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John Mayer

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My question is how is Jennings not a good fit? He would most likely be an automatic no 2 WR for us, great route runner, excellent locker room guy. Why is Gman doubting he would be a good fit? Ofcourse he would be a good fit and you dont need to be an NFL GM to see that.



money, expected amount of targets, scheme, guaranteed playing time

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Yesterday, 08:21 PM

I'll take it though. There's quality talent in the early second Round. They get someone like Maxx Williams possibly falling to go along with their receivers and they have at least half a football team.



oh I'm certainly not complaining 

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Yesterday, 08:16 PM

lololololol dumbest reason ever to lose a second rounder- they weren't even a dominate home team 

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Yesterday, 07:06 PM

Round 1 (25)- Randy Gregory DE / Nebraska


I typically stay away from players who fail a drug test before the biggest pay day of your life, I mean how stupid can you be to smoke it up in a situation that could cost you millions of dollars. That being said, Gregory has the frame to grow into an elite 4-3 pass rusher and in my opinion has the highest ceiling of any DE in the draft. It wouldn't surprise me if he still goes before our pick with teams like the Bengals and Saints that couldn't care less what crime you commit, but if he's there at #25 I don't think Gettleman will let 1 second go by before the card has been handed in.






everything i have read has said that he is definitely a 3-4 OLB