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#2921680 ISIS behead second US journalist Steven Sotloff

Posted by NanuqoftheNorth on Yesterday, 04:35 PM

So are you suggesting we bomb Saudis because their laws state that apostasy, sorcery, and witchcraft are capital offenses?  punishable by death?
If you're not going to do anything about it...why bring it up.

Why bring it up?
Because of our national hypocrisy, our general lack of outrage, when it comes to the interventionist policies of the Saudi Arabian ruling class.  
The American public demonstrates little knowledge or concern that US tax dollars are helping to prop-up the very Saudi Arabian puppet masters who support organizations like ISIS and al qaeda.
Do we have to be reminded yet again what country most of the 9/11 terrorists called home?

#2917705 The Myth of Limited Government Republican

Posted by NanuqoftheNorth on 30 August 2014 - 09:23 PM

Southerners in general are not a good fit for the Republican party.

They are like a branch grafted onto another tree.

It might make the tree bigger, but the branch looks out of place.

Why? The GOP is "The Party of Lincoln", yo!

That's the dude that destroyed Dixie!

Why in the hell are y'all voting for those yellow belly sap suckers?


Robert E. Lee must be turnin' over in his grave at the thought of the GOP controlling the South yet again!

Y'all can go to hell... I'm goin' to Texas!

#2917375 When Bresus retires........

Posted by NanuqoftheNorth on 30 August 2014 - 05:37 PM

When that day arrives, you'll only find tumbleweeds in the Superdome.

Look! They're heading that way now...

#2916917 Death Anxiety....The Root of All Ego and Culture.

Posted by NanuqoftheNorth on 30 August 2014 - 02:28 PM

I understand what you're saying.  I really didn't mean to start a ME debate.  I sort of just used them as an example.  That problem will never be solved and it hasn't since the crusades....it can only maybe be stalled for a year or two with invasion then as soon as we leave it will start again just like it did this time.   However we have to protect our embassies and we have to be mindful of a growing threat.  Invariably we're going to be the target.   Remember after WW1 we enacted a policy of appeasement and it led to the rise of Hitler.  We really need to maintain some balance about that issue. It's not an easy fix or one we can afford and it's not solved through more of the same.  I think we should just take over their tv stations and start pumping in episodes of "The Cleveland Show" so we can broaden their tolerance level.

It is a process, Europe went through the same turmoil for hundreds of years before most of them realized religion is not worth dying over.

Sadly the Middle East has yet to learn that lesson.

Appeasement was not a primary cause of WWII.

There were many reasons for WWII, but when it came to Germany the cause was largely the vindictive terms of the Treaty of Versailles. Once the Great Depression hit, the economic conditions of that treaty were unbearable allowing a tyrant like Hitler to gain power.

As far as Japan... it was pretty much about oil.

And so Japan attacked. And so she was crushed and forced out of Vietnam, out of China, out of Manchuria. And so they fell to Stalin, Mao and Ho Chi Minh. And so it was that American boys, not Japanese boys, would die fighting Koreans, Chinese and Vietnamese to try to block the aggressions of a barbaric Asian communism.

Now Japan is disarmed and China is an Asian giant whose military boasts of pushing the Americans back across the Pacific. Had FDR met Prince Konoye, there might have been no Pearl Harbor, no Pacific war, no Hiroshima, no Nagasaki, no Korea, no Vietnam. How many of our fathers and uncles, brothers and friends, might still be alive?

"For of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: 'It might have been.'" A few thoughts as the War Party pounds the drum for an all-out American war on Iraq and radical Islam.



#2916826 The ultimate plan to solve all problems in the black community

Posted by NanuqoftheNorth on 30 August 2014 - 01:57 PM

If they want to solve their poverty problems, yes.  Of course that is what the movement would be about.  All of our entertainers, athletes, black voices, etc are going to put out there.  Our part is starting these businesses, and the people's part is shopping there.

Small communities across this nation are watching their locally owned retail businesses and main streets dry up and blow away as the big box stores move in and draw off all their former customers.

Looking out for #1, that is human nature, regardless of skin color.

Lower income people don't have the luxury of spending what little they have on more expensive retailers.

#2914305 This is how Russians treat Ukrainian POW

Posted by NanuqoftheNorth on 28 August 2014 - 11:19 PM

Russia's continued efforts to destabilize Ukraine will cost them more than it is worth in the long run.


Putin should quit interfering while he is ahead.


He risks losing everything he has gained so far with his rogue behavior.

#2913089 This is how Russians treat Ukrainian POW

Posted by NanuqoftheNorth on 28 August 2014 - 05:07 PM

The Russians are looking to destabilize the region with their antics:

MONS, Belgium, Aug 28 (Reuters) - Well over 1,000 Russian troops are operating inside Ukraine, marking a significant escalation of Moscow's military involvement in the country, NATO said on Thursday.

The alliance released satellite images it said showed Russian combat forces, armed with heavy weapons, engaged in military operations inside Ukrainian territory.

"Over the past two weeks we have noted a significant escalation in both the level and sophistication of Russia's military interference in Ukraine," Dutch Brigadier-General Nico Tak, head of NATO's crisis management centre, told reporters at NATO's military headquarters near Mons, Belgium.



#2913043 Universal "Guns Aren't the Issue" Playbook

Posted by NanuqoftheNorth on 28 August 2014 - 04:40 PM

My stance on gun issues doesn't even ride on the second ammendment.  As a free human being, I have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If terrible things were to happen, a gun could aid me in preserving at least two of those.




The second amendment is a rather poor choice for those who want to uphold their right to self defense, hence the NRA's need to completely ignore the first part of the amendment. 


English law, on which our laws are based, is a much better choice.  It has a rich, long history of supporting an individual's right to self defense.

#2912682 Correct Police Tactics For Dangerous Suspect

Posted by NanuqoftheNorth on 28 August 2014 - 12:28 PM

It seems to me police departments need to be held accountable for the tactics employed when dealing with citizens.

Had the police in the Missouri incident used the same approach as in this San Diego example there would have been no justification for shooting/killing the man wielding the knife.

The Missouri PD tactics increased the likelihood of a lethal outcome by initially confronting the suspect within feet of his location. The police needlessly placed themselves and the suspect in a dangerous situation. One that required an immediate lethal response.

On the other hand, note how the San Diego police maintained their distance, which significantly reduced the threat of injury and the need to immediately resort to lethal force. When they ultimately shot the suspect, it was a measured response, not a lethal overreaction.

#2910511 Universal "Guns Aren't the Issue" Playbook

Posted by NanuqoftheNorth on 26 August 2014 - 02:54 PM

I completely understand what you're saying, and I agree with a lot of it. But, don't you think the knowledge that people might own a firearm certainly works the other way around... making would-be criminals think twice before acting out their crimes?

Most people realize advocating for a ban on firearms is unrealistic and undesirable.

In the hands of a properly trained individual a firearm can be a useful tool.

In the hands of individuals who are poorly trained, mentally compromised, or have a criminal background, firearms are in direct conflict with our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

The trick is to provide firearms access to the first group while denying it to those in the second.

During the time when the US Constitution was written many states mandated males between the ages of 16-60 own a musket and drill with the local militia. Even in those days it was recognized that training and practice were a critical part of owning a firearm.

Requiring background checks on all gun sales, certified training and recurring range qualification shouldn't be considered unreasonable requirements for law abiding citizens.


#2909749 Guess Herbert the Love Bug's new alt when he returns next week

Posted by NanuqoftheNorth on 26 August 2014 - 03:49 AM

Brother Daddy

#2909605 Universal "Guns Aren't the Issue" Playbook

Posted by NanuqoftheNorth on 25 August 2014 - 09:31 PM

You can pry my penis from my cold dead hand.

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Your proposal is acceptable...

#2909111 Universal "Guns Aren't the Issue" Playbook

Posted by NanuqoftheNorth on 25 August 2014 - 03:35 PM

I agree with the bolded portion. And that's my point. It's not the government that is the agent of control and oppression in this country. It's industry. If you want to be afraid of the government, be afraid of the agents of industry who penetrate the government (i.e. Predatory lenders who become head of oversight committees for loans). If you want to be mad about American foreign policy, be mad at the industry leaders who drive it (oil industry, defense contractors, etc.)
You are afraid of being oppressed by the government, and I say you're missing the enemy who is right in front of your face. You want to know what really oppresses this country's long-suffering citizens?

  • Predatory lending
  • Cycle of debt
  • Housing crisis
  • Gas prices
  • Cost of education (exclusionary, and starts out young Americans in debt when Education is free for all in Scandinavia)
What really oppresses Americans is industry acting in its own best interest.
See the above. Fewer of us may be able to be affluent, but we aren't being oppressed in a Stalin-esque way. And if we're being oppressed by anyone, it's not the government.

I concur with your views wholeheartedly.

#2909067 Universal "Guns Aren't the Issue" Playbook

Posted by NanuqoftheNorth on 25 August 2014 - 03:14 PM

Explain to me what you think that graphic represents.

The share of income in this country that is going to the middle class has been shrinking, while the share of wealth that is going to the upper class has increased substantially over the same period.

This trend is due in large part to tax and investment policies of our state and federal governments. Governments run by politicians beholden to donations/bribes of large corporations, lobbyists and wealthy individuals.

The corrosive effect of our political system, dependent on private money, has resulted in laws that favor wealthy contributors and corporations over the interests of the middle and lower class workers of this nation.

#2909039 Universal "Guns Aren't the Issue" Playbook

Posted by NanuqoftheNorth on 25 August 2014 - 02:54 PM

Yes I am. And I will continue to do so until I am presented with evidence that the government is oppressing its citizens in a tangible way that affects our quality of life materially.



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