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In Topic: Rivera is Losing the Team

Today, 09:22 PM

In the losses we haven't, but in the wins we've had pass rush.  I have more faith in DL then you do it seems.


We didn't get a pass rush until the 2nd half of the bears and lions and none vs Bengals. Both games we had to come back from. We really could be 1-6 right now

In Topic: Cam was off today

Today, 08:45 PM

OK you talking about games in 2012. No more responding reasonably, I see what this is. *leaves thread* 7mt.gif

In Topic: Cam was off today

Today, 08:41 PM

Yes but in a game where our defense plays well and his high throws exist, we are not setting ourselves up to win. We don't have to wait for that to happen.


Right but we have yet to see that. It wouldn't matter anyway. I told people right after last game, first thread I made was we're going to lose. Our offense as a whole is weak against 3-4 defenses. Its been this way since last season. Last season we had a chance cause we had a good ass D, however this year forget beating them


That includes the Saints too, watch

In Topic: Cam was off today

Today, 08:24 PM

I wouldn't worry about it much. Defense should be the topic of every body discussion. Shula isn't a high power offense guy. I watch teams and I wonder how do they constantly get their guys in one on one matchups. It can be either personnel or coaching, or ultimately both. Being down 21-0 in the first fuging quarter against a 3-4 = doom for Panthers


3-4 = doom for Panthers period

In Topic: Making A Trade...

Today, 07:47 PM

If we trade, do we go Offense or Defense is the question

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