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In Topic: Westbrook is the best PG in the NBA

Yesterday, 09:37 AM

the Thunder are a perfect example of how your window to win a championship is never as big as you believe 


In Topic: Stop wasting your money on ridiculously priced Monster Cables.

Yesterday, 09:27 AM

I have literally never read one post, on all the threads about HDMI cables on the internet, supporting the notion that you should buy a monster or expensive HDMI cable. not one. 

In Topic: Landon Collins possibly slipping to #25?

Yesterday, 09:18 AM

be wary of bama defensive backs....


I think HaHa was a much better prospect, that being said I wouldn't hate it if we drafted him but I feel like he is Mark Barron 2.0

In Topic: Final Offseason Mock (5.0)

Yesterday, 09:15 AM

i really like it OP

In Topic: Final Offseason Mock (5.0)

Yesterday, 09:15 AM

might be the worst free agency in history



lol found the guy that started watching the panthers this year