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backup SF: Lance.. Hendo.. Taylor.. PJ?

13 October 2014 - 09:54 AM

Since Taylor flipped his lid, we really need a backup SF, and if MKG (6'7, 235 lbs) is the barometer of ideal SF size and strength, PJ might be the best in line to take that role.


Both Lance (6'5, 230) and Hendo (6'5, 215) have been talked about as players that can come in at SF in a pinch, but what about the rookie? He's 6'6, 230 lbs.


If Clifford could turn Big Al into a decent defender, it wouldn't be unreasonable to think he could help PJ turn into a reliable SF coming off the bench, without losing to much when MKG goes out.


With the way Neal has been playing and what we heard of him in training camp, Hendo could be packaged in a trade for something/someone else too...





Kemba - Roberts - Pargo

Lance - Neal - PJ

MKG - Hendo - PJ

Marvin - Zeller - Vonleh

Al - Biz - Maxiell

Defensive Lightswitch

13 October 2014 - 09:12 AM

it looks to have been flipped off for the past few weeks. Maybe the entire season.


Now, I don't pretend to know everything about football or whatever, but I can't think that The Kracken and Mike Mitchell were this big of a difference makers for our team. We went from an almost Historically Great Defense last year to a colander (spaghetti strainer for the uninformed) in the run game. I know our DBs haven't been the best over the past few years, but its just ridiculous to witness the change in results we are getting.


Can someone explain to me why such a dramatic change? I mean, its the same coaching staff, same philosophy, same players (minus Hardy and Mitchell).

Stauskas is Obviously Racist... smh

09 October 2014 - 09:05 AM




Following Sunday night's loss to the Toronto Raptors, the former Michigan star made a statement to the media that has rubbed some folks the wrong way.


"I understand that I'm a rookie and I'm white, so people are going to attack me at all times," he said. "Just coming out there in the game, I felt it right away."


Following Tuesday night's game, also against the Raptors, Stauskas tried to provide clarity for his words, but at the same time, he didn't back down from them.


"I was very surprised," Stauskas told Cowbell Kingdom. "People kind of took it too far with what I was trying to say. I wasn't trying to get anyone to feel sorry for me. I wasn't trying to be controversial or anything like that. I was just trying to keep it real."




Does anyone really have a problem with his statement?



Who to root for this week..

05 October 2014 - 08:23 AM

Bears @ Panthers = obvious game is obvious


Browns @ Titans = BROWNS. how can you root against the city of Cleveland? I can't.


Rams @ Eagles = RAMS. Bring Philly back down a notch.


Falcons @ Giants = GIANTS. Keep those dirty birds falling.


Bucs @ Saints = hmmm. BUCS. Don't want those cajun a-holes to get any hope of resurrecting their season.


Texans @ Cowboys = TEXANS. Root for the non conference team. And besides, it's the Cowgirls.


Bills @ Lions = BILLS. another inter conference match up to knock down a surging team in our conference.


Ravens @ Colts = SMITTY.


Steelers @ Jaguars = JAGS. Rooting for the Pittsburgh would help our SOS but at this rate i just want them to lose.


Cardinals @ Broncos = BRONCOS. non conference game and Arizona needs to find out it's sh!t does stink.


Cheifs @ Niners = CHIEFS. inter conference match up. San Fran losing is insurance if we have to make the playoffs via wildcard.


Jets @ Chargers = CHARGERS. Doesn't really matter but I have always liked Rivers and the powder blues.


Bengals @ Pats = BENGALS. It would be nice for the Pats to expose them a bit before we play them next week, but also don't want a mad, upset Cinci team coming off it's first loss to host us at their house.


Seahawks @ Redskins = SEAHAWKS. I live in DC/VA/MD area. Nuff said.

Lance: starting SG or SF?

29 September 2014 - 04:53 PM

Coach Cliff said he knows Lance will start but wasn't sure yet if Lance will start at SG or SF.


Where will he be opening day?

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