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In Topic: same as last year, Rivera says Cam has got to become a more sound QB

26 March 2015 - 06:43 PM

My god people. Let's clear this Lafell poo up right now. Lafell is a professional football player that gets paid is he not allowed to improve? He's improved every year he's been in the league, but everyone wants to give Brady all the credit.

He averaged 12.8 yards per catch with Cam in 2013 and 12.9 with Brady last year. He had 5 tds with Cam and 7 with Brady. The only difference in the Lafell with Cam and the Lafell with Brady is that Tom Brady throws the damn ball more than Cam giving Lafell more receptions and yardage. Everything else is virtually identical.


He also has Belichick. A consistent winning system and franchise. Hearing Lafell talk about how we practice vs the Pats along with Steve resurgence in Baltimore after it felt like he half-assed his last season here show it's more than Cam, which of course it seems to only become about.

In Topic: same as last year, Rivera says Cam has got to become a more sound QB

25 March 2015 - 10:05 PM

Lol the season start and we'll see hardly any no huddle

In Topic: Strickland gives synopsis on Gman at NFL Annual Meeting, and some of my thoughts

25 March 2015 - 12:16 PM

Ok so going by the red summary, that's a bad thing?

In Topic: Owners Eliminating Extra Points?

23 March 2015 - 04:51 PM

Why even have kickers at all?

Lets just eliminate kickoffs while we're at it, and remove field position from the game too.


Pretty much.

In Topic: Panthers talk to Greg Jennings

22 March 2015 - 03:51 PM

Hope it happens, but we all know the Panthers...