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In Topic: ESPN... Brandon Marshall

Yesterday, 05:42 PM

They really did not manipulate anything. Marshall did have a long history of DV assault issues.


B.Marshall goes in on ESPN and unfair one sided stories of DV cases



In Topic: Thursday practice injury updates

Yesterday, 02:21 PM

D.Will tried his best to run as hard as possible first week


And now out for 2 weeks beli.png

In Topic: Can hardy withdraw his appeal?

17 September 2014 - 06:16 PM

How easy is it to win a he said/she said case against a coked up drunk woman who is erratic in a 911 call breaking glass, refusing to leave, refusing to let Hardy leave, being held back by his manager, and repeatedly hitting Hardy in the face with her shoe during the call?


Do you know what cocaine and alcohol do to a person? Makes them insane and feel like they can run through a wall one moment and then deeply and emotionally devastated the next moment. Why did she run from the cops? Hmmm, could it be she was loaded up on blow and babbling emotionally drunk like she was in the 911 call. Think Lindsay Lohan if you need a visual.


So, we have to rely on testimony from someone who has no sense of them self on that night in question, and it is even more apparent as she changes her story over the next few days. She has no witnesses in her favor who saw the event.


Yep that is going to be very difficult to get tossed.


This case is going to solely rely on the 911 call from Hardy and his managers account. The rest will be all about questioning each other's character. And for the bruising, scratching, banged up knee, and strained elbow I will refer you back to high on cocaine and loaded with alcohol. They are known to go nuts and mess themselves up because they are unaware of what they are hitting up against and they do not register the pain to stop.


Let's be glad it was not bath salts. She would have eaten her hand off and blamed Hardy when she came to and wondered where the hell her hand went.


Which are all good points and I agree


But I dont have trust in the justice system, what happened to that when the judge found him guilty? Why didn't she take that into account? I look at it like this, pretty simple. Here you have a "black" football player who is already physical, against a white girl who does have injuries on her body and add to the fact that Hardy does own a collection of guns. The fact that there was an altercation which one witness can testify hearing it is all that matters. You the male, she's the female


In Topic: Can hardy withdraw his appeal?

17 September 2014 - 06:08 PM

Yes he can but accepting the guilty verdict would spell doom in a civil case you know the woman will file. Another poster pointed out to me this morning it would also count as his "first strike" and a second DV charge would be an auto ban from the NFL under the new policy. Also, there's the money.....giving up 6 game checks equal to roughly $3.6 - 4.2 million. I think he'd be better off reaching a settlement with the alleged victim where she agrees to no longer assist or testify for the prosecution "ala" Michael Jackson.


Thats the only way I see hardy getting off from this is doing some type of deal. The trial date is Nov 17th, and who knows how long it will take. Best believe until its over, he will not be playing in the NFL. And then you have what if found guilty on your shoulders. It just doesn't work in his favor with this new bullshit he has to go through. This new ordeal completely changed every thing

In Topic: Can hardy withdraw his appeal?

17 September 2014 - 05:48 PM

Why would he do that? He's getting paid right now, if he gets suspended, he will not get paid.

Would you miss out on the chance to 770k a week?

I'm sure money wise he's fine. How likely is he to win against a female, a white female in a domestic abuse case? He lose, he's going to get suspended. By then the season is gone

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