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#3059244 Official Panthers - Saints Game Thread

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 10:33 PM

Sadly, this was the first game I can ever recall turning the game off before it was over.


Maybe it was easier to do because I'm at work, but whatever...

#3058824 Official Panthers - Saints Game Thread

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 10:05 PM

Time to fire Ron, put Gettleman on notice, and focus on the Hornets for the rest of this year.  This team is done.

#3058353 Official Panthers - Saints Game Thread

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 09:42 PM

This team is just about unbearable to watch.  Cam carrying everybody.  Defense can't stop anyone.  Everyone here complains about Cam's accuracy, yet, he hits these all-world receivers in the hands and they drop every 2 out of 3.


If KB is consistent he has all-time great potential, but again, the issue is that it doesn't matter how many meaningless bombs you catch at midfield if you can't catch the easy ones that hit you dead in your chest in the endzone.  It is getting old...  Rookie or not, you can't do that.

#3058176 Official Panthers - Saints Game Thread

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 09:33 PM

I unconditionally love our franchise, but I fuging hate this team.

#3057959 Official Panthers - Saints Game Thread

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 09:17 PM

tell me more how Cam is fuging us up..  some of you people, lol...


AND he did what so many called for last week and tried to force it to KB three times in a row, and what happened?  2 drops (one ruled interference) and the other was a bad throw.  So, what did Cam do?  He had to score himself because he isn't getting any help.

#3057419 Official Panthers - Saints Game Thread

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 08:49 PM

If you look at how bad our passing game is and think it's strictly because the OL sucks, you're horribly wrong.  Outside of KB and Olsen, none of the other guys can get themselves open.

#3056082 Official Panthers - Saints Game Thread

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 07:40 PM

Check out that effort by Avant...  I'm so tired of him.

#3056075 Official Panthers - Saints Game Thread

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 07:40 PM

Also, I relished every bit of that cheap shot by TD on Graham.

#3055322 It Was Pure Magic. (Now Updated With Pics and Video)

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 02:48 PM

Did security tell you guys to sit down at any point?


NOPE.  We were completely on our own...  In fact, at one point, some of the staff came up as the Bucks were shooting free throws and said we all needed to start "buzzing" as they were shooting their free throws.  So, they actually encouraged it.  I sensed a few people behind me were getting a bit irritated, but I didn't give a poo.  If they would've said anything, I would've most likely ignored it.  But, like I said, once we got to the 4th, I went ahead and just sold out, and it was contagious.  Everyone around me started doing the same thing.  I LOVED IT. 

#3055225 It Was Pure Magic. (Now Updated With Pics and Video)

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 01:33 PM

LOL good times!

#3055211 It Was Pure Magic. (Now Updated With Pics and Video)

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 01:26 PM

Yeah, I was dropping knowledge from Section 210 as well.  "SWING IT!"  "CORNER!"  "HELP HIM!"  "JUST GO STRAIGHT UP LANCE!"  "DON'T GO UNDER THE PICK!" 



#3055196 Proudiddy's Observations... ITT, Diddy Eats MKG Crow, Heartily

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 01:17 PM



  • I can't believe it.  MKG looks like a stud.  That shot is butter.  It's so fluid now.  And the confidence in his shot has carried over into other facets of his game - he was bringing the ball up, handling it, attacking more often on offense.  I am officially transitioning over to adopting him in full fanboy status.  I am so proud of him and the progress he has made.  You can definitely tell he has put in the work, and I didn't believe he could do it.  So, give me my crow, I'm ready to eat.  MKG could very well end up being the best player on this team now.  That shot opened everything up for him...


  • Bump McRoberts, love Marvin Williams...  Marvin Williams is the truth.  He seems like the perfect addition to our team.  The way it is currently constructed, he just seems like the ideal piece to have been added to the puzzle and I'm so thankful we didn't waste that money on McBob.  If that was McBob out there in Marvin's place last night, we don't pull that game out.  Marvin has always been a solid player, but never what so many thought he would be coming out of school.  Perhaps some of it was where and what he was expected to do.  Here, the fit is right.  I'm ecstatic going forward to see what he does here.  Just an awesome piece to add, and I expect many of you will be eating your crow when it comes to Marvin.


  • The refs were absolutely horrible.  Considering the magnitude of this game, the context, and just that it was a home game for us in general, that officiating was atrocious.  Only call that made up for it was the offensive foul charged to the Bucks late in the 4th when Lance flopped - which I'm guessing he'll be fined for.  But, I only liked that call because it worked in our favor, not because it was the right call...  it was actually a pretty bad call.  The problem is, most of those "bad calls" had gone against us throughout the entire game up until that stretch in the 4th.  I'm still trying to figure out what Kemba did in the 1st to get a tech?  I just started re-watching the game on DVR and I still can't figure it out.  At the game, I had no idea what had just happened, lol.  It appears the ref didn't call the foul that Kemba should've gotten as he was shooting, Kemba made the shot, got up and angrily yelled something to himself and the ref T'd him up.  Inexcusable.  He misses the foul on Kemba but then T's him up for THAT?  Kemba wasn't even directing it towards anyone.  Also, how did Larry Sanders NOT get a tech late in the game?  He deserved it.  I was shouting to the top of my lungs "GET OUT OF HERE!!!  GET HIM OUT OF HERE!" Lol...  I was just amazed at how bad the refs were.


  • Be thankful for Kemba.  I've always been a Kemba fan and wanted us to draft him before he even finished playing at UCONN.  The dude is a winner, he's clutch, and his heart is unmatched.  He also breaks a lot of ankles, lol.


  • Gary Neal is such a weapon off of the bench.


  • Hendo didn't play much last night and I think it should stay that way.  Unless there is someone that is lighting us up by themselves on the wings, then he isn't much help.  I'd like to see Neal and eventually PJ get those minutes.


  • Brian Roberts is what a quality backup point should be.  I was so happy watching him out there and what he's able to do and knowing that Ridnour is somewhere playing horribly, causing Magic fans to flip out on the regular.

#3055133 Chad Ford SPECULATION: Hornets Could Be Interested In Kobe

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 12:47 PM

fug Kobe.  Rot in LA you prima donna bitch.

#3055117 It Was Pure Magic. (Now Updated With Pics and Video)

Posted by Proudiddy on Yesterday, 12:38 PM

Your boy Diddy rounded up a couple of friends and made the trip to Buzz City.  I even called out of work despite not having any PTO, lol, so we'll see what happens with that, but I don't care, it had to be done.  Sadly, the day got off to rough start...  we were running a bit behind but still had a projected ETA of 5:30pm, but after a few stops in random BFE towns of NC between Raleigh and Charlotte, looking for cash for parking, and then not getting any cash for parking, we were set back to an ETA of about 7:05pm.  We finally got the cash for parking and I gunned it for the last hour or so to Charlotte. 


We get there about 6:55pm and park in the lot where I parked for my first ever Bobcats game back in 2006.  It's the lot directly behind the arena, adjacent to the practice gym.  Nice.  My friends are all kind of irritated as we all wanted to see the player intros...  Although we left slightly later than we had hoped due to me, we still should've arrived at 5:30pm.  I felt bad but, our missing the intros wasn't really on me.  We had to drive out of the way to pick my friend's friend up, and the multiple stops running into stores not getting what we stopped for were the unexpected delays we didn't account for, so all of it combined set us back a bit.  One of my friends was really disappointed about missing the intros and such, as it was his first NBA game ever.  So, I was kind of disappointed in how things had progressed as well. 


So, then we get to the front, and it is beautiful...  The spotlights are flashing everywhere, we walk up towards the entrance and see that beautiful purple carpet with purple LED lights shining upward with the teal backdrop covered in Hornets logos behind it.  WHAT?!?!  Are you serious?  It was like a gala event or something, lol.  So, I had my friend get my pic for this historic event and then we get in line.  I ask one of the service staff if she knew did they still have the shirts and tickets, and she said she didn't know, that it was until supplies last.  At this point, my friend's probably wanted to murder me, lol.  I would've wanted to murder me if we missed it.  Good news is, we got in the doors at like 7:00 on the dot.  We get our commemorative tickets and are told our tshirts are sitting on our seats.  AWESOME! 


We get to our section and of course, some bumass people are sitting in our seats, so we moved over to the adjacent section on the same row, which luckily was basically the same group of seats we purchased for that section...  So, it all worked out.


You all know, I'm a diehard homer.  If our state has a professional team, that's my team.  Good or bad, thick and thin.  I'll love them and sing their praises when it's good, and I'll bitch and moan when we're bad, but I'm gonna be there.  Point blank, period.  I love our teams.  That being said, you all know that I've been to multiple Cats games as well.  And I say this without bias...  the atmosphere was COMPLETELY different from the Cats era.  Perhaps some of it was because we are coming off a playoff run and had an amazing offseason with the signing of Lance and a great draft, re-signing Kemba, etc.  But, it wasn't just that...  This place was electric.  There was a literal buzz in the air even walking through the halls.  Everything was tinged in a purple and teal haze.  I was getting goosebumps walking to our seats...


We get to our seats just as the game starts...  The beginning, as you know was rough.  A lot of dumb plays, bad ball security, bad passes, questionable decisions and shot selection.  The turnovers were killer.  Add to that, I felt like at the very least, we could always bank on our defense.  Well, the guys, for the most part, were playing great defense.  I can't count how many shots the Bucks took that ended with our guy's hand splitting the shooter's hands on the release on the closeout and they still hit it.  I was just beyond frustrated.  It was crazy...  I felt like their luck had to end, and yet they still kept dropping.  I have worked out and trained with professional basketball players, and the shots the Bucks were hitting were UNREAL considering how well most of them were defended.


The game just gets uglier.  BUT, the timeouts and the crowd involvement was like never before.  I looked around a few times and kept telling my friends how I had never seen it so full before.  You were hard pressed to find any empty seats, even up to the rafters.  And everyone was into it!  Then they showed the video about the history of the team and the city with the montages including Kemba, Al, Lance...  O...  M...  G...  I get goosebumps thinking about it.  Then the announcer screams, "THIS IS YOUR TEAM!  THIS IS YOUR CITY!  THESE ARE YOUR HORNETS!  GET ON YOUR FEET AND MAKE SOME NOISE!!!"  I also loved that everytime they showed MJ on the screen the crowd erupted with cheers.  It almost brings a tear to my eye.  Not only because of how awesome it is for our team, the city, and our state...  but, I love redemption stories.  And MJ has never deserved the level of criticism that he has endured for his actions and history as an executive.  This is his redemption story, just as it is our franchise's.  He deserves the cheers and adulation now.


So, I had been waiting to get something to eat and to buy some merchandise, but I didn't want to miss anything.  I went out at halftime, but obviously, as expected, it was too busy to do anything, so I went back to my seat.  Midway through the third quarter, we hit rock bottom...  We are down 24 points.  I leaned over to my friend, and he can verify it for you, lol, I said, "We have to get it down to 15 by the end of the third or we're not coming back."  After saying that, I went to get something to eat.  While I'm standing in front of concessions, I hear the crowd explode.  The TVs around the arena halls are on a slight delay, so I would hear the crowd erupt and then not know what was happening for a second, and then see it on the screen.  I look up, and Lance absolutely yammed on someone, lol.  It was a welcomed sight, but we still had a long way to go.  But, the crowd eruptions continued and grew more frequent.  I get back to my seat at the end of the 4th, and my friend says, "you said we would have to get it to 15...  well, we did haha."  At that point, with how we had been playing, it still seemed far fetched, but I had a feeling.  I said 15, and we got it to 15.  There was something there...


The 4th starts and we just keep chipping away...  Once we got down to 4 minutes to go, you could literally feel the shift in momentum.  Also, at this point, I was screaming like a madman.  I berated the refs, I was yelling to the top of my lungs when we were on defense, I was standing on my feet, and I didn't care what anyone thought.  When we made a big play, I was punching through the air violently, screaming, lol.  But, it was incredible.  At some point, something clicked...  the team and fans were one.  It felt like the louder we screamed, the more energy we gave them.  I felt like I literally controlled the outcome of the game with my cheers.  Everytime the Bucks brought it up and the crowd screamed, we could feel that the possession was going to end in our favor.  It went from wondering how it would play out, to feeling like KNOWING it was going to be a big play for us.  The times the crowd didn't cheer as loud or make as much noise when the Bucks had the ball, they made plays.  When we made noise, they folded.  The energy was palpable.


Then we come down to our last possession of regulation.  I immediately envisioned Kemba getting the ball and hitting the shot to pull us through...  I even tried to get my phone out to record because I anticipated that we were going to pull this out and make history...  But, unbelievably, my stupid phone went dead at that very moment, so I wasn't able to get the footage.  Anyway, Kemba gets the ball, and I feel like I literally willed this comeback and his shots with some sort of Professor X-psychic-manipulation-type mindpower, lol.  Sure enough, Kemba hits it.  The arena goes crazy!  I'm slapping fives with complete strangers!  I'm screaming who knows what to the top of my lungs.  I'm losing my voice...  I'm thankful the area directly in front of our section was empty because I was spittling more than Bill Cowher in his prime, lol.  Then overtime...  My friend says, "well, at least we got it to overtime."  I said, "nah man, we need the win.  we have to finish it."  Same deal...  I felt it and saw it before it happened.  We cheered our team and the Bucks folded when we screamed out of our minds...  Comes down to the last shot.  Before the possession, I scream, "IT'S KEMBA TIIIIIIIIIIME!" during the timeout.  Kemba brings it up, creates the space, BOOM!  I knew it!  The game was done.  The Bucks were done!  They miss the last shot and make it official...  It was just magic.


I stood there in my section for like 10 minutes, just taking it all in.  Incredible, incredible, incredible...


Thanks to everyone that made it out there.  Thanks to the players.  Thanks to MJ for making this happen.  I love that man.  He made me want to play basketball and now he has brought everything full circle and has built a winner that he is dedicated to...  He has made a committment to the fans, the city, the state, the fans of our franchise everywhere.  And just as I thank him for instilling that love of the game within so many years ago, I have to thank him for all that he has done and continues to do in the renaissance of this franchise.  We WILL win a championship under MJ.  WATCH.  I love you all, lol!


EDIT:  Also, I forgot to mention, but cbarrier reminded me, possibly the best fan moment outside of changing the momentum of the game was walking out afterwards...  the concourse was packed and all these voices lifting up out of these purple and teal laden bodies start chanting loudly, "CHAR-LOTTE HOR-NETS!  CHAR-LOTTE HOR-NETS!"  CHAR-LOTTE HOR-NETS!"  It was surreal.  I was so proud... 


And now for pics:























Amazing video during the game:






#3052428 Kemba and Hornets agree to 4 years/$48 million extension

Posted by Proudiddy on 29 October 2014 - 12:01 AM

In the Observer piece, MJ also said he will do what it takes to keep Kemba AND BIG AL.  He said he will pay whatever is appropriate to keep them both because they're core pieces.


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