk away and call the cops. But, that's if they let you... what if she stands in front of the door and blocks your exit? What if she starts throwing stuff at you while doing so? If a man physically, but gently, grabs her by the arms and moves her enough so he can exit, she can now say he physically assualted her. But, none of what she did matters... and now that guy has to live with that label, whether guilty or not, the rest of his life.

That's garbage.

I've never had to deal with any of those issues, thank God, but it happens far more often than it is acknowledged. But, if we view a man as a victim, he becomes weak, so men don't want to call the cops...

Now, there are dirtbag men out there who hit women regardless of whether they are provoked or unprovoked, and they are filth. They should be prosecuted to the fullest. There is no excuse for a "man" like that. But, I get tired of seeing women completely exonerated of any wrongdoing when a story like Hardy's breaks, when in reality, she used public perception and the guise of domestic violence to exploit him. That is equally disgusting.

#2866609 Travelle Wharton retires

Posted by Proudiddy on 27 July 2014 - 02:00 PM

Would've loved to have him back this year... but, wishing him the best.

#2866605 Hardy talks......

Posted by Proudiddy on 27 July 2014 - 01:55 PM

I wish the NFL had the soft-cap and "Bird Rights" like the NBA has. Although, if that was the case under Hurney, we probably would be -120 mil cap-wise right now.

But, if you know a player is good, and you drafted him, you can keep him and pay him what he deserves without mortgaging your other future stars.

#2866591 Cams ankle is not right!

Posted by Proudiddy on 27 July 2014 - 01:43 PM

Just curious how long did it take you to feel normal again.

It was back around '06, so my time frame is a bit rusty, but I know it was a couple of months even after they told me I was cleared to resume physical activity fully. Mind you, this is Joe Public on his own, not the franchise QB of an NFL franchise with a medical team monitoring every single movement made after he is cleared.

I'm sure they're using advanced approaches to aid in the recovery and reduce complications (like swelling) even as he is back fully cleared now, so I doubt it takes him months physically to feel 100% again.

My issue was making normal movements with force again (like jumping or crossing over in basketball), which would remind me that my ankle was still extremely tender as it would send sharp, deep pain surging through my foot and ankle. So initially, I noticed I would start to compensate for it naturally by making slight adjustments to my movement - like landing on your heel instead of the forefoot, as it wasn't as painful. I also noticed a problem with that ankle not sensing itself in space in relation to its environment like it naturally did before the injury (due to proprioceptors). If i jumped off that leg and came down, there were times that i hit the ground with that foot well before i expected to, because i had to reacclimate it to spatial awareness. That was fun... lol.

So, once I stopped having the residual pain from normal movements once I was fully healed, I had to re-program myself to go back to my normal movements and break those bad habits I developed to compensate while recovering. So, I expect some moments where he makes his normal movements and then pulls up a little as his ankle reminds him it is still recovering... furthermore, I expect it to affect his footwork quite a bit in the meantime.

I say all that because when people say Cam pulls up limping each day and then goes back to work as though it was nothing, I imagine it is because he is still dealing with that tenderness/soreness and working through those "surging pains" you experience once fully cleared. There is a huge difference between someone saying "you're 100% cleared," and you actually going out for that initial period under those conditions and exerting 100% of your ability on a weight-bearing extremity that recently underwent injury and surgical procedures.

#2866579 Hardy talks......

Posted by Proudiddy on 27 July 2014 - 01:24 PM

I don't think he "pissed away" his big payday. For his ability, a team out there would definitely pay him handsomely if he was available. He may have knocked some change off his total, but he's not a leper. If we want to keep him, it may have made him easier to keep in that sense because he lost some leverage, but the further he gets away from it, the less it matters in terms of what he'll be paid.

#2866572 Blue Chips

Posted by Proudiddy on 27 July 2014 - 01:13 PM

Interesting conversation Verge! And I agree with your list.

But, I think if you're talking college "blue chips" the top 10 criteria seems fitting. But due to the smaller rosters in the NFL, I think I would consider a blue chip to be a top 5 guy at their position.

#2866558 Hardy talks......

Posted by Proudiddy on 27 July 2014 - 01:02 PM


The entire transcript via Voth (who is the man)... I thought Hardy did outstanding.

#2866550 Hardy talks......

Posted by Proudiddy on 27 July 2014 - 12:53 PM

I always liked Gantt when he was still "local," but ever since the PFT hire, it seems Florio's douchey-ness rubbed off on him, as well as the habit of senationalizing and spinning stories from nothing.

This appears to be one of those cases.

He is also now going off on a soapbox about how Hardy used the word "distraction," because it could mean anything from woman beating to being gay.

Smh... must be a slow day at PFT.

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