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#2961268 ESPN is totally disrespecting our organization

Posted by Proudiddy on 17 September 2014 - 04:33 PM



Posted by Proudiddy on 17 September 2014 - 04:32 PM


#2959266 So Phil, a question... (Cat Thread Approved)

Posted by Proudiddy on 16 September 2014 - 11:36 PM

Hi everyone I'm new to this but enjoyed the last event so here I am

What was "the last event?"




...and I'm with SD89...



#2957270 PFT: NFL may suspend Hardy

Posted by Proudiddy on 16 September 2014 - 09:14 AM

Vikings & 49ers aren't a threat to their golden boy Peyton winning a SB.

Panthers are a big threat.

My issue isn't even homer-based though. It's just general principle... it stinks. They still haven't addressed Goodell's apparent cover up of Rice's incident so they decide to shift the conversation and focus onto a new case so he can redeem himself and say, "this guy was a convicted woman beater and look how I did the right thing the first time around, here!"

Now, obviously, the issue is that for one, the circumstances surrounding Hardy's incident are extremely questionable. There is no proof he did what he is accused of. Furthermore, he is awaiting appeal. When a player gets suspended due to substance abuse/PEDs and they appeal, the NFL allows them to continue to play until the appeal is heard. But, you're gonna go ahead and suspend a guy who is awaiting his appeal in an actual court of law?

Again, every other guy currently in the discussion has strong, physical proof that they did what they are accused of: Peterson has pictures, McDonald left his wife bruised, beaten and abused her in front of multiple witnesses, and Rice had the video. Explain to me why Hardy is at the forefront of the discussion considering what we know about this case... he has the least evidence against him and is awaiting an appeal.

It's not that I even care about him playing, it's that it is totally and completely unfair. Our defense was fine without him, so I really am past worrying whether he'll be playing for us again or not. It just wreaks of injustice. I don't care if Hardy was on the Raiders or even a division rival, if all else was the same, I would still be angry about the way he's been treated.

#2957217 PFT: NFL may suspend Hardy

Posted by Proudiddy on 16 September 2014 - 08:52 AM


You have the Vikings playing AP and the Niners with a guy who beat his wife in front of other people (aka multiple witnesses) and the NFL is going to go after the guy with the least evidence against him (aside from a biased guilty verdict that was completely based on hearsay, unreliable testimony, and conjecture). This is a joke.

#2954149 Damn it feels good to be a gangsta

Posted by Proudiddy on 15 September 2014 - 12:37 AM

Yaaaay yaaaaay *ice cube voice*

#2952818 Rivera Deactivated Hardy Himself

Posted by Proudiddy on 14 September 2014 - 06:33 PM

How in the hell are you staff here with this kind of weird opinion? Because somebody does coke that takes away all their legal rights to not be assaulted and victimized? Blame the victim more.

I'm sure you'd be this mad if this were Matt Ryan being run through the mud for being found guilty of threatening a woman and restraining her against her will.

But hey, if defending a wife beater who is getting paid exorbitantly on a one year deal after asking for too much money and being a general headcase and dates, by your description, "coke whores", then by all means continue. I'll just applaud his backup who had 2.5 sacks today and 4 hits on the QB. Next man up. Or in this case, first man up because the first guy we had isn't even a man for threatening a woman's life. No matter how much you'd love to blame her for Hardy's misgivings. Let's all apologize for the poor little millionaire with a cache of weapons threatening a woman he had been in a relationship with who is purportedly a coke *****.

See the difference is, you decided she was a victim based off her accusation alone. Your mind was made up. Hardy fits the bill right? Yup, throw him under the jail... no need for a trial. He's guilty.

You ever hear of Brian Banks? Man, I'm glad there wasn't anyone standing around blaming that poor, innocent victim in his case.

Our judicial system is completely and totally skewed against men, and especially men of color. Additionally, it's a problem when someone can simply say, "that person spit in my face" and the accused can be arrested based off of that alone. Have you ever looked i to other domestic issues like child support? And you can tell me with no hesitation that the system is without bias?

Every claim and accusation should be examined throughly and the proper precautions and care should be granted for those who claim to be the victims of abuse... but far too often, the inherent bias within our judicial system in regards to domestic cases is used as leverage. Women are always given the benefit of the doubt... women should be protected from nutless idiots who are legitimate abusers, and so we should take their claims seriously. But you can say with certainty that Holder is in the same situation as Janay Rice? You know without a doubt that Greg Hardy is the same dirtbag as Ray Rice?

You really think if Hardy was "beating the sh*t" out of a woman half his size he wouldve finished up and calmly dialed 911, leaving her with only minor bruising in the process?

The issue is we confuse erring on the side of caution with outright conviction when it comes to these situations. One ACCUSATION without proof can ruin one man's entire life. That is a heavy burden to bear.

Furthermore, can you tell me when having an opinion meant one should be stripped of their position?
What was i wrong about in my description? She was on coke and apparently slept with another man while with Hardy, even though she wanted him to view her as exclusive. If Hardy hit her, he is a piece of poo. But, sorry, i didnt grab my pitchfork and torches because someone with questionable character accused him of something because her preferred lifestyle was about to be taken from her.

#2952666 Rivera Deactivated Hardy Himself

Posted by Proudiddy on 14 September 2014 - 05:50 PM

Also fug the media and ESPN... this is garbage. Again, there is absolutely no proof that Hardy abused this coke *****.

He tried to get her out of his house and even called 911 himself. Only in America does a man call 911 to have police come assist him in removing a hostile person from his home and HE gets arrested.

#2942105 Around the Horn called for Hardy's suspension

Posted by Proudiddy on 10 September 2014 - 07:14 PM

Not surprising...


Goodell has to deflect attention off of Rice and his handling of the case, while simultaneously using the opportunity to make a statement and show he's turned a new leaf...  Hardy is the perfect target for his redemption.


Also, I posted in the Rice thread that the day the Rice video came out, Adam Schefter was comparing Rice to Hardy and despite the Ray McDonald case pending, he called out Hardy saying "he threatened to kill his girlfriend, and is still playing this year.  MAKING 13 MILLION THIS SEASON!"


Time to find a scapegoat, NFL!

#2939512 Ray Rice Video Leaked. Rice's Contract Terminated By Ravens.

Posted by Proudiddy on 09 September 2014 - 03:15 PM

Going a step further, it seems...

All contract offers require League approval before they can be made official. Per Aaron Wilson, the League has notified all 32 teams that it will not approve any contract offer made to Ray Rice.

Charlie Casserly believes Rice will be allowed back into the NFL at some point. I'm not so sure. Truly sounds like the League never even wants to hear his name mentioned again.

Add in that the NFLPA doesn't sound like they're going to offer any resistance. Can't really say I blame them. Fair or not, would you want to be seen as defending the guy in that video?

my opinion on Rice has been stated througbout this thread. There is absolutely no excuse for his actions. Drunk or not, that thought should never even enter your mind, ESPECIALLY UNPROVOKED, if you are the "good guy" everyone has claimed.

But, I do take issue with the handling of all this... if this would've been the reaction when the inital assualt took place and he was arrested, then good. It was deserved. But, i kind of feel like the NFL is reacting not only to the graphic nature of the video, but also because they're incredibly embarrassed that the video came out at all. I feel like they expected the video to buried and the firestorm would die down and everyone would accept the punishment dealt out. Then, unexpectedly, it leaked out and now they are scrambling to "protect the shield" like they thought they had with the inital punishment as long as the video never came out.

It's troubling because to me, they're not punishing Rice for what he did to Janay, they're punishing Rice for what he did to the league's image and for embarrassing Goodell for his initial handling of the situation.

#2938280 Seattle likes former Panthers

Posted by Proudiddy on 08 September 2014 - 11:26 PM

We almost beat them last season... had the nfl not rigged the Niners playoff game we likely would've beat them in the nfccg, imo. They are familiar with San Fran... they only see us once in the regular season... they want info from players that can help them.

#2938262 Ray Rice Video Leaked. Rice's Contract Terminated By Ravens.

Posted by Proudiddy on 08 September 2014 - 11:15 PM

If prosecutors had this footage and didn't pursue a felony charge, that is outrageous.

As far as the NFL goes, if they saw the tape, yet allowed Ray to characterize what happened in the elevator, then Goodell must be dismissed.

I heard that Ravens players were expressing that they felt betrayed and lied to because Ray's incorrect account of events was so utterly wrong. Who could blame them. They tried to support him and speak out on his behalf, but he used them.

Whatever the circumstances... something doesn't add up, for sure.

#2938260 Steve Smith, 80 yard touchdown

Posted by Proudiddy on 08 September 2014 - 11:14 PM

The respect is mutual. I guess I spend as much energy as you do rca use I too get salty. But mine is when people think a 34 year old WR that used to be good is the difference maker between us having a good season or not. Cam and Luke are the future. Steve Smith is the past. I feel like everytime he does something this season I'm gonna have to read post after post about how bad DG fuged up. And thinking he cut him for some personal reason gets me extra pissed. He was 34 and set to make a billion dollars over his next 3 years here, while declining in skill. That's why he was cut.

It's not personal in any way to you PD, you just happen to be the one that mentions it in the threads I see so you get the brunt of my saltiness.

We just disagree on this one and that's fine, just know when you bring up your opinion of it I'm always lurking to state mine as well, and I expect the same from you. Again, it's not personal.

Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle

I appreciate it bro... no offense taken. The wounds are still relatively fresh but, I'm sure it'll dissipate with time eventually.

I actually have tried to keep it out of the Panthers forum since the season has started.

And also, for the record, I don't think Smitty was, by himself, a difference maker in whether we have a good season or not. I just felt like he would still help us have a better season than we would have without him. And i certainly think he's a better player than the vets we signed in his place.

I actually think it's just as for selfish reasons as it is for him that I'm angry. I feel we're closer to getting it done than we have been in a long time. He struggled with us and toiled away for years on horrible teams, so i wanted him to be a part of this when we turned the corner. That sucks...

But, alas, it is done and as you said, is in the past. I just need time, lol.

#2938220 Steve Smith, 80 yard touchdown

Posted by Proudiddy on 08 September 2014 - 10:39 PM

Let it go

Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle

Montzta, you have always been one of my favorite posters here. But, you have been expending as much energy to tell me how wrong I am for being angry about it as I have stating just hiw angry I am, lol.

Look, it appears that DG has gotten a lot right this offseason, but I will always be bitter about the way Smitty's situation was handled. He deserved better as our all-time best player until Cam and Keek. And it was not football/performance-related... you can't tell me Cotchery and Avant are better players than him, even now, because they aren't. If it was for leadership issues, cool, give him his presser and grant him his release.

But, as I said, it appears DG did a lot of good this offseason so we should focus on that. Otherwise, anytime Smitty gets brought up, I'm gonna be salty.

#2938138 Ray Rice Video Leaked. Rice's Contract Terminated By Ravens.

Posted by Proudiddy on 08 September 2014 - 09:37 PM

I don't see the owners letting this ride... ultimately, i think Goodell is ousted because of this.

The first thing i thoughtof when the NFL said they didn't see the video was the Patriots.

This could be out there, but hear me out... just as with spygate, what would the admission of a multi-superbowl championship winner cheating by videotaping opponents look like for the NFL? Disastrous. So what happened? The videos are reviewed, the Pats are given a wimpy, puny slap on the wrist and the videos are destroyed so no one knowsthe extent of their cheating. Also,no one can question Goodell's punishment because no one else will ever see the tapes. But, it's clear they cheated. He essentially quelled a huge media sh*tstorm by destroying the tapes and ended the discussions on the matter before they could even start because no one knows what he saw.

Now we have this... The NFL says they didn't see the tape. Yet, the NFL has high-level security officials who know people that know people... they have money. They have power. TMZ was apparently able to acquire the video without any problem. But, the NFL couldn't?

It appears Janay was coerced by the Ravens, the NFL, and Goodell to take the wrap for instigating the fight and provoking Rice into hitting her. With that spin, the NFL protects the shield and saves one of their "good guys," and makes him look like a guy who had no choice.

The prosecutors DEFINITELY saw the videos, yet inexplicably agreed to a plea deal and refused to pursue charges against him despite it.

The public never sees the videos.

Goodell suspends him 2 games, claiming they throughly investigated it and that is the previous standard for domestic violence.

The NFL and Ravens setup pressers for Rice to clear his name and be a good guy again in the public eye with his wife shaking by his side.

They bring him back for the preseason and fans are cheering him... it's treated as a feel good story.

Then, the video comes out... the public is outraged that all he got was two games. The NFL stays quiet, the Ravens release Rice and then the NFL levies a meaningless indefinite suspension.

It appears to me, the Goodell was pulling strings, acted in the league's best interest while silencing the victim, and then somehow negotiated the charges to be dropped and the video to be conveniently absent. He expected to be able to spin it and sweep it under the rug and once the video came out it ruined all of that for him. Now everything that followed appears to be the NFL trying to cover up what thdy didn't expect to come out. It's unbelievable and inexplicable.

It is complete bullsh*t that they couldn't get their hands on that video.

I believe they did and then tried to make it go away just like they did with the Spy Gate scandal. It backfired on them big time...

I hope it is investigated by authorities and all responsible answer for it - from the prosecutor to the commish and everyone in between.

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