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Marty Hurney on Cam Newton

Yesterday, 03:33 PM

I was just picking my daughter up from the bus stop and flipping between to SVP and Russilo and the local radio station. Doc Walker had Marty Hurney on and were talking about what it's like to be a GM etc. THIS IS JUST A QUICK WRITE UP OF WHAT I HEARD.. thought you guys would like it:

Hurney talked about the struggles on our O-line because Gross and Wharton's departure and also Hardy's predicament. Talked about the trenches and how it doesn't matter if you have Peyton back there- you need to be stout up front.

yada yada, typical stuff.. but then they asked him about the QB position and Hurney talked about Cam being a "Quarterback who is an Athlete - NOT an Athlete who plays Quarterback." He had high praise for Cam citing this season earlier when "we wouldn't let him run the read option and kept him in the pocket" how he stood in there and was a pocket passer- and was efficient at it. Hurney said he wasnt a fan of the read option and that Cam can be like Rodgers or whoever, that has the mobility to create if there is nothing in the passing game.

He also told a story about when he was looking at drafting Cam and went to his pro day and got there early, he saw a couple of the Auburn WRs that Cam would throw to that day and when Cam walked in the doors- they all just flocked to him and really respected the guy- a true leader. Then he said he spent time with his family for a whole day to just talk with them. His dad told Marty a story that when Cam and his brother were playing together in High-school, it was a big game and they were down in the 4th qtr and ready to punch it in to take the lead on the 1 yard line to end the game. Cam's brother (the center) and Cam botched the snap, fumbled and lost the ball and the game. On the way home the car ride was quiet but when they got home Cam's dad told their mom to go upstairs to bed and that he and the boys were going to sleep on the wood floor that night and figure out what went wrong and how to get to the bottom of it to fix it. Hurney said- that right there made him totally aware of the household he was brought up in and knew what kind of person Cam was- regardless of what all the media was saying at the time.

They wrapped up with RG3 questions and i tuned out, but it was pretty interesting.. wished they asked him about our RBs though.. lol

bPs BOLD Predictions

16 December 2014 - 07:57 AM

1. Cam does not play this weekend and DA gets the job done easily.

2. Atlanta comes through and rips the Saints next week.

3. Cam comes back against Atlanta and looks rusty but our defense plays lights out and we win the division.

4. Because Seattle and San Francisco will beat Arizona the next 2 weeks, we draw them in the WC round at home and get the W for Cam and RRs first playoff win.

Props to Cotch

14 December 2014 - 05:54 PM

He had the only TD for us and a few other key grabs on 3rd. He has done about what I expected when we signed him. Has contributed nicely. nothing flashy at all but solid for sure

Question i wanted to ask last week..

08 December 2014 - 09:22 PM

Watching this game in Lambeau, how much do you put on the weather last week for the loss in Minnesota? I was anticipating a game in the dome and was surprised to see the game outside.

Stewart has been running so well lately that...

06 December 2014 - 06:13 PM

i went and rewatched a video I made with him and his own music he produced after his rookie season



thought it might lift your spirits and give you hope before tomorrows game..


here's to a Panther's win!!!! cheers!!!!

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