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In Topic: Ariona or Seattle? (GB and Detroit)

Yesterday, 11:40 PM

Cam can throw a deep ball way better than lind..... Arizona lives off of blitz and the deep ball though. They have WR that are good with the deep pass, they do it in a spread formation, not a strong I with Cotchery. 

Philly brown is the best deep threat we have, and most teams know that. Carolina is pretty bad at showing their hand of play calls. Regardless I like to see Cam more comfortable with the audible, he will only get better at reading the defense and making the right call.


I think we could beat Arizona at home, but the game going to Seattle would be tough as fug if we let them get a lead. Im excited though.. poo a few weeks ago this board was in complete riot mode, complete disarray, half the threads were locked from drunk angry rabbles of pure negativity of the franchise. Now we have a good chance of going into the playoffs? Playoffs?.. PLAYOFFS?! 


If the Panthers make it, whoever we play will be at home. We're division winners

In Topic: KB Catch

Yesterday, 10:54 PM

I can't find that gif anywhere.  People have really dropped the ball on the Panthers gifs the last few games... a lot of good plays that have been missed.


Last week, I didn't see much gif worthy IMO. But I made a panthers-saints thread


Here you go



In Topic: Now That We've Won, Let's Collectively Marvel At Norman's Incred...

Yesterday, 10:07 PM




In Topic: Bengals/Steelers Favorite To Be Flexed for SNF

Yesterday, 09:50 PM

Right under the radar

In Topic: Tre Boston?

Yesterday, 09:34 PM

I need to rewatch the game, don't remember seeing him at all. I hate streams

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