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need a good laugh on a Friday?

18 July 2014 - 11:41 AM






Pargo re-signs

18 July 2014 - 10:05 AM

per markstein twitter

If you are Cho: Do you help Golden State land Love

18 July 2014 - 09:01 AM

If Kevin Love ends up in Cleveland- you might as well write off the Eastern Conference to them. It's debatable right now with the way Cleveland is structured- they will be tough to beat, but it's doable.



CHA: Barnes

MIN: Lee, MKG, Thompson, 1st rounder from GS

GS: Love, Martin



CHA: Barnes

MIN: Lee, Zeller, Thompson, 1st rounder from GS

GS: Love, Martin



How Hornets matchup against Top Teams in East

17 July 2014 - 04:22 PM


Kemba ==== Kyrie

Lance >>>>> Waiters

MKG <<<<<< Lebron

Marv >>>>>> Thompson

Al >>>>>>>> Varejo

(Biz, Hendo, Neal, Zeller, Vonleh, PJ) <<<< (Wiggins, Bennett, Mike Miller, James Jones)

Cleveland has the upper hand now, and if they land Kevin Love they will be the favorite to come out of the East.




Kemba <<<< D.Rose

Lance >>>>> Butler

MKG >>>>>> Dunleavey

Marv <<<<<< Gasol

Al ======== Noah

(Biz, Hendo, Neal, Zeller, Vonleh, PJ) <<<< (Taj, Snell, Hinrich, Teh Jimmer)


Chicago is interesting because we match up really well with them (without Rose). If they are healthy and we are playing our best, we have a punchers chance.



Kemba >>>> Hill

Lance >>>>> Miles

MKG <<<<<< George

Marv <<<<<< West

Al >>>>>>>> Hibbert

(Biz, Hendo, Neal, Zeller, Vonleh, PJ) <<<< (Scola, Mahinmi, CJ Watson, Chris Copeland)


Indy will have to hope Hibbert returns to from and Paul George takes another step forward or else they might be 1-and-Done.



Kemba === Wall

Lance ==== Beal

MKG >>>>> Pierce

Marv <<<<< Nene

Al >>>>>>> Gortat

(Biz, Hendo, Neal, Zeller, Vonleh, PJ) >>>> (Blair, Humphries, Gooden, Webster, Andre Miller, Otto Porter)


This team is deep with talent. They might be the 2nd best in the East if Rose isn't healthy. We match up well with them too but this might be our rival for the next few years gentlemen. I live here in the area and I don't understand why the city doesn't support this team. (Maybe a name change needs to happen?)



Kemba <<< Lowry

Lance ==== Derozen

MKG >>>>> T.Ross

Marv ===== Patterson

Al >>>>>>> Valanciunes

(Biz, Hendo, Neal, Zeller, Vonleh, PJ) <<<< (Landry Fields, Amir Johnson, Lou Williams, Hansbrough, Vasquez)


I think our matchups with this team favor us tremendously.



Kemba >>> Chalmers

Lance >>>> Wade

MKG <<<<< Deng

Marv ===== McBob

Al >>>>>>> Bosh

(Biz, Hendo, Neal, Zeller, Vonleh, PJ) >>>> (Napier, Haslem, Granger, Cole)


It's all downhill from here for the Heat. When you have to rely on Wade and Haslem to get you quality minutes at this stage of their careers- it's doom and gloom im afraid.

Depth Chart and potential signings

16 July 2014 - 03:33 PM

PG: Kemba -- Roberts -- ???

SG: Lance -- Hendo -- Neal -- PJ

SF: MKG -- Taylor -- ???

PF: Williams -- Zeller -- Vonleh

C: Jefferson -- Biz -- ???


—I think we need another scoring SF to back up MKG, especially with the possibility of Taylor not recovering or going down with another injury.

—I also think we need another BIG, because outside of Al, Marvin and Biz- we don't have a lot of experience.

—I'm not too concerned with signing another PG because Lance can handle that job pretty well too.


Anyways, who is left on the market that can help us in the 2 areas I mentioned above?


SFs: Evan Turner, Shawn Marion, CDR, Xavier Henry, Michael Beasley


PF/Cs: Carlos Boozer, Andray Blatche, Ed Davis, Emeka Okafor, Andrew Bynum


My Votes:

SF: Evan Turner- he fits perfectly with Lance... pfffft, j/k
Give me some CDR for sure. He was great for us last year moving the ball around and scoring (in the clutch, i might add) when his number was called. We could always add some more 3pt scoring and he fits the bill better than anyone out there right now. He knows the system and Clifford trusts him. I would imagine for him to be scooped up here pretty soon.


PF/C: We might put a bid in on Boozer, but I think Andray Blatche could be so helpful to our BIG rotation. He played big minutes for Brooklyn the past few years. He's gritty like Stephenson is. He can play PF or C too. He is going to visit with Toronto today so this might be unrealistic if he gets signed later today, but he could be another very solid depth signing.


What say you?

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